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    This article is entirely factual.
    It is free from fiction, embellishments, parody, satire, mudkips, and photoshopping.
    File:Ben Fowley.jpg
    Skulz (Ben Fawley), LJ killer

    Skulz, also known as Ben Fawley, is the LJ killer of tiabliaj, a 17 year old girl from Virginia. The media and the law contend that he's a cold blooded murderer, and several ED editors have him pegged as a raging CP collector... While debate rages on about those charges, everybody can agree on this: He's the most narcissistic goth fucktard the world has ever known.

    College Career and Amateur Photography

    Skulz was an aspiring model.
    tiabliaj (Taylor Behl)
    Abandoned her MySpace and LJ accounts on September 6th, 2005

    Ben Fawley was like any other 39-year-old career student at Virginia Commonwealth University, and he had a soft spot for 16 year old girls... They were attention whores, and at heart he's a 13 year old boy with the body of an old man.

    Needing something more than his minimum-wage job on the VCU campus had to offer, Skulz attempted several career paths. Though his modeling career lasted less than a millisecond, it was enough to inspire him to become a photographer. He would roam the streets of Richmond, taking photos of every single warehouse, alleyway, and storefront he could find. Police estimate he took over 9000 photos of his apartment. Needing more of a challenge, he found his calling by taking pictures of people with skulls shooped where their heads should be.

    Line Nowhere Productions

    The Nowhere Van.

    True to his nature as a middle-aged 13 year old boy, Skulz used his bitchin' hot HTML skillz to create Line Nowhere Productions: a geocities website, art studio, and goth/industrial ezine, all rolled into one. In reality, his site was little more than a window into the world of a narcissist, complete with guestbook archives, a self-centered FAQ, and an amusing essay that attempts to explain goth to those who "just don't get it."

    Among his projects was the sticker-adorned "Nowhere Van". Appropriately enough, it even has its own geocities website with over 100 photos.

    Line Nowhere is still here. Despite getting hacked, a psycho porn star, and other mishaps along the way. Line Nowhere has pulled through the past 25 years.


    —Skulz, blaming Isobel yet again (from Line Nowhere)

    Vegetarian Porn

    Hey, let's dig a shallow grave!
    Remember those nerdy goth sites back in the 90's, before MySpace made everything even worse?
    Line Nowhere keeps it real.

    Early in 2004, his girlfriend, former 16 year old girl and fetish model Isobel Wren (aka Ewon, IRL Erin) started doing photoshoots with Skulz for sites like SuicideGirls. She currently has 3 photosets, which is impressive for someone with only one lame back tattoo and a handful of piercings.

    One of her last shoots with Skulz was out in the woods of Virginia where she grew up, crawling around naked on a bulldozer. Skulz gave Isobel the rights to the photos on the condition that he would retain credit as the photographer. Isobel dumped Skulz a week later, sold her shoot to Vegporn, and Vegporn didn't credit Skulz as the photographer. A truly cold diss, and one from which he would never recover. Skulz got pissed and did what any reasonable person would do, making not just one but two Blogspot blogs for the sole purpose of calling Isobel as a skanky pornstar.

    Home Sweet Home

    Nobody knows why, but one of the pictures he took during this shoot was of a little shack, which he captioned "Home Sweet Home" and posted on DeviantART.

    I'm handing out fliers. Have you seen my girlfriend?

    With Isobel out of the way, Skulz went looking for jailbait... literally, spelled backwards, tiabliaj, who "climbed into his bunk" for several months of lovin'. They kept things hot and heavy until the night of September 5th, 2005. That day, Tiabliaj met up with Skulz, and the two were seen on several security cameras together while out on the town. This was the last time Tiabliaj was seen alive.

    After Tiabliaj was reported missing, Skulz was one of the first suspects to be interviewed. During the interview, Skulz admitted that he had sex with Tiabliaj the same night she went missing... Then he broke down and told the cops about the vicious assault and abduction that took place early that morning, including details about how the body was dumped. Again, as he's a narcissist, this story was actually about Skulz himself getting kidnapped. He even went as far as to file a police report backing up his story. lol

    After the interview, Skulz made the following post to his livejournal, just in case word got out that he was a suspect in Tiabliaj's disappearance. Again, he blamed his porn nemesis, Isobel, for staging the attack.

    Friends of the Psycho?
    Journal Entry: Thu Sep 8, 2005, 2:46 AM

    A year ago friends of an ex-girlfriend came into my apartment and attacked me. One left stabbed with his own knife. Now I got jumped, I am almost sure it was friends of the girl I was having problems with 4 months back. She has people saying I am doing stuff to her when I haven't done a thing. Yet she is placing ads online in my name. She posted messages to my guest book that were far from nice, and more. Now while I( was out taking photos I think she had me jumped.

    I was out very early, not sure of the time but the sun hadn't been up long. I was heading up to Monument to take photos when 3 to 4 guys jumped me. They got a trash bag over my head before I could see them. Tossed me into a car and dumped me out on some dirt road. I wasn't hurt much, just from where that sat on me. As they never said a word I am sure this was not just a robbery. My one camera and tripod is missing along with the $20.00 I had tucked in the camera. I didn't have my wallet, but I did have my bank card and that wasn't taken.

    I am sure it was someone who was looking to get a message across. The only person who is giving me trouble is Erin & friends, so I am sure this is another gift from her. So add this to the tally of shit she pulled, the worse was getting my web site pulled down. She used VegPorn to kill my site. If I had the money I can sue, but I don't have the cash to pay the lawyer's retainer. So she killed the web page, destroyed a bed I made, posted some ads and stuff that sure didn’t help, and now had me jumped. Gee what a nice girl. I would just leave town, but the day before I was to head to Philly she made sure I couldn’t go. Friday thanks to her I now face more problems keeping me here in this suck-ass town. I have a way out of town. Why must this psycho keep harassing me, why can’t she just let me alone so I can go back to my kids?

    The bank card detail is important, since he managed to use it that morning after the attack to fill up Tiabliaj's car at a gas station. He was alone at the time. A few days later, he posted and deleted the following comment to one of his LJ's...

    14 Sep 2005 by line_nowhere
    C:= Hello, If you are looking to talk to me about my friend Taylor Behl please note the following C:= C:= We all hope Taylor is ok. … The police have also asked me not to speak to the media on the subject so I will not. C:= C:= Skulz.

    If you are wondering, C:= is his very own emoticon. Go on and turn it 90 degrees clockwise. Yep, it's a skull.

    Search and Seizure

    Apparently, this is mascot of Skulz and Line Nowhere. It's just so goth.

    Police had a warrant to search and take Skulz computers under the suspicion that he was in possession of child-pornography. Yes, technically, it was true, however did he know he had CP? Remember, this guy is a fucktard of the highest order. Even his ebay profile advertises the fact that most of the stuff he sells is salvaged goth crap that his dead friends left behind after chuoside or their latest overdose. One special case named KJ left behind so much porn that Skulz even ranted about it on that old geocities page. Bastions of journalistic integrity, 48 Hours, even granted this as a possibility, complete with a picture of KJ's stacks of porn. Sorry, Skulz, everyone thinks it's more likely you're a hopeless fucktard than a pedo. On a related note, 48 Hours thinks that when someone offs themself, all the crap on their hard drive is magically "inherited" onto yours.

    Regardless of source, this CP stash gave police a reason to search through all of his crap, so we'll let it slide.

    Isobel's Revenge

    When I heard that Taylor was missing, I was like OMFG, NO WAI! I bet Ben killed her. I'm, you know, like, really glad I dumped his ass.


    —Isobel Wren, really glad she dumped his ass (48 Hours, very rough transcript)

    As police continued to investigate Skulz, they noticed that he was frantically removing pictures from his numerous websites. One of the pictures accidentally left online was the "Home Sweet Home" picture. Knowing that Skulz was in the woods that morning, and that Isobel was a rising star on Vegporn, they interviewed her. She told officers about the photoshoot and where she was taken. A search of the area turned up a shallow grave where Tiabliaj was dumped and left in the open air.

    Rough Sex

    Skulz eventually confessed, claiming it was an accident as he and Tiabliaj were merely having rough sex in the back seat and she was totally asking for it. Skulz clarifies by saying that Tiabliaj was positioned doggystyle in the car, hands bound behind her with duct tape ("she was planning to do the same thing to me later"), with the back of her head slamming hard against the driver side door with each thrust. He further claimed that, pursuing erotic asphyxiation, she either suffocated, broke her neck, or both. In a panic, Skulz dumped the body and drove off rather than report the event as an accident.

    Hungry for a murder conviction, prosecutors claimed that Tiabliaj was as pure as the wind driven snow, and there was no way she would have consented to that sort of intercourse. They called 48 Hours in to film a re-enactment of Skulz's story, complete with a similar car and two officers roughly the same sizes as Tiabliaj and Skulz. The two officers immediately started doing it wrong, with absolutely no groin or butt contact. The female officer was merely hunched over in the back seat, and the male officer would occasionally grab her by the waist and gingerly push forward, nudging her head into the rear driver side door.

    I’ve only been here a few minutes and already half my body is completely numb... So I know that any teenage girl wouldn’t settle for this too long. Someone could not get any kind of enjoyment out of this."


    —Officer Powell, a woman, totally not using her imagination(48 Hours, literal transcript)

    Sadly, they did not ask Officer Powell if she could imagine getting enjoyment out of anal or babyfur yiffing.

    In Jail

    Skulz did an Alford plea, which is a lot like a plead of "Not Guilty", except that it's exactly like a guilty plea. In other words, he was saying he didn't murder her, but he really fucked up by dumping her body in a ditch and he expects nobody to believe a single word he says. The CP charges were dropped, and he was sentenced to 30 years in prison.


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