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    File:Deviantart-favicon.png sleepy-kyuubi, or Kelsey, is a typical overweight 16 year old girl on Furcadia and MySpace that can't seem to breathe, sleep, or tie her own shoes without the help of one of the many fucking idiots that actually watch her on the devartz. She's most famous for being a hypocrite and bitch who's faked her own death so many times just to generate pity. Despite all this she is not An hero.

    She sucks up to people such as File:Deviantart-favicon.png samwich who have good art or Iggy for digos (though why the fuck anybody would spend money on pixels is still a mystery). Also she worships some kid named File:Deviantart-favicon.png widepussycat who apparently is her best friend since last Thursday even though widepussycat was raping a girl named File:Deviantart-favicon.png smiledrug for at least 100 years. This resulted in the smiledrug kid going apeshit and overdosing.

    Still, this is nothing compared to how many times sleepy-kyuubi has slashed her own wrists and popped pills because the interwebz r srs bisness!!1

    omg alex i love you now plz draw me moar art lol


    widepussycat was BFF with smiledrug forever until sleepy-kyuubi came along, at which point smiledrug was completely ditched. Then the two niggerfaggots began having a grand old time in front of everyone and pissing off the general public. This was not as lulzy as it sounds and eventually everyone realized that both of these twits were just fucking retarded.

    Though the funny thing is that when she and widepussycat break up from their little lesbian relationship, she willingly comes and sucks up to her other, or should we say "back up", friends again.

    For instance, File:Deviantart-favicon.png akayoh on DevArtz was apparently her best friend, her golden river even though she gets highly depressed and suicidal whenever she finds out that Akayoh is talking to a girl named Aku. This next one's kind of depressing: KYUUBI CAN'T SHARE HER FRIENDS. DON'T BE FRIENDS WITH KYUUBI'S FRIENDS OR SHE WILL DEVOUR YOU. Shockingly and lolingly, when Kayla gets mad at kyuubi for practically 'using' widepussycat to get Kayla angry because Kayla 'neglects' her for this Aku girl, Kyuubi denies everything. Not only does she use widepussycat, but she has seemed to tell this person countless rumors about her former friends, causing them to argue and widepussycat to BREAK APART FROM THE FRIENDZ CHAIN. However, Kyuubi and pussy seem to belong together as both seem to enjoy being hypocrites, lying, and fucking each other through the INTERNETZ cause that's serious business like AIDS. Pussy also believes that it is highly crucial for Kyuubi to know every little detail people say about her; if Kyuubi doesn't know, she will be raped by a hairless monkey.

    Sucking up

    Kyuubi usually spends most of her time sucking up to big artists such as File:Deviantart-favicon.png Tiger-wolf, File:Deviantart-favicon.png Samwich, and quite pathetically, File:Deviantart-favicon.png Doomtaco. Doomtaco is a 13 year old manlady who seeks online lesbian relationships with people she has only met for about an hour. Kyuubi seems to have a stupid ass habit of talking so much shit about this girl behind her back, then sucking her cock when she actually talks to her. Most of the insults thrown at DoomTaco would have been listed here if it wasn't such a long list. Fortunately for her, she is completely oblivious to any of the shit Kyuubi talks about.

    Kyuubi is also seen sucking up to Samwich for art: on Furcadia, she could be hanging with her "best friend" but then ditch them if Sam were to come on. Same goes for the user Iggy; she sucks up to that poor fella for digos and money. I would be pretty scared, too, to have a hypocritical, rap obsessed, lying fuck following me around and asking me for art and money.

    I am Suicidal

    When Kyuubi isn't sucking up to anyone, being a hypocrite or starting E-DRAMA she is usually emoing and threatening herself, calling herself ugly and putting herself and her art down and such. She constantly complains about everything, even the color of her shit. She has faked so many suicide attempts that it makes me rather depressed to see people actually believing the bullshit lies she tells.

    Lol Vandals

    Let me set the record straight and let me emphasize STRAIGHT for you stupid little mindless, arrogant, anorexic,jealous, corn cobb sucking, ego toting, little hores from Texas and oh yeah Dorothy, your little dog to (smilydrug). You loser take the time to trash talk and lie about Sleepy-kyuubi because your board,talentless,mean,scum suckers. The lower than low of the earth. I can see why people drop you as friends. Do us all a favor and shut the fuck up.... Oh and by the way just so you know, I have your info and in my spare time I think I will create pages for both of you.. on this great web site, SO STAY TUNED!!!! Gay alot longer than a day... P.S. Watch how you use your terms about gay people, you never know one of us might take offense.............. Later Shit Heads


    Butthurt vandal


    • AIM: Kelsadoodle
    • dA: sleepy-kyuubi
    • Fagcadia: Acy, Dixy, Uzumaki
    • MSN: wulfs.blue.ice

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