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    Sheila Kneafsey, AKA "Slanegirl" is a girl who was pictured sucking two men off at an Eminem concert in the middle of 80,000 people.

    Origin Story

    Sheila Kneafsey made the fateful decision to attend Slane Concert, an incredibly poorly named event some thirty years old hosted each year near Dublin, England. Most attend to hear well known acts such as Bon Jovi and Eminem perform their tepid brand of consumer friendly hip-rock shit(e). Sheila did not want to listen to Eminem, the only sign of lucidity Sheila showed that day. Sheila wanted to suck cock. And she did, in full view of the public, amidst a crowd of onlookers. And in so doing, mild mannered Sheila Kneafsey transformed into #SLANEGIRL!!!!

    An innocent bystander thought that a blowjob in a public place was worthy of a tweet, and sent a picture out to the wider internet. The internet being the internet, it went viral. Dyke feminists started to complain that this girl was being slutshamed for subjecting every single paying concertgoer to unwieldy teenage fellatio, and even more incredibly, bitched about the invasion of privacy taking the picture represented. Apparently in the mind of a feminist, each time a slut decides to polish a knob in a public park, everyone else present should just avert their eyes and ignore the slurping sounds as they eat their picnic lunches.


    Cosplay to follow.

    Much was made of the fact that the pictures constituted child pornography. In point of fact, most of Europe has dropped their age of consent to 17 or even less, but moral-paragon US politicians refuse to follow suit. Incidentally, many of these same politicians routinely demonstrate they have as little or even less of an idea as to the negative consequences of sex as their 17 year old counterpart Slanegirl. Never big on facts though, the US media proceeded to play the incident up as if it was a toddler being tossed about a maternity ward by a roving gang of pedophiles. This dragged even NORPs into the dank world of the internet to call for the summary execution of anyone who had so much as thought about the pictures, let alone retweeted them. Forgotten were the scores of those 16 years of age or younger forced to witness the act at the concert, a real and potentially criminal act on the part of Slanegirl. If feminists are truly concerned about the young, they would consider the sexually immature and vulnerable being exposed to such pornographic performances instead of running to the defense of the skank committing them.

    File:Vacuum with slanegirl hat willsuckanything.jpg
    This picture, amongst others, got Sickipedia booted from Facebook.


    Twitter was quick to shut down the majority of accounts that shared it, and bragged about how they supported some bullshit charity in a press release regarding the not-so-CP. Around the time that the twatter accounts were being suspended, everyone who had tweeted the pictures got doxed. Facebook also pulled the plug on the longstanding Sickipedia facebook page for making fun of poor Slanegirl, perhaps the only time in it's history Sickipedia has been relevant.


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