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    "I just plucked them that way!!" - Sinn on her crayola brows

    Sinn is an 18-year-old French-Canadian hailing from Ontario. She is a fine upstanding member of the internet community who is TOTALLY NOT FAT and the prettiest thing on the interbutts. She is a strong, firm supporter of the fat girl angle shot, her favorite method of luring innocent men into her disgusting fat grasp of death. She is far too much of a special snowflake to talk to mere mortals, and will frequently insult them for poor spelling and grammar despite posessing no such skills herself. She also claims to be a wicked bad photo retoucher, when what she does takes virtually no skill. Her eyebrows are also totally NOT drawn on, she "just plucks them that way". Ok Sinn, I didn't know crayola made tweezers.

    Sinn is also an avid member of Vampirefreaks.com where she befriends all the admins and VF populars and asks them for personal favours. She befriends them because she thinks talking to "important people" will make her look good. It doesn't. She tells everyone Jet gave her "Lifetime premium" when infact she paid $100.00 for it.

    Sinn is obviously a huge alcoholic. She drinks to feel badass, and to get over the pain of eating her own father.

    Her biggest accomplishment on VF is that she is a very dedicated staff member of GDMF2BB. A faggy "looks" cult where fugly regulars bash people twice as attractive as they are. Sinn loves GDMF2BB. It's the only place where people will lie to her and tell her that she is attractive. She takes great pride in abusing her powers and banning anyone who calls her ugly! She has a post count of OVER NINE THOUSAND and she even won their video contest! Way to go Sinn!

    Recently, Sinn has become obsessed with Motley Jew's Nikki Sixx and is now referring to herself as "Sixx." How original and creative! Sinn is absolutely obsessed with all mainstream hairbands. Other than that she has come to believe that she is a professional photographer, makeup artist, graphic designer, and most original girl out there. Other than the three jobs she claims to already be working, other than every corner of every street in Montreal, she works in a tattoo shop where she feeds her lust for the needle. Getting ugly tattoos is much cheaper than injecting crytal meth straight into her pulsating asshole.

    Her Love Life

    Sinn confessing to cam-sexing PedoRyle.

    Sinn was having a rough go. All of her boyfriends left her, committed suicide, or turned homosexual. She was distraught and very upset. Just when Sinn was ready to give up on her love life, in walked PedoRyle.

    Sinns excuse for cheating on her homosexual boyfriend

    They were in love. He showed her his cock, and she willingly had disgusting whale cam/phone sex with him. One can only imagine the horror of hearing her disgusting whale yelps as she orgasm'd over thoughts of his nasty beard shoved into her hairy snatch. Eventually Ryle was outed as a pedo, and declared he would leave the internet forever! He is no longer on any messenger, but he still likes to come online to edit his ED page (as wafflechoppa).

    Having a gay boyfriend is "degrading"

    Sinn was devastated yet again, so she moved onto Kyle, a 17 year old from the United States who is known to be homosexual. He has cheated on her before, but they got e-back together because Sinn has no standards. After the nudes were released, he was upset for 5 minutes, and then promptly began sucking her e-tit again. They broke up after Sinn found out that he was homosexual but that didn't last long as Sinn needed someone in her life, even if he is homosexual. Currently they are still going out and are still in love! But Sinn admitted that having a homosexual boyfriend was degrading, so I doubt that will last long. And it didn't.

    Trish is (like Sinn) a known, and allegedly straight, camwhore who frequently feels up Sinn on cam for attention -- so this type of behavior is expected. She shows her titties and ass to anyone who asks; man, woman, boy, girl, child, elderly person, etc. She likes attention from anything and everything. Her tits can be described as "two very large overly squishy sacks of potatoes", attractive. Trish's whyhire.me profile can be found by clicking on this link. There you can get a much better idea of how big her tits are and how dangerously obese she is without having to work your way around the infamous Fat Girl Angle Shot. Restricted now, find your BBW pics somewhere else, faggots!

    Sinn's latest journal entry mentions that she has a new one true love, but that shit is friend's only and there is no guarantee she isn't talking about food again, amirite? Even if she is single, Sinn still has legions of her fatass camwhore sistas, whom she holds fully photographed make-out sessions with to help earn moar rating points on VF.

    The Nudes

    Sinn blames everything on her parents

    Sinn got bored with her homosexual boyfriend so she decided to cheat and send nudes to various members of Vampirefreaks. The nudes fell into the wrong hands and Sinn was outed as a whale, a whore, and a cheater. She bawwwd and bawwwd for her tormentor to stop, claiming she didn't deserve to be shamed because her daddy left her with gaping genitalia by furiously raping her when she was 11 years old. But in a fit of hunger-powered rage the now fully grown fatty, ate him ending his life once and for all. She says she is very depressed and angry that he's gone, she definitely regrets it. She misses his 5 inch dick pounding through her nasty fat flaps.

    When asked about the color of the bathwater in the nude photos, Sinn replied "The tub is that colour." You can clearly tell she urinated in it several times over, and it's even a little green. Perhaps from the mold growing in her nether regions.

    Sinn The "Makeup Artist"

    Bored of failing at photography and graphic art, Sinn woke up one morning and decided "Hey guysh, I'ma gonna be a makeup artist!!!! <3" And thus SinnMUAwas shat into existence.

    Yaaah. Help me get followers!!! <3

    Haaaoooii guyshf. I'm going to be doing the um... pinky... purplish... teal... colored... look today...

    Gallery of Shame

    Arrr! The White Whale About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    You didn't get your tires slashed.
    You didn't get key scratches on it.
    You didn't get your gas siphoned.
    You didn't get your car stolen.
    There was nobody hiding in your backseat waiting to brootally raep you up that Grand Canyon you call an ass, only to squeal like a bitch and revert to fudge packing at the blinding sight of your refrigerator-like physique just like every other guy you tried to fuck.
    So just SHUT THE FUCK UP. Nobody cares.

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