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    Even pod-people aren't immune to this phenomenon

    A shitlord is any cisgendered white male who fails to conform to the brave new world of sucking the dicks of Internet trannies, Internet "women", and various other white devils with no life and an Internet connection. Shitlords must be constantly reminded that it is the current year, which renders their opinions, values, and beliefs objectively wrong. Before the Internet, such people were called "politically incorrect", or... you know, free.

    This used to be a stock insult aimed especially at GamerGaters, but like blacks with the word nigger, they adopted it as a compliment.


    Once upon a time, a modicum of technical capability was necessary to access the Internet, a skill that is not taught in "gender studies", African-American studies, and most non ITT colleges. This all changed with the introduction of cellular telephones with built-in Internet, and with the advent of Web 2.0. Now that the technical barrier is eliminated, even the most idiotic nobodies with an opinion to espouse can find an audience... usually of other overly opinionated nobodies. The only remaining barrier was that smug self-righteousness can not be conveyed without face to face interactions, for non-verbal communication such as facial expressions and body language. Internet pros know that "if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit", a maxim that was discovered by the crew of plebs that would come to be known as SJWs. This protip led to the discovery that made up words allows even the most unoppressed armchair activist to get the asspats they crave without the inconvenience and cyberbullying of IRL interaction. Here are some examples of other words and word phrases made up by warriors for social justice to convey the very important opinions of Tumblr tranny trash:

    Traits of shitlords

    By dint of sheer malevolence, a shitlord performs actions or adheres to facts that any given person with less privilege finds disagreeable. He may be a fatphobe by declining to have sex with obese women, or he could desire to have sex with obese women, thereby fetishizing them and reducing them to sexual objects. He could manspread by sitting in a way that does not crush his testicles while on a crowded subway leaving little room for a woman to sit, or he could brazenly imply she is too weak to endure the minor discomfort of standing by offering her his seat. He may well be an enemy of feminism by refusing to speak out in favor of it, or he could cravenly co-opt the ideology for himself by speaking on behalf of feminism when there are plenty of intelligent women to do so who clearly do not require or indeed appreciate his interference.

    Where to find shitlords

    Shitlords can be found all over the Internet. They used to be called "netizens", but this term was deemed exclusionist, so some deep thinker took all the effort you would expect to come up with a new term for "white boy". Shitlords can be found in the following dens of exclusion:


    Even Stephen Colbert should become a non-white non-male non-cisgendered POC

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