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    FoundationOctober 2012
    Major Boards/v/, /shr/, /hack/, /site/
    Epic WinsNone
    (20:41) zsasz: you found some hipster

    (20:41) zsasz: brony

    (20:41) zsasz: mockery

    (20:41) zsasz: which is considered

    (20:41) zsasz: the pinnacle

    (20:42) zsasz: of thought

    (20:42) zsasz: and art

    (20:42) zsasz: in our culture

    (20:42) zsasz: that and captions on pictures


    hex on shrekchan

    ShrekChan (now called pigchan because xD so random edgy pig cult!!!)was a "safe-for-work" imageboard designed to "ironically" mimic the brony fandom (which not only was dying, but had been milked for all it was worth upon the time of the sites founding) through usage of greentext fanfiction, poorly made photoshops and fanart, and other such material relating to the Shrek franchise. Though humorous at first glance, the fact that the site actually has a dedicated userbase composed of redditors who believe pretending to be a member of a radically faggy fanbase constitutes as some kind of wit is really quite depressing. Though popular opinion still unanimously agrees that bronies, furries, etc are vastly more insufferable, it is widely acknowledged that these losers' misinterpretation of irony ranks them somewhere near Ayn Rand supporters (though most ShrekChan frequenters likely do this anyway).


    Before reading (or more aptly, skimming through) the rest of this article that has been commandeered by the userbase of this site, it is important for you, the reader, to understand the mindset associated with the kind of people who dedicate time out of their day to blogging up the kind of unfunny shit found on every page of Shrekchan. While the joke is supposed to be that it is seemingly pathetic, the fact that an actual community that has stemmed from this, on a site someone someone is paying money to maintain, transcends humor and effectively renders the users of this site actually deplorable human beings as opposed to just pretending. The pseudo-irony implemented by Shrekchan users is somewhat similar to that of hipsters: hipsters utilize "irony" as a means of attempting to show that they have accepted, and do not care about leading the most bourgeois, mediocre lives imaginable in the same sense that Shrekchan users do so to hide their poor communication skills and overall boring selves to the rest of the internet.

    Essentially, Shrekchan is a place for people who are too uninteresting and/or cannot communicate in a normal manner with other people to get the human interaction they crave in a manner that doesn't trigger their crippling social anxiety.

    Shrekchan users seem to be widely unconscious of their own uselessness to society, so please remind them at every given opportunity.

    See also: Meepsheep's Law


    A typical /shr/ thread.
    • /v/ - Videoshrek. Only shrek-related games are to be discussed here. As it turns out, there's a disturbingly large number of Shrek games available.
    • /shr/ - The main board on ShrekChan. Dedicated to Shrek discussion. Removed in early 2014
    • /hack/ - For uber leet haxxors.
    • /site/ - Supposedly the board for "Site feedback and discussion about ShrekChan." However, outside of people begging to have their image added to the banner rotation, the discussion that goes on is identical to the topics found in /shr/.
    • /mu/ - "Mushrek" Removed to the after life.
    • /shart/ - Art board for OC
    • /rp/ - Autism board for cybersex
    • /420/ - "ShrekSmoke". One of the two hidden boards of Shrekchan. Made just for smoking your favorite houseplant.
    • /lounge/ - One of the two hidden boards of Shrekchan. Type "illuminati" in both username and password spaces and be on your way to the lounge, friend.
    • /int/ - Similar to 4chan's /int/ board. It was later removed in the beginning of 2013.

    ShrekChan Lingo

    File:Brogre Wedding.jpg
    Here, we see a particularly devoted brogre who has decided to make an honest ogirl of his princess.
    • Brogre - Bro + ogre, fan of Shrek.
    • Ogirl - Ogre + girl, female fan of Shrek.
    • Shreksual encounters - Sex.
    • Shrekking off - To masturbate, usually over Shrek.
    • Eshrekulate - To ejaculate
    • Farquaad - Troll. So named for Shrek's enemy, the diminutive Lord Farquaad.
    • Green-ray - The favored format of ShrekChan posters on which to watch Shrek.
    • Swamp - The area where one lives.
    • Dreck - Something Shrek most definitely is not and, if you think so, it's all ogre fer you, laddie.


    It's All Ogre About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    ShrekChan death

    In 2014, the site died due to the increase of shitposting and the unrelevance Shrek memes had at the time, also because the site was a shit. The admin decided to create a new chan based on pigs instead: Pigchan. Visiting Pigchan is forbidden in Qurans, so its sandnigger free.

    See Also

    • Shrek - the big guy himself
    • Scotland - Where Shrek lives.
    • CaptAWB1 - A guy whose mom was killed by Shrek.
    • Sir Billi - Another animated film with Scottish characters that inexplicably failed a bit harder than Shrek.
    • /s4s/
    • Shrek
    • Pigchan - Its sucessor

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