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    80px This article is entirely factual and serves as a documentation.

    File:Silverop pic.jpg
    Picture of our dogcock-loving friend readying himself to deepthroat a slice of pizza.
    The love of Silverop's life, Stevie.
    File:Irl name.png
    Posting your first, middle, and last name online for everyone to see? How intelligent.

    Silverop is a 15-year-old germophobic, closet homosexual, furfag TARTlet with levels of hopeless fail unseen since SokiTwopaw. He can be seen frequently browsing the Jewtubes under the alias of StyxRanger, where he enjoys threatening everyone who questions his robust furfaggotry with podiatric sodomy. Behind the mask, Silverop goes by Paul and has a boyfriend named Steven who lives with him in Parkersburg, VA.

    ... at least, they would be together if his boyfriend hadn't GTFO'd off to Weirton, WV.

    Being afraid of germs like the babyfur he is, our furry little friend had to work up the courage to just hold his lover's hand by practicing on another female friend first. In the end, he was able to bite the bullet and allow his boyfriend to rub up against him. It is likely that they then went back to his house and had angry sex with his favorite plush dog, Wolfie.

    Lulzy Quotes

    Looking at what i put in the upper description I sound like a asshole. However i am not im just stating that preps and racists have no life and i dont like them.


    —StyxRanger, unintentionally assuring himself of swift death at the hands of any /b/tard.

    If you are always picking out group of people such as loosers and nerds you suck and noone likes your opinion. Now that being said if i pissed you off good.


    —StyxRanger, assuring us of just how much he fails at life.


    StyxRanger considers himself a furry activist and has produced two "furry pride" videos. Apparently in this day and age, gargling animal p3n15 is AWWWWRIGHT.

    Fight the urge to cry.


    Laying out the bait...
    File:Furfag fail2.png
    Silverop's gracious response, complete with furfag avatar, horrible spelling, and animu faces.

    Because of his motivation to show everyone in the community how proud he is of fucking plush toys, he tends to get into arguments at times which can be quite lulzy. An example fire-return-fire-return argument can be found to the right, in which a troll named Icefox111 lures Silverop out of his hole with a bit of copypasta. Naturally, he returns with nothing but fail, AIDS, and an avatar of two foxes blowing each other.

    No doubt, after seeing his videos you'd want to leave him an opinion about what you thought. Well (unfortunately) no luck there my fellow EDiots. For you see, Silverop is a shy and pathetic creature: the type that growls, snarls, and acts fierce when the pack is around, but when cornered rolls over into a sniveling and cowardly position. Any attempt at explaining how dressing up in a fursuit and sodomizing other men isn't healthy will be met with him furiously clicking the DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING button.


    "What? Fried chicken?!"
    • After letting out an almighty warcry, Silverop proceeded to try (and miserably fail) to vandalize this article under the name of NatexRivers. The only possible reason can be that he fears the truth about himself reaching the far corners of the internet. No furry wants everyone to know that they're all genetically inferior to human beings, but our beloved ED exists to spread the ultimate truth: that in the end, the furfag scum will hang from every trestle of every street corner on every intersection in Europe. As much as traffic will allow.

    furry name, Baxter Fox, my real name, Baxter Hauk :P, u can call me bax, baxter, baxe, w/e. i am an orange fox, i like to chase birds, and eat meat ^^, im tought then your avrig fox


    —XHKbaxter, speaking in a language unknown to heterosexuals.

    • Too stupid to know about such things as a revert function, the heavily cancer-afflicted fox fucker vandalized continuously under his own name. If only all furries cried this much. If only...


    NatexRivers?? thats not me, My friend Mark, Change that on the wbpage's yeah i seen number 2 (StyxRanger) you DO know that me being underage makes that illegal dont you? yup. Thought you'd like to know ^^


    —StyxRanger, clearly feelin' the pain. The sobbing cries and moonspeak render his legal threat undecipherable.

    Silverop's Reaction to This Article

    File:Butthurt bulletin.png
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