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    Shooby Taylor, AKA The Human Horn, is by far the most talented and innovate musician the world has ever known. Never has one man singlehandedly changed the course of music as we know it more than Shooby. His trademark style of completely reinventing the lyrics and/or melody of popular compositions with his virtuosic pioneering scat singing, essentially and without question improving it immeasurably, has ensured Shooby the reputation as a musical genius seldom rivaled in the musical world. His repertoire covered and combined nearly every genre of music: Jazz, rap, gospel, country and even classical music .

    A brief analysis of his scat rhymes quickly reveals the genius of Shooby Taylor:

    Poppy poppy poppy poppy poppy poppy poppy poppy


    Shwee, daw, Shraw law law wee, weet, doo saaw, Shraw, law law, haw


    Shoo soo sah, shoo soo swah, shoo voo plah, doo doo rah


    Bim, soo-di-lee dee-buh-lah-bay diddle-ay doat-und vee-bah Bim, doodle-ay deedle-lah-bay, soodle-ay doo-dah-laht-nn Dwin-shoodle-ay-doo-goo-la, dwin-shoodle-ay-doo-goo-la Bim, doo-bah-lah-odel-doo-bah-lah-bah-doo-buh-luh-buh-doo-bah-lah-bah


    Ho, ho, ho, ho!! So, ho, ro, ho!! DO-O-OH, ho, ho droh, foo-dah-lay-pah!!!


    When Shooby first emerged into the public spotlight his musical ideas were soo new and soo radical that the general public was not ready to accept him. Audiences who heard him were unable to grasp his musically phonetic innovations, declaring them to be random garbles of ebonics and Bix Nood, and were quickly driven to booing and rage. The highlight of Shooby's career came and went at the Apollo Theatre where a Shooby's groundbreaking performance drove the audience into a rage normally reserved for Andy Kaufman.

    The American equivalent of 'Live at the Apollo'

    However, thanks to the emergence of the tubes, Shooby's talents have finally been recognized and has thus respawned into the musical god we know and love. Unfortunately, and of 2003, Shooby is no longer among us to witness his expanding popularity. As for his influence on music one need only listen his recordings and then compare them to that of todays more popular music stars; Susan Boyle is one such example (or anyone who has appeared on American Idol). Go ahead. See for yourself.


    Shooby Taylor fansite, complete with bio and recordings

    Link The list of free recordings located in said fansite

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