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    Prepare for imminent *THRUST*ing!

    Skyboy is the bane of almost every Y!Gallery user, most notable for his inability to look at a picture without leaving an annoying as fuck comment about him *THRUST*ing whoever is in the image or whomever drew it. He can't draw for shit, so instead he begs others to draw his retarded superhero character of the same name *THRUST*ing whoever he feels like, usually some popular animu or video game bishounen. If you are having a bad day, he will try to hug you. All he has ever submitted are two shitty stories as contest entries, no doubt that even if he didn't win, he got some fucking stupid consolation picture out of because if you didn't, he just might hate you forever and never speak to you again. Apparently this is some sort of threat.



    Skyboy has been known to get friendly with the 13 year old boys and 16 year old girls that try to stay on the site. Because minors are too fucking stupid to keep their mouths shut about their real age, they get the banhammer rather quickly and easily. But Skyboy will encourage them and help protect their real age, even if it is posted right on their front page. He was banned back in June for several weeks for helping minors stay on the site instead of reporting them to the mods like any normal user would (probably to keep track of them and get their addresses). As a result, a bunch of his followers decided to act butthurt on his behalf and start shit with the higher-ups and changed their avatars to these ridiculous support badges. He contemplated leaving forever but his fans sucked his dick long enough and he decided to stay, much to rest of the userbase's chagrin.


    Saving the world, one cute guy at a time! *THRUSTS!!!* GOTTA *THRUST!* EM ALL!


    —Skyboy, *THRUST*ing you twice with his signature alone



    —Skyboy, watching every single user

    :) :D


    —Skyboy, overusing emoticons

    Some people have suggested my actions were mis-guided, another on DA suggested they were done to "add to my harem." To the former I would only say we all have an opinion, mine on the topic is quite different. To the latter I can only reccomend the number to good psychiatric care.


    —Skyboy, trying to cover up his ulterior motives

    Unwritten rule, huh? So I guess according to George Carlin's Unwritten Book of the Road, if I'm hitchhiking and someone picks me up, I have to suck his cock, is that it? Skyboy's a good person, and this whole thing is starting to sound like some bored moderator getting his rocks off enforcing rules that don't exist. And if I get suspended for saying this, that just proves my point. Stop dragging good people's names through the mud! HE'S INNOCENT!


    —TakotaKenzo, sounding like a dumbfuck

    You are such a sweetheart and I adore all your comments and thrust! I understand if you don't come back but I hope you do! I support you hun!


    —KitsunaRi, obviously enjoying it too much

    Fan Gallery

    Seeing as he has every single picture on Y!Gallery favorited, there are probably some pictures missing from this gallery, as it takes fucking forever to sift through everything. You can help by adding moar.

    See Also


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