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    Our dog-humping hero.

    As if being a furry isn't hard enough, Skylos also believes in having sex with dogs, he fantasizes about incest, and has a loincloth fetish.

    You can read about his many varied fantasies in his stories, which come in both adult and more general audience varieties.

    Next go ass to machete, plz

    He likes to create things, like mosaics out of glass tile.

    He had a white german shepherd dog named Zane (deceased) that was the love (wink) of his life. He now has two german shepherds, a sable bitch Banshee, and a white dog Akando.

    You'll love to know he likes to wear diapers, everybody loves to hate that part.

    He's a fan of Nikola Tesla, and has actually put up several of the man's patents for free access to all.

    Years ago he had a page up showing off all furry stuff, but now it's merely a boring résumé and links to his photography galleries. Although he's been known to make inadvisable comments on Skylos, thinking that nobody truly cares what he thinks, which of course he is right about. Then when other non-employment parts of his life involve prudes that find out and deprive him of his dreams, he thinks better of it and protects the more objectionable entries. That doesn't stop him from posting public reviews of dog-cock dildos. After all, there's nothing illegal about sex toys. Yet.

    Skylos in the now

    After botching an attempt to get a raise at his shitty job, Skylos is apparently taking his Gay house nigger and his gay fuck-dogs to *live in an RV. As well he has taken to snapping full-frontal n00dz of himself tying a samurai diaper. No I am not kidding.

    As of this writing, Skylos appears dry of lulz, but enough poking might incite him to quiver his flaccid manflesh and elevate him to lolcow.

    Professional Dildo Reviews

    Duke is still short on the shaft below the knot, reducing leverage for deeper penetration. This is particularly noticeable when I stand up. The closeness of the balls threatens to lever the knot out of my ass entirely. The base of the shaft is almost entirely inside me, if it wasn't for the balls I'd be afraid it would disappear entirely inside. I played with penetrating some more, then stood up to see how it 'naturally' would exit. It hung for five to ten seconds in the horizontal position, then with half-twist rotated about 90 degrees and I was able to maintain a grip on it with my ass, barely. With a release out it came, slithering around the tub.


    —— Skylos, on sticking things shaped like dog-dicks up his butthole.

    Full review here

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