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Shit Bricks

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Okay there's some stairs.. which lead down to wa- OH MY FUCKING GOD I JUST SHAT BRICKS
(I still don't fucking get it.) (How about you try looking down before you take the first step?)

Shitting Bricks

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When Do I Shit Bricks?

Shitting bricks was, for a long time simply a common IRL catchphrase. It is so resplendent in inanity that it has crawled its way onto the internet and become the basis of many image macros that contain something shocking or scary that is not always immediately evident. The most common usage is "when you see it, you will shit bricks". Within the internet, once you have seen the scary or shocking thing that was not immediately evident, the time has come to shit bricks.

When Should I Not Shit Bricks?

  • If bricks is spelt brix - exceptions only in extreme circumstances.
  • If the only thing you are supposed to be shitting bricks to is a random black person in frame.
  • If it took you less than half a second to see what you should be shitting bricks at.
  • If a meme is being depicted by the macro.
  • If it is simply not shocking or scary.


A Mindfuck set-up macro.

Another variant is the Mindfuck shit bricks post, where OP will post a seemingly innocuous image in which something of a brick shitting nature may or may not be concealed. The thread will then degenerate into a guessing game of sorts as posters respond with their best guess as to what it is in the picture that would cause the shitting of bricks. Most of the time, however, there is no it and the thread will be overrun with "I'm not seeing it" posts which -in turn- leads to a nasty case of shit brick constipation.

Inside Details

Yet another variant is hidden things not thought about or realized. For example, "a gym in Pokémon Crystal has the design of a Clefairy", "path trails in Hyrule Field protect you from skeletons, a carry-over from The Adventure of Link" or "a level design in Super Mario Bros. 3 is based on Japan". Brick-shitting facts like these don't always have to be vidya game-related. For another example, Back to the Future Part II is full of foreshadowing to Part III. When Biff is in the tub in 1985, he is watching a Clint Eastwood film. Again, in 1985, the video that is a documentary of his life makes mention of Buford "Madd Dog" Tannen.

How To Shit Bricks Right Now

  • "Vader" is dutch for "Father."
  • Silent is an anagram for listen
  • In every Zelda game, there are always two platforms adjacent to each other called Spectacle Rock. This is always present in either the interior or the exterior of Death Mountain.
  • Amateur video game designers made GoldenEye. It is very RARE for a game to be successful with such an inexperienced team.
  • The Simpson family in The Simpsons are all named after Matt Groening's family, except for Bart whose name is an anagram for brat.
  • Alucard is Dracula spelled backwards.
  • Santa is an anagram of Satan.
  • The bushes in the original Super Mario Bros. are actually recolored clouds.
  • Moby Dick is a sperm whale
  • The cities of Earthbound are Onett, Twoson, Threed, and Fourside.
  • The word bed looks like a bed.
  • "Strap-on" spelled backwards is "No-parts".
  • Tails's (of Sonic fame) full name is Miles "Tails" Prower, as in Miles-per-hour.
  • Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres!
  • Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno!
  • Ekans (snake pokemon) is snake spelled backwards. Its evolved form Arbok sounds like cobra backwards!
  • In FFXII, the only place that sells ninja gear its Balfonheim port, a pirate town ...
  • The Bible makes no mention of Adam and Eve eating an apple, only that it was a fruit.
  • "If U Seek Amy" = "F-U-C-K Me"
  • 1+3+3=7


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