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ShotaCat vectorized big.png

Shotacat is to shotas as Pedobear is to lolis. Unlike Shota Tiger, Shotacat only has a fixation with young boys. All male CP are belong to him.

Fun facts

  • Shotacat is the most well known pedopal other than pedobear.
  • Pedobear is sometimes incorrectly used in shota threads.
  • Posting a picture of Shotacat in /b/ is liek sending the bat signal to batman, except shotafags respond with heavy male child model pics.
  • Posting shotacon in a Shotacat thread is strictly forbidden, IRL only.
  • Unlike Shotacat, Shota Tiger is the mascot of straight shota, because an older woman who prefers sexual relationships with younger men is euphemistically called a "Cougar".


Where My Boys at? About missing Pics
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