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Shoe0nHead = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Makeup helps. A lot.
Super hot? Not crazy? Careful dude, you're dealing with a Tranny!
Still as much attention whore as she was 10 years ago
Were you looking for Boxxy ? - We understand, we can't tell them apart either
Were you looking for the shitty meme "Put Shoe On Head" ? - Why? Is it 2006 again?
Were you looking for our own ShoeOnHead ? - Again, why?

June La Porta/June Lapine is YouTube Favicon.png like a 30 year old boxxy wannabe with even less common sense, a bigger ego and a free-for-all pussy, who occasionally makes uninteresting videos with some of the worst editing you have ever seen. She tried to make a spin-off of the shitty That 70's Show, but it was somehow less successful than the original. Probably because it had worse acting and no production value as it was just filmed in June's parents home.

No one likes her or cares about her but they still treat her nice because they feel guilty for fapping to her pictures all the time. Most people found her to be very attractive until they found out she's a coalburner. That's right, the race traitor herself is getting her anus plowed out by niggers 24/7 when not on cam, and probably a good bit of time on cam when not on youtube. After this people tried to repent for fapping to her by becoming trannies who ironically also got pounded in the ass by black men, in the same room as shoe0nhead by the same nigger (because all niggers are gay).

An attention whore of the highest caliber, everything she does is done to pander to the beta virgin anti-feminist crowd. Naming herself after an old meme, copying boxxy's look, her clickbait video titles and thumbnails, parading her tiny tits around, and her edgy anti-feminist opinions were all calculated acts done in order to net her the highest possible amount of Youtube jewgold. The saddest part is that it totally worked, as she now has over 400k subs.

Armoured skeptic and shoe0nhead by spookypandagirl.jpg
This is probably the gayest shit you will ever see.

Shitty YouTube Vids

June's parents creating June
What Shoe0nHead really wants

Shoe0nHead's biggest only contribution to the world is producing shitty YouTube videos that makes fun of angry feminists on the rag. Her videos consists of multiple jump cuts as this is the only way this slut bag could entertain her viewers, besides showing her tiny tits, as this dumb bitch literally has nothing of worth to say, ever. Recently she has begun collaborating with her newly found Canadian faggot sugardaddy, aka ArmouredSkeptic (Gregg), who actually pays her in sugar in exchange for crappy blowjobs. Their videos are them trying so hard to be the next RedLetterMedia but despite June looking like the lovechild of Rich Evans and Rich Evans, there is just none of the things that make RedLetterMedia watchable. For instance jokes. Instead it is just memes without any context, in order to fool their idiotic fanbase consisting of 14 year olds into believing they are actually funny. They are not.

A literal wannabee boxxy

Back in 2011 before she became known as shoe0nhead, she actually did a full on word-by-word lipsync one-take impersonation of one of boxxy's videos. People being the retards they are thought she was actually boxxy.

the resemblance is uncanny.


Hope you lonely fucks enjoyed jerking off to a baldie.

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trichotillomania is a pretty rare disorder. it's an obsessive compulsive habit to pull hair out of your head (or body) from the root. it's a bit like a stronger nail biting habit put there by our ancestors need to groom themselves (pretty interesting).

it's been known to affect mostly women and starts at the ages 9-13 (puberty) and is triggered by intense depression or stress. i've had trich since i was 12 years old. i didn't tell my parents i was the one who was making my hair "fall out"and causing all those bald spots, i was too embarrassed to say it was myself doing it. because what the fuck? what a crazy and random thing to do to yourself. i was embarrassed and confused. i was sent to all different doctors and even had a biopsy done on my head (why the fuck wouldn't i just tell them it's me? i want to strangle 12 year old june). eventually my parents caught on when my mom caught me pulling out strands of my hair and they learned what trich was.

by golly was that the cherry on top of being already bullied relentlessly in school. for the next 3 years i wore bandanas and headbands to my classes, would have them yanked off of me, had people start rumors i had lice that ate my hair and i had cancer (WHY THE FUCK ARE KIDS SO EVIL WHO THE FUCK WOULD MAKE FUN OF SOMEONE WITH CANCER THIS MAKES ME LAUGH SO HARD NOW FUCK) i was incredibly envious of girls who had hair. who could style it. curl it. color it. i wanted bright purple hair so fucking badly. i wanted to streak it and wear it in braids. i wanted to look awesome and have fun and feel like a girl but i couldn't because my stupid idiot self had a weirdass disorder. some days were worse than others, i'd lock myself in the school bathroom and just rip chunks of hair out refusing to go to class. it was a shitty cycle. the more depressed and stressed i got the more hair i pulled out. the more hair i pulled out the more depressed and stressed i got.... years ago i would have never ever fucking told anybody about my trich. if they asked what was wrong with my hair i would say i burned some off by accident. if they asked if i was wearing a wig i'd absolutely deny it. today i just flat out tell them i wear wigs and i have a disorder. people always think it's cool and go "wow that must be nice to just change your style every day!", and it's true it is, (fucking expensive as fuck like $700-$20000 a wig expensive but whatever i guess it's better than being bored with one style?) people are sweet. i've grown to not care and embrace it. i feel comfortable telling the internet this now. years ago i couldn't fucking imagine telling thousands of strangers something like this but it feels good. Dr. Feels Goodman.

women and men are constantly complimenting my hair and telling me how beautiful and perfect it is. girls always ask where i get it cut or what products i use. it's not awkward to tell them i wear a wig but they're always disappointed. the compliments are so sweet. yeah it's not my real hair, but after years of feeling like fucking golem it makes me want to cry every time.

which leads me to the meat of this rant.

Battle versus MRAs

Having never heard of not biting the hand that feeds you, June made another blunder, when she accidentally remarked that MRAs are just as idiotic as feminists. While that actually true, if MRAs aren't the dumber lot, this of course upset all of the easily offended MRAs.

June Alienates Her Alt-right Audience with her Tranny Friend


June thinks pedophiles merely enjoy a "side kink"

Of course someone who happens to be in a DD/LG relationship finds pedophilia to be "pretty fucked". Along with the fact she thinks all pedos are straight and don't bugger boys too. Also thinks that anime is the antidote and not the cause.

Evidence of June being a degenerate coalburner

She really does not like this being brought up, and will often delete/block anyone that mentions it. I wonder whether it was because if you burn the coal, you pay the toll, and that she learnt not to racemix.

It also led to this great meme due to her tranny white-knighting:


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