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    I'd spank that.

    SmilehKitteh (Powerword: Kierstin F. Martin) is, at first glance, one of many mediocre artists that infests deviantART, but upon closer inspection has a soft, nougat fetish center.


    Currently #2,862,004 in Books on Amazon.com.

    As is the case with anyone who is a furry, she has a sick fetish. In Smiley's case, her fursona is a Russian Blue cat who is always getting spanked. Now spanking, usually a shameful punishment for the person being spanked, is benign as far as fetishes go, if not for the simple fact this masochistic 23-year-old longs to have her ass bared then spanked. In fact, that previous sentence would turn her on. Smiley was a proud member of AnimeOTK, before deleting everything, in hopes of covering her tracks, so that parents wouldn't discover what she had subjected their kids to.

    Indoctrination of kids

    Smiley takes it to the next level by showing her work to kids. That's right, she's an author of children's literature. If that wasn't enough, she purchased ads on deviantART and FurAffinity, promoting her galleries that are filled with spanking art. It should be noted that, despite being on deviantART for over six years, two-thirds of her page views came in the past few months, proving they are artificially inflated.

    Mocking of her fans

    Smileh enjoys a good spanking.
    "Hey kids, come on by and see your favorite cartoon military kitty getting its ass beat raw."

    Imagine being a small child, showing your fingerpainting to a kindergarten teacher, only for her to respond that it sucks.

    While Smiley's fetish is a bit of an open secret, and her bare-bottom drawings are usually kept under wraps, there is one thing about this author that is not well-known. She likes to yuck it up over kids, her own fans mind you, that draw like, well, how you'd expect one with their age and experience to draw. She thus created Rall, as an "inside joke."

    The character, a poorly-drawn Mega Man recolor, is an inside joke between Smiley and her friends, to laugh at the concepts created by children who draw art for her Qwuedeviv group. She'll be sure to compliment kids who proudly show off their creations, just before turning around to laugh at them.


    Pretend you're a kid who wants to find out more about this well-spanked blue anthropomorphic cat. Do you buy the book, which is already out of print and hard to find, or just read the whole story for free, offered by the author herself?


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    From Tom & Jerry

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    Francine Smith enjoying teh spank.