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    Silver Circle

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    The shitty guild banner.

    Silver Circle is a guild on the Antonia Bayle server of EverQuest II, led by Vakarina. The entire guild has been pretty near 100% ostracized from the Role-Play Community at large for housing some of the most dramatic additions to the server this side of Freeport.

    Most of their members spend a lot of their time in the Bloodhaze Inn role-playing with other fuckwit cyber assholes who act as half-demon/half-werewolf/half-vampire/half-lich/half-slave/half-cyborg. Most of their members also share the common surname "Val'Kavek".

    Below is a list of these "fine additions" to the community.

    The More Zentalas Cries, the more people pay attention to him... rite?


    Managing to single-handedly get picked out as the server shit-stirrer by most of the guild leadership registered at the now-closed EQ2 Role-Player's Haven, this person has been labeled as one of the most prevalent instigators of role-play and out-of-character drama around. Followed closely in second only by most of her membership, Vakarina has been reported to put spies in other role-play guilds to gain info and stir the pot, attempting to cause dissension between their memberships and officers.

    The guild leaders of the Antonia Bayle role-play community pointed her out as a backstabbing bitch here.

    Several officer cores have added a quiet addendum to their charter requiring alt screening now, either with screenshots of their alt pages or an allowance for recruitment to look at it themselves, not allowing members in before this is done, fearing that these habits might continue.

    Is it possible that Vakarina knows that she’s been a whore? She must, as even her bio has said it before.

    From an old guild member Zentallis posted on the admin section of EQ2Flames. (Note: For full effect of the below article, picture yourself beside a screaming infant on a plane, aaaand... GO!)

    Bear with me guys this is something that needs to be said,

    Since i am now banned form posting at my former guild ill have to do it this way, way to go, not even giving me a chance to defend myself against the no doubt rampent smack talkign thats going on now.

    Before i leave here forever i feel it nessacarry to tell everyone why i did what i did, not that i think it will matter but becasue i feel the need to run my mouth one last time.

    Vakarina you were never my friend, you never cared about me and you never loved me, what to know how i know that? let me list the reasons 1, you told me that you wanted to give Vaka to Zen as his manogomus mate becasue it was a gift of our friendship and you wanted to give me that. i thought there was nothing in the world that would change that, so i went off and did my little thing at that battle in the stepps, then low and behold to punish Zen for his actions you didnt do somethign befitting a soldier disobeying his matron, you punished him as his wife not his matron, and you [I cannot control my vocabulary] slapped me and broke your promise and she [I cannot control my vocabulary] another toon, i even told you when it was going on "i feel really uncomfortable can we please not do this?" you just ignored me like you always do and did what you wanted like you always do.

    2, after the deal with William (feels pretty familer dont ya think?) you said to me "ill have to really seriously consider Zemeriam and Toiyana being togeather now, 2 friggin days later shes hooking up with Xusian, yeaaa... really thought good and hard about that one didnt ya.

    3, after Zen was "dead" you told me "she will only marry Xannis to stabliize the house and to keep all the other men off of her back" yet her journal says somethign completely different, you said "he will never be her mate, Zen is and always will be" but yet again in her journal that is exactly what she calls him. say one thing and do another, how nice

    4, you told me that it was unfair and hurtful to explain Vakas "fedings" in her journal becasue i told you that it botherd me after you broke promise number 1,you said you would make a seperate journal for that, yet i dont see one...

    5, you went behind my back in one of the hardest times of my life and set Xannis up as "the backup plan" to be with Vaka, even after you told me countless times that you cant see yourself playing her without Zen, yea.. way to have faith in your "best friend"

    6, when we started this you asked me what rank i wanted for all my hard work, i picked one, and i thought being and putting in all the hard work i did i deserved that rank i deserved to be a guild leader, and yet whenever i made a desision you vetoed it and just did what you wanted anyway, what was the point of making me a leader if everything i did did not matter? again thanks for having faith in me

    so thats about it i guess, time people know the truth, and jsut for old times sake ill omit all the smack talking ive heard you do behind everyone from Cheyla to Uros's back. have a nice life Vakarina, i hope you get over your "sickness" so you can be a good mother to your children and a wife to your husband, becasue you wont have me to kick around anymore

    cheers, Zentalas

    In short, Zen is butthurt that a digital character, with his own digital character, broke promises to him regarded digital seks and wrote in her digital journal about it. After all this time, Zen is still bawwing over things, and will regularly make alts simply to spam Silver Circle members with hate mail.


    Also known as Legion on the EQ2Flames forum and the DJ of Radio Free Norrath. And is no longer in Silver Circle, having been tossed out after her craziness hit the limit for even this guild

    For the longest time this royal pain in the ass posted her snide remarks and crude insults on the EQ2Flames forums under the Anonymous title "Legion". As with most anonymous posters, hiding behind a title that doesn't give away your in-game name was an obvious curtain to keep her from having to receive the low blows that come with posting things openly.

    She was found out to be Legion by Leithe and called out in what turned into a thirty plus page drama fest where her futile attempts at boosting her own ego and reasoning proved only to dig her into a deeper hole. Of course, after this, she attempted to attack the Role-player's Haven; only succeeding in bringing more stains to her own reputation.


    Also no longer in the guild. Noticing a pattern here?

    Is he homosexual? Is he bisexual? Or is he just a horny bastard that wants to get in-game erotica from everyone he can?

    Well known to form relationships with five people at once, lately Drekkan has been spending most of his time with his new in game mate, Veklos. Veklos (an albino Iksar Shadowknight) had posted a want ad for a male Iksar mate while he was role-playing in the Bloodhaze. As most working role-play relationships begin that last without drama, Drekkan showed interest and apparently responded to it. Now there is Veklos Ahzmandius: a name that gets to join his own in lowering the IQ of those who simply look upon it.

    Veklos and Drekkan. HISSSS.

    Moving from guild to guild, Drekkan has trouble keeping his habitual storytelling and penchant for drama under wraps, as he is quickly figured out by most everyone who associates with him, forcing him to always seek other loose friendships and/or people to stick his scaled e-dick into.

    A few things to know about him. If he doesn't like you, he will probably say that you wanted to sleep with him, or did so sometime during your knowing of him. He confesses openly that he is homosexual and plays a homosexual Iksar, but he will cyber anything that can type back to his erotic emotes; male or female. He has confessed that he has been/is a teacher, psychotherapist, child's counselor, and a college student, when he really lives at home with his mom. When he doesn't want to talk to you anymore, he will give you a no contact order in all caps instead of just adding you to ignore. He claims to know a lot about psychology and therapy when he really needs therapy. He claims that he is autistic. While it is obvious that something with him is wrong in the head, an autistic wouldn’t know how to describe the length of his dick or reply to a cyber emote.

    Then, on April 28th, just eight days after An hero day, marked a step up in the usual fucktard ways, as he shoved his weredick down his own throat and ended his pathetic life, inviting all the emo RPers of Silver Circle to jerk off on his corpse, proving that even when he's killing off his character and leaving the damn game he's a fucking dramatic retard.

    Silver Circle still pulls retarded RPing orgies in the Bloodhaze Inn. If for some reason you're in Antonia Bayle, roleplay as a conservative High Elf and protest their faggotry.

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