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    Sketch Dalmatian

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    Sketch Dalmatian is a famous furry foot artist who found himself embroiled in the dreaded furry drama and subsequent confidence that Jesus was totally ok with it so it's like whatever.

    Sketch the Foot Fetish Dalmatian

    Sketch was not unlike the hundreds of other furry artists, earning his furry cred through years worth of fetish porn, doing the occasional con badge to supplement his income. Because of his proficiency of cranking out Disneyesque psudeo-fap material, he became quite popular amongst his fandom and used said notoriety to earn himself a supportive and openminded friendbase. Many a popular furry could be seen commissioning his wide-eyed, innocent interpretations for their fursonas.

    Wide eyed innocence and claw-tickle porn!

    Feet and Loathing in Anthrocon

    While attending Anthrocon 2010, Sketch hocked custom art and molested his buddies with the best of them. After a long and tiring afternoon of fondling other guys in bear costumes, Sketch retired to his room with his good buddy Misako, who assumed having a vagina in a crowd full of furries would score some benefits. Misako lucked out when, for the low low price of toe tickles, Sketch allowed her to sleep peacefully in his room.

    Now being an impressionable young woman, Misako didn't see what could possibly go wrong locking herself in a room with a strange man with a freaky foot fetish, but a quick glance at a very busy Sketch with his pecker in one hand and her socks bunched in the other snapped the poor lass out of her trusting haze.

    The scent of her socks and shoes kept calling to me. I got more deeper and deeper under my lusts hypnotic spell spell over me. And... I did something unspeakable! I lost myself in my own lust and desecrated my body!


    —Sketch, maintaining it was really, really awesome at the time...

    The girl ditched Sketch for the rest of the event, and sensing the impending furry drama about to explode, Sketch returned home and ripped all of his foot fetish artwork from the internet. When that didn't stop the masses from inquiring why half of their socks were crusted over, Sketch went full on Christfag.

    Jesus is Coming (All Over Your Toes)!

    "Those nails just ruined PERFECTLY GOOD FEET WHAT THE FUCK"

    When the drama followed him home from the Anthrocon festivities, Skecth declared everything was fine now because God said so. He told his fans that, once he got home and had himself a good cry, God and Jesus forgave him but insisted he get rid of all his feet tickling artwork and never ever do it again, since it was the pictures and not his being an social retard foot fucker that were responsible for the entire humiliating ordeal. Overjoyed at his newfound salvation, Sketch told his fanbase not to weep for him, as his felt love the likes of which not an entire locker room of sweaty socks could compare to, but asked his loyal friends to please keep praying for him, lest he fall victim again to his sinful urges.

    Him fall victim. This was his crucible. Who gives a shit about that whore getting her feet sniffed, these demons were after Sketchs soul!

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Click image for larger view.

    Where The Fuck is the Foot Porn?

    "Hey bro, where's the foot por- Huh...for good? Oh, fuck you then."

    Surprisingly, many furries didn't care about Sketch's would be toe mongling or his insta-conversion to Christianity. They just wanted their cutsey to the point of grotesque tickle torture porn and were quite upset that Sketch was now cutting them off. While many a furfag sperged out upon realizing there was no more Sketch erotica to look forward too, others took the opposite approach, attempting to convince Sketch that such suppression of his natural urges would only lead to even stronger outbursts later on down the road, so he might as well release his desires in a healthy way through his artwork.

    And What of Tammy Tickletoes?

    Because of furrydoms longstanding policy of "Avoided The Dreaded Drama, Whether You've Been Molested or Otherwise", many a'fur have expressed their dismay that the girl in question had to go rage and complain all because of perceived "sexual misconduct" or "inappropriate behavior" and have insisted that she merely forgive Sketch's youthful transgressions, stop her bitching, and realize that some furries have just earned themselves a nice good shoe huffing now and then.

    Sketch the Shutterbug

    When word of Sketch's indiscretions/ED article got around the furfag populous, many other came forward with stories of Sketch's busy Anthrocon evenings. As expected, Sketch's "It only happened the one time and I'll never do it again" excuse turned out to be a little less than forthcoming, and soon fellow footfags betrayed Sketch by leaking some of his collection of feet pictures to his victims. Except replace "leaked" with "He was mailing them out to people with very detailed descriptions on the back of them" with liberal use of "furry" emoticons. Victims ranged from a then 16 Misako to his own cousin.

    The following are from Sketch's Anthrocon 04 Collection. It's assumed this was a yearly tradition until his 2010 bust.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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