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    Cat eyes.JPG
    No wonder he resorts to fucking dogs.

    Skuee aka Matt Gilmore irl is a wildly successful student at a college, super hacker, spammmmmmmmmmmmer, and is an IRL dog fucker. Basically he often plays the role of Internet tough guy, despite being a basement dwelling cock sucking kike faggot. He can be found both on YouTube and Stickam, fagging it up by being a total assfelcher. Naturally, since Skuee is a haxxorfag, online and IRL his only real option is to become an hero. He also doesn’t seem to understand that no matter how much you curse, you still can’t look hardcore as a 12 year old kid with a retainer. Skuee was under furry rehab at the Patriotic Nigras establishment, Tranquilolity Bay but was kicked out due to his failure to overcome butthurt and reform into a proper e-citizen. Skuee also thinks of himself as a scary troll but really just proves to people how pathetically retarded he is. He also has been known to try and shutdown events like Lulzcon where he called the hotel and tried to shut down the lulz but failed because he is nothing but a two-faced kike wannabe nigger faggot. He also loves to act like a Wigger and dance to the shit music of Soulja Boy. He also constantly tries to get this article removed by pretending to be some concerned citizen. See: Skuee/logs for more.

    Skuee and Furfaggotry

    Earlier this year, Skuee was a player of the game Second Life. Like 90% of the faggots who play this game, Skuee was a furry. Skuee openly claims that he raided with the Patriotic Nigras, but, as the writer of this page can attest, Skuee's name is not located anywhere in the membership logs of the PN. In reality, this is a Jew lie perpetrated by the kike fag, Skuee (whom the PN actually raided, and to whose faggotry they can certainly attest). Apparently Skuee left Second Life forever a few months ago claiming that he gave up furfaggotry in the process. However it is more likely he just got a new sockpuppet and is still offering up his he-girl tailhole to anyone with a 20 linden dick.

    In real life, I'm a human. In Second Life, I'm a jogauni, a talking, mystical fox.



    DJ Skuee has gotten a bit of "e-fame" for being a controversial YouTuber by the name of Skuee.



    Nigra Testimony

    At least 100 years ago - before Second Life was controlled by the Jew elite - and still before the liquid faggotry of Second Life's "furry realm" had begun to coagulate into its circlejerk society - one particular furry had decided to make himself a constant target for the Patriotic Nigras. Now mind you, Nigras don't take kindly to bitches up in their grills, and, thus, an epic raid was enacted. Much to the displeasure of our little furfag, a storm of Mario Mosh Pits, dong popguns and the inevitable doomsday halted the hourly fisting session with his 300 pound mate. It was goodly full of win, and shall be remembered with a solitary tear in this nigra's eye.

    Second Life: Serious Biz

    Skuee shown here, on second life using his fursona

    Although he wouldn't have you know it, Skuee is an Uphill-Gardener. In his deviant Second Life persona he has cultivated but one companion to whom he focuses his degenerate attentions. The fact that this easily manipulated individual is a shambolic, half-retarded truffle-snuffling clown of a man only adds to his perverted delight. Skuee's longtime companion, AJcomix, can sometimes be seen in Skuee's videos - this gentleman is Skuee's lover. Unbeknownst to Skuee's parents, he and AJ regularly engage in inappropriate touching. Some argue that it is equally likely they engage in secretive salacious swinging. Unfortunately, as mentioned elsewhere, AJ is now leaving Skuee to go catch for Argent009 on LiveVideo, thereby leaving poor Skuee to fend for himself on the JewTube. This development may lead to Internet Predators, such as Renetto or Irish282 taking advantage of Skuee - thus making him their house-nigger.

    Skuee, being the furfag that he is, snared himself a steady "Furfriend" in Second Life (the one seen in the picture of his fursona). This person's SL and LiveJournal username is fisk_blackmun. Shortly after they discovered Skuee's fursona, they found Blackmun's LJ and many posts of a homoerotic nature directed towards Skuee. Blackmun responded to this by DELETING FUCKING EVERYTHING. But his MySpace was found via Skuee's, and again many homoerotic comments were left on Skuee's MySpace. Skuee responded by setting his profile to private. This is of no help, as the real disease is inside of him.

    True to its humanitarian roots, the forces of lulz refused to stop in their march towards an ultimate, final victory and found fisk on Skuee's YouTube and stickam accounts. ALL OF THEM. On both YouTube and stickam he went by the name of "Mastry". Whats more, Skuee is 16 and, according to his profile, Mastry is 19, meaning that their coupling is illegal in many states - including Florida. When confronted with this information Skuee will ignore it or run away, but unfortunately for Skuee, no matter how far he runs or how much he hides the truth will never ever go away.

    Skuee's boyfriend dropped by this page recently, posted his "centerfold" and took credit for being Skuee's boyfriend. Skuee of course reverted this and has since been vandalizing the page. Mastry, posting as Mastreh, added this picture and this message: "Hi there ED. Its about time you gave me credit for being his boyfriend. Here, have a copy of my centerfold in Playfoxx magazine." Skuee reverted this immediately, as detailed above his conduct is always that of a gentleman, and if truth be told he is a very affectionate lover.

    Hey ED. Me again. Just thought I'd let you all know that we're not dating anymore.



    Skuee and JewTube

    Skuee's main Internet presence is on YouTube, where he produces hundreds of horribly boring, awkward-pause-filled videos primarily concerning shit nobody cares about. One topic that has come up recently is hate as a result of Skuee and his spineless friend AJcomix (he literally has no spine) having a tiff. It seems that AJ didn’t suck Skuee's cock, so he DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING and left for The Promised Land. This caused Skuee to spend at least 100 hours in his hugbox. Afterwords, he made a sock account under the brilliant user name of "Eeuks" and posted a video of him crying that his friend was leaving him for Argent009.

    During the month of June and July 07, Skuee and his fag pal, AJcomix, were still making gaytarded videos on how their furfag friend, Dog264, got suspended from the JewTubes. For the next two to three weeks, much lulz ensued when many attempts were made to get AJcomix banned. Finally, on July 20, 2007, the Internets was saved when AJcomix got banned for life, losing about 300 videos. Funnily, they don't realize that arguing with ebaumsworld is like pissing in an ocean of piss.

    Video was deleted...

    Skuee and Encyclopedia Dramatica

    On 24 July 2007, Skuee entered #arbchat, requesting this page be taken down and his ED account be unbanned. Skuee acted in typical butthurt fashion, insulting the Honorable Judge weev and generally fagging up ED IRC's haute couture. It should be noted that Skuee was banned for DELETING FUCKING EVERYTHING you see before you now, a crime punishable (and enforced) with at least 100 years of banination.

    The full arbchat log can be found here.

    Skuee being the pile of faggot fail he is, BALEETED the video of him crying and uploaded a video claiming that he fooled us. But of course we all know better than to believe his Jew-faggot lies. His lie of course was that he used "toilette paper" soaked in "water" but if he were smart he'd know that faking tears isn't hard when you have as shitty a web cam as Skuee does (considering he never focuses it). Even still, Skuee insists on continuing his big sissy parade.

    Skuee Loves Furfags

    On June 23, 2007 an entire Stickam room that ganged up on him, Skuee denounced furfaggotry after three long months of soul searching. Listen closely to the background to hear people in the Stickam room telling him what to say. [Note to Skuee: DMCA these fucking videos again and you will be destroyed RS Style.]

    Evidence of Faggotry

    Skuee has made a new name for himself by fagging up well known memes and just being a total failure. He recently posted videos of Milkips - broken down to Milhouse and Mudkips. And as many can attest, Milhouse is NOT A MEME, and fagging up Mudkips is a definite crime. He takes the fail even further when he signs "Skuee" in a ghetto-esque fashion, soiling the proud Mudkip name forever. Skuee proceeds to fail by posting these pictures at his local movie theater.

    Skuee goes to Vegas, continues furfaggotry

    During the first week of august 2007 Skuee went with his parents to Las Vegas and said that he wouldn't record any more vlogs. Then of course 5 minutes later he said he'd be taking his laptop, and, the second he got off the plane in Vegas, he made a video. All in all, Skuee has made 8 videos in Las Vegas showing that he knows absolutely nothing about Vegas and is a retarded tourist, not to mention a fan of the bum. On the eve of the 10th BURK confronted Skuee, going so far as to show his face and ask Skuee about his boyfriend. To this Skuee not only didn't respond, but he began filming said user and threatening him. So apparently Skuee has not only never learned his lesson, but continues to be an internet tough guy and irl faggot of ever increasing proportions.


    Skuee: who's koke808?
    Skuee: youtube is serious fucking business, i understad that mike
    Skuee: understand*
    ChitsnGiggles: lol
    Skuee: i hate that bitch
    ITSMENOW: skuee, why dont you explain to aj why YOU wrote his page
    Skuee: i didnt write the whole thing
    Skuee: i started it, and he knew
    ITSMENOW: you wrote almost the entire thing
    ITSMENOW: and i put that mastry pic back in
    Skuee: then why does damian appear more than me?
    ITSMENOW: if you removed it again itll get cut
    Skuee: btw mastry sent me a msg saying "its over"
    ITSMENOW: and no skuee if you look damian added hotlinks, and so on
    ITSMENOW: skuee ill bet
    ITSMENOW: mike are these guys named sarry crey?
    ITSMENOW: :p
    Skuee: anyways, gotta go, school tommorow
    Skuee: damnit
    ITSMENOW: ya right skuee
    ITSMENOW: run and hide again
    Skuee: right burk
    ITSMENOW: go fake cry again
    Lib: dont skip class now skuee
    Skuee: cause you like stalking me and knowing my school starting day
    Skuee: anyways, night mike
    Skuee: hope you die in a car crash, burk
    ITSMENOW: wait and you saying that mastry said its over
    ITSMENOW: means that there was something to begin with
    Lib: hey skuee go work on ur telekineses
    Lib: or something
    Skuee: i already admited that
    Skuee: bye guys
    * Skuee left the room.
    ITSMENOW: what a fag
    [14:46] <Skuee> who the fuck are you burk
    [14:47] <Skuee> i couldnt find a mod because theyweren't on
    [14:47] <BURK> i am the burk
    [14:47] <BURK> and you couldnt find a mod because you fail
    [14:47] <Skuee> show yourself sockpuppet
    [14:47] <BURK> and are 12
    [14:47] <BURK> lol
    [14:47] <Skuee> fine, you find one right now, then
    [14:47] * feeble ([email protected] j.comcast.net) Quit ( Ping timeout )
    [14:47] <BURK> are you fucking kidding me?
    [14:47] <Skuee> NOW
    [14:47] <Skuee> do ti.
    [14:47] <Skuee> IT*
    [14:47] <Skuee> NOW.
    [14:47] <BURK> *points at ajt*
    [14:47] <Skuee> i'm 16, i already showed my license
    [14:47] <BURK> found one
    [14:47] <BURK> lawl
    [14:47] <BURK> ya right
    [14:47] <Skuee> a STICKAM mod
    [14:48] <Skuee> ask skehan
    [14:48] <BURK> im not on stickam right now
    [14:48] <Skuee> he saw it
    [14:48] <Skuee> so did BoB
    [14:48] <Skuee> so stfu
    [14:48] <BURK> i was in the room fgt
    [14:48] <Skuee> o rly
    [14:48] <BURK> 00010001
    [14:48] <Skuee> ah
    [14:48] <Skuee> figures
    [14:48] <Skuee> orly
    [14:48] <kardus> yo
    [14:48] <BURK> kardus
    [14:48] <BURK> mang
    [14:49] <BURK> lemme pm this shit to you
    [14:49] <Skuee> mang
    [14:49] <kardus> aight mang
    [14:49] <Skuee> is that slang for man?
    [14:49] <kardus> broseph
    [14:49] <Skuee> wow
    [14:50] <Skuee> Internet tough guy - Usually male,the Internet Tough Guy talks big shit online, 
    but IRL he's a total fag or a basement-dweller.
    [14:50] <Skuee> that's you, burk
    [14:51] <ninjagumby> ARBCHAT
    [14:51] <Skuee> eh?
    [14:49] <Skuee> you talk some major shit
    [14:49] ->> Skuee is [email protected] (iwonder)
    [14:49] ->> Skuee is on: #ed
    [14:49] ->> Skuee using anonymuncule.irc (Was thatyour plan, Ray? Get her?)
    [14:49] ->> Skuee has been idle for 1 second (Loggedon at 6/24/2007 1:33:53 PM)
    [14:49] ->> Skuee :End of /WHOIS list.
    [14:49] <Skuee> what makes you think your so cool?
    [14:51] <BURK> lawl
    [14:51] <Skuee> srsly
    [14:51] <BURK> because im not a faggot like you
    [14:51] <Skuee> Usually male, the Internet ToughGuy talks big shit online, but IRL he's a 
    total fag or a basement-dweller.
    [14:51] <Skuee> that's you
    [14:51] <Skuee> thanks
    [14:52] <Skuee> bai


    • Wii Friend Code: 5818-4076-7807-1893
    • Skuee is a wigger, even though he has never been 2 da hood in his life.
    • Genuinely believes that he is bringing joy and peace to countless millions on the internet
    • Claims to have a girlfriend and a 9 inch PENIS.
    • Skuee has moar acne on his face than the average teenager.
    • Is a midget irl and has to buy children's clothes.
    • He only has two friends irl, because nobody else could stand the smell/sight of him.
    • He also lives with his parents who are both overweight redneck hicks.
    • Skuee tends to get shoved into lockers at school by the other kids.
    • Mattykinz is bi-curious, you can tell because he spends way to much time with life long buddy AjComix.

    Skuee is Shutting Down LULZCON

    just do that
    there is no way they are removing it
    jebbi3 wants to be included in the list
    what was that 1866 number?
    1866 loldong
    which is the number to lulzcom
    that i shut down
    i called the hotel and told them what ED was about
    told them they would destroy their rooms
    lulzcon's closed due to fail
    is this def. true?
    should i call and ask?

    Ongoing faggotry

    After it was revealed that mike skehan was not the one pestering skuee and his faggot friend AJcomix, and that in fact their whole crusade against mike (which included irl calls to the cops and legal threats) was all based on nothing and that JamesSteal and TheCallerOfWar were just fucking with them. Skuee in normal faggot fashion thought all was well and that he could just be part of ed again, despite trying to shut down Lulzcon, playing internet tough guy, shouting racial slurs, being a wigger, being a two-faced cunt, and being a general faggot. He descended upon EDIRC, and was promptly told to GTFO FURFAG. Being the faggot he is he thinks this is all moot since he made a vid with an unfunny meme he doesn't understand. Since this is the 4th time he has done this, we of course can not accept anything short of a video of him signing a legal document saying that he is not only a furfag, but sucks AjComix's dick as well.

    Skuee the DJ

    As mentioned before skuee fancies himself a DJ, and has a MySpace for his DJ efforts. Until now the crack datamining teams of ED were unable to find actual DJ'ing by skuee, that is until now...

    • WARNING this video is very loud and contains over 9000 doses of fail.

    On a side note...

    The following is an absolutely true quote from someone who has actually occupied the same room as Skuee:

    Last year, shortly after the Virginia Tech Incident, "Skuee" (as he is known in his sick online worlds) began making incredibly lame references to the massacre. Of course, since that scab of a human being is universally despised by anyone who comes into contact with him, online or offline, those who hated him most seized this moment to report him to school authorities, claiming that the comments he had made were simply "warnings for his eventual shooting spree." Their plan worked, and after three days of investigation by the school, The faculty members and others of the school concluded that it would be best if "Skuee" left for the remainder of the school year. The day of the supposed shooting, additional law enforcement personnel were present on campus, and several of his classmates wore white t-shirts with red targets painted on them. Everyone had a good laugh. Except for that Jew Skuee.

    Moral of the story: If you know Skuee's real last name, replace the G with a K and giggle to yourself about a great in-joke.

    N.B. due to his faggotry and general propensity to fail at life, it is sadly unlikely that Skuee will make a half-assed attempt at a high school massacre and be gunned down by the military. However, anyone who manages to provoke him into such an act will be hailed as a master of pwnage and will live on in internets legend.

    Skype raids and prank calls 2009

    Sometime around mid 2009 a few brave trolls armed with Skuee's dox decided to prank call his home via Skype. The trolls at first choose to call Matt's personal cell phone number. To their surprise he actually answered on the second call. Skuee aka Matt tried to not sound shocked at all by the phone call. He remained calm the whole time, while the trolls raped his ass on the phone. As the trolls continued the interrogation one of them decided to have Skuee leave them a message on YouTube. After much sarcastic begging Matt with no other choice obeyed the troll.

    Epic Win for calling me.


    —Skuee on YouTube

    After the first call was made the trolls again decided to call him back the next day. This time they called Skuee's home phone number and much to their surprise it wasn't Skuee who answered. The person who answered the phone was none other than Mattykinz mother. Not knowing what to do, the trolls asked if he was available. Skuee's mom wasn't sure who the callers were and was a tad bit suspicious. One of the trolls who made the call with no other choice told her that he was a friend of Skuee's from school. Matt's mother believed the troll and told him that he was out with his friend Aj. Sounding disappointed the trolls ended the call with Skuee's mother in hopes of reaching him on another line.

    Pizza Time for Mattykinz Skype raids and prank calls

    A few calls after the "mom incident," the trolls once again called Skuee's cell phone. This time Matt answered on the first calling thinking that it was his best friend forever Aj. When he realized it was actually the trolls calling him again he became frustrated. The trolls, (while laughing their asses off) told him about the phone call with his mommy. When Skuee heard about this he fucking raged and began screaming at the poor innocent wittle trolls. The funny part about this was that Skuee being the tard that he is was actually driving during the call. Thus meaning that if he had raged hard enough he could have caused a huge accident and possibly would have ended up as a vegetable.

    The next, next day, the trolls still hyped up after the last few calls decided that they should send Skuee a few pizzas. They once again called Skuee on his cell phone. When Skuee answered the trolls asked him what his favorite pizza was. Still pissed off about the last call Matt did not want to answer any of their ridiculous questions. Skuee finally mentioned that he was allergic to anchovies. This gave the trolls a great idea. They later on found a Pizza Hut close to his area of which his family actually ordered from before. They know this because the person who answered the phone knew Skuee's name and address. And so they ordered him 50 extra large anchovy pizzas of which were for Skuee's best friend's birthday party.

    Matt gives up on being Auxygen

    On February 21, 2010 Skuee decided to drop the name Auxygen and to move onto his Mattkips channel instead. Matt claims that he ended the channel and nick name because it sucked and that it had to much of a bad past. In reality he knows that everyone who recognizes him by the name Auxygen thinks he's a faggot and probably hates his guts. Of course he ends up removing the video due to utter embarrassment.

    Matt and IntelMiner

    Recently, "Mattkips" has been spotted hanging out with IntelMiner this may lead to lulz (or not), keep an eye out.

    Matt Goes to Mayor

    Being the internet toughguy that he is, Skuee of course did not appreciate his dox being plastered on a public website so he did the only logical thing and complained about it on a government website,

    I am being cyberstalked by a group of people on the Internet. These people have all of me and my immediate family's personal information posted on a public web site, and I want it taken down immediately.


    —Skuee is clearly not mad

    lol skuee dawk

    • skuee aka antriangle aka the admin and owner of sstgnchan:
    • Card Type Visa
    • Address:7055 Shellfish Court
    • City:Navarre FL
    • Zipcode:32566
    • Card# XXXXXXXXXXXX5764
    • Expiry Date March / 2011
    • First Name Matthew
    • Last Name Gilmore
    • Billing Phone 1-850-428-3977

    skuees furaffinity: http://i54.tinypic.com/2yy1do3.png <- note excessive homosexuality

    skuees tumblr: http://lemana.de

    skuees facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wwhoa

    skuees twitter: http://www.twitter.com/2m

    skuees furry twitter: http://twitter.com/ftrot

    skuees furry gay twitter: http://twitter.com/trotinthedark

    skuees current furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/matt/

    skuees current alt youtube: http://www.youtube.com/LLemanade

    skuees girlfriends tumblr: http://jcy7.tumblr.com/

    skuees girlfriends twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/_jcy

    skuees girlfriends youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/jcymchlle

    skuees girlfriends facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001987041980

    skuees families buisness: http://www.insurancefast.com/employees.aspx

    skuee and family, names from left to right, Duane O., Nicole M., Matthew O., and Cindy Gilmore: http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/63598_1696187238552_1053964748_1914319_4030342_n.jpg

    skuee and sister nicole: http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/162882_1696187558560_1053964748_1914320_7340408_n.jpg

    please disseminate and decimate at will pastebin: http://tinypaste.com/3ed34

    because there's nothing else worth putting on this page. BUT you can check out skuee for moar lulz.

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