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Sheneequa Turns Four

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Some time in May, 2006, this fair Wiki was graced with the presence of the beloved Sheneequa. In May, 2010, Sheneequa (obviously feeling teary eyed and nostalgic) treated the peanut gallery on the ED Forums to a brief incredibly over-long history of Encyclopedia Dramatica through her eyes.

So grab yourself a warm cup of coffee, slip on those comfy slippers and prepare yourself for an analytic, historical and retrospective posting from one of this wiki's oldest and most honourable members.

Atomic.gif Warning!
Altering any of Sheneequa's text (even Sheneequa herself) is a bannable offence, so don't even fucking think about it.


I made my first edit May 29, 2006. It was a time when ED was small, Krade, Riboflavin, and Jacknstock were the only sysops, and the Main Page was manually updated by the latter.

I got sysops about 8 days after I joined, as I was a tow sysop and I knew how to undo a bunch of vandalism when no one was around. I was sysopped thru MySQL, and as such I'm one of two sysops who never appear in the log. I have to say, I have really enjoyed the lack of autism at ED as compared to TOW. TOW's user talk drama got pretty hold. Of course drama occurs at ED, but I can generally laugh at it. I mean it's the fucking internet. Oh, probably worth mentioning that I vandalized ED in 2005 when I was TOWtastic.

Not very long after I was opped, Jacknstock, the main force on ED at the time, decided to ban girlvinyl's husband. It should be known that said girlvinyl's husband (dylan aka crayolacrime aka rubberduc, the one who MySQL'd me in) already hated jacknstock for being a controlling moron who banned everyone and irritated sysops until there was just him, krade, and ribo left. Riboflavin would invent rainbow blinkies on jacknstock's userpage to remember this instance.

After this, banaan, bastardman, wkd and ntg85 would all come back. They'd all get sysops from gv in order to stimulate the wiki, even though the former two were ex sysops who caused DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING supposedly as a protest against jacknstock. Probably my favorite thing to come out of this gang of four was Bastardman writing Uncyclopedia as a parody page, still the finest parody on ED. Also banaan was 17 and dutch, WKD was an angry New Zealander on dialup, and ntg85 is a gender queer McDonald's worker.

My first article was Taurin Fox, my first major article was probably P-p-p-powerbook!, which I'll discuss later.

Thedreadedkettle would be sysopped shortly after myself, same with paco. Along with Einsidler I had my first ED clique. Blu Aardvark was also opped around this time, a noted Wikipedia vandal. Blu and I both used our mediawiki autism (his autism a bit more literal) to improve the Main Page quite a lot, including adding future scheduled articles.

Girlvinyl built a sysops mailing list and recommended irc on the bantown network at this time. I came in about 2 days after tosh was ruined by the information that his girlfriend was fisted in the ass for a porno. Fucking hilarious. When I saw tosh mentioned, I linked the penisbird on that was a troll by tosh. Weev banned me from bantown for linking an ancient meme.

Speedycat, iicatsii, and Neurophyre would all come and go. I used to do bel-airs with speedycat when the phenom was new. Looking at it now just makes me cringe. I swear, the bel-air in lilo was hilarious back then. CATS would be another tow convert who has proven to be extremely useful.

The biggening

Perhaps the most impacting wave of sysops ED has had was in September 06, when ODB, Yiri, Tfo, Fuckface and Suckit would get ops. As much as I loved the latter two, they'd eventually fuck off. The former three, however, would become much more well known.

My clique eventually shifted to me, tfo, odb, riboflavin, and occasionally ket. I dunno what happened to ket, but I saw him on the ledger as donating to Wikifur like 4 months ago. Hilarious.

ODB is a 50 year old British drunk drug addict record executive channer whatever the fuck you want. He shot his own thumb on IRC for reasons unknown. He shot up an Armenian car just because he hates Armenia more than anyone I've ever met. As of writing, ODB has the most edits on ED by about 10,000. ED is just what he does, and small recentchanges shit has been his thing. ODB left ED for a three month spurt once I think, but he's generally been the biggest constant on our fair website.

TFO took being a faggot to new levels. I mean this in the positive gay way, not the negative Crapple way. tfo has an archive of his stories. Tfo set up the more you know on the Main Page and I believe was the first bureaucrat to have not seen girlvinyl naked.

Yiri may be the most dramatic sysop we've ever had. He got ops at 17 (which by the way, is not okay these days) and his opping immediately pissed off WKD enough to cause him to be desysopped. Most of you still remember yiri, his downfall would be caused early this year (or maybe late 09) when he went 2 jail irl. He had previously been known for desysopping zaiger, temporarily killing himself (life saved by ED), and also ending vanff.

I haven't mentioned weev yet. Without irc, it's hard to realize how fucking important weev is. I haven't watched any iprophets or fully read the New York Times article involving him, but without even editing he is definitely one of the most important people in preserving ED. Weev and Krade are the only two sysops who have served a longer streak without being desysopped than myself.

Also in September 2006, ED would have the RFJason Craigslist Experiment. This would crash our servers, exponentially increase our traffic in the short run, and even get us mentioned on MSNBC. RFJason was stupid enough to take full credit for the whole thing, and was eventually sued for big bux. This late 06 period saw ED get magnified, and I'd attribute it to several causes. A better run, more sectioned Main Page, Girlvinyl saying we should cover memes and chans, initial involvement in youtube, this RFJason experiment, the active sysops went a long way, and the awesomeness that was #ed.

Entropy came in around this time. She's the longest consecutively serving sysop after krade, weev, and me. She's known for being australianon and I almost got her to own 7chan. Can't remember if this was before or after renzo destroying the site. Also, renzo totally gave me some cash money when I was broke once. This means I've been paid about 100 bucks a year. Nice!

Zionistacat would be the next one opped, she'd be part of the short lived ministry of lol trolling subdivision. She'd be the last one priv'd in 2006.

Wattage Era

Around late 2006, we got our most beloved dead sysop, Wattage. That article explains it better than I can here, but Wattage came in during the hilarious Cyndre and Lilo episodes and would go on to ruin many vloggers. YouTube is best when it's copyright infringing though, don't ya think Viacom? Wattage Era began with PeppermintPatti's whiny video about her cardboard boxes and her seeking attention from fellow youtubers. Argent009, VioletKitty, Gothreaper, Culexor, Crossmack, Pixelbee and many others would attempt to defeat the fat man without a face, and would find 0 success. Pixelbee is suspected dead after choking on a car.

Wattage, Romantic and Eppigy would eventually quit as General Wattagecat decided to follow his religion closer. Mind you, weev and I are both devout Christians. It's a total shame that Wattage had to leave us, and we will always miss him. I could write another 10 paragraphs on Wattage era, but that's already been done in his article.

We'd see Nets (aka Tfo's alterboy) join with his master and cause gay drama, he'd be opped for a short amount of time. Finney would represent lesbians everywhere with her opping. Januszeal would join yiri as a minor with ops, and would eventually piss off ajt (gv's boyfriend) enough to get desysopped over some ddos irc drama. Sokevinsays aka A_RAPE_SPIDER (named after tfo's first major contribution, a spider on a cock that is clearly cumming) would promise to help ajt and sherrod with lulzcon and then never follow through. Ajt would again rage and depriv.

Chankachankaboo, the only sysop to be older than ODB, would join us. She's historically been the only sysop who never gets on irc. But we understand cause I mean she was born before the Beatles formed. She left in 2010 for reasons unknown. Oh yeah, and she invented Offended. Jawsome was also opped around her time and would last a good year before disappearing.

WhiteMystery was opped after Jawsome. WhiteMystery is also in that category of people that ED could not do without. He has the programming skills no one else has, and he's the one that invented MysteryBot. Mind you, MysteryBot taking over small repetitive tasks has caused a lot of h8 from ODB, who will always refer to it as PakiBot. WhiteMystery was sysopped because Girlvinyl loves airheads. I shit you not. But wow it worked out well.

Throughout all this time, #ed was a force. Lurkers would report drama, I'd assign people to start the article, image people would draw up shoops, further poking would occur, and hot drama would be immediately front paged.

Excuse my jumping around (fucking congrats if you've read this far. I'd be surprised if any non sysops gave a shit). It's hard to repeat all the big moments and people from so long ago. It's also worth noting that just about every sysop nomination in these days was by either myself or odb, and just about every arbchat (a favorite of EDiots [a term invented by odb] everywhere was performed by weev or myself.

Pokchu was sysopped at the age of 14. This was a Bad Thing, but we did not know at the time. Eventually, his parents would be threatened with a lawsuit over an article he wrote. Pokchu would leave, making sure to shit talk ED on r9k years later.

Somewhere around this time we had to deal with user registration being terminated. We sysops would chill on irc as randomers would come in and ask for their account. ODB's bragging about making WhiteMystery's account, Zionistacat was the one who made Lmte's.

2007 Continues

Subseven, drunkenlazybastard (dlb), and eppigy would be sysopped on the same day in mid 2007. Subseven might be the most underestimated sysop we've had. He still runs the yahweh clan and is a fucking dox monster. He's also probably the most anonymous admin we have. Dlb hass been around all this time, currently being the only homosexual representative. My favorite dlb moment was his trolling relating to Virginia Tech which would lead to Computer Science III courtesy of Mike Sandy. Eppigy, as mentioned before, was part of General Wattagecat's youtube brigade. Unfortunately, Dave Casey would eventually leave ED for #ed. Always in irc but never doing anything on site. We now tell sysops to avoid eppigy syndrome. Eppigy can still be found on irc, hating on various irc females.

Speaking of Virginia Tech, I remember hearing about it. Riboflavin notably goes/went to VT. First we heard there was a shooting at VT and we were like Lol, ribo. Then we heard the shooter was Asian and we were like hm. Then we heard he was Korean and we OH SHI-'d. Ribo was on IRC tho, and everything was awwright.

Hoveround got sysops 10 days later, he started the abo article that caused so much lols a full 2.5 years later. The last wave of sysops I was present to see was Weatherman, Zenophile808, JailBait, Mori, and Divx-Mongool. I think Divx-Mongool holds the record for shortest sysop period (excluding D-Malice's joke opping) as he wouldnt even make it two weeks before pissing off ajt and getting the boot. Mori wandered off, JailBait has been various levels of active, Weatherman has been subseven Jr, and zenophile was a force in ED until he was doxed and fucked off. Weatherman, Zenophile, Divx and Subseven had filled the void left by Wattage in the war on vlogs.

This wave was in October 07, the next sysop was in Feb 08. February 2008 is when my activity completely dropped off on ED. I think a main reason I left was because IRC was killed off. I've always used IRC as a command center, and even if IRC does lead to eppigy's, it's what forms the necessary teams and communications to not only get anything hilarious done, but to fully appreciate it. One of my favorite #ed moments was probably when Steve Irwin died, and only some tiny Aussie news outlet had reported it. This was before Aus's natl news reported it, before cnn got wind, all that. We already had about 40 shoops made up which were sent everywhere. Many people learned of Steve Irwin's death through an offensive pokemon image rather than from Wolf Blitzer.

Dunno where to put this in this already TL;DR piece, but it's also been nice seeing those from the generation before me. Quasidan has periodically came in and out, Hardvice can occasionally be seen. SchmuckyTheCat still has sysops, representing Seattle with myself.


For whatever reason, I left ED in early 2008. 2008 would lead to Chanology and a drop in activity on site. ODB eventually asked Sherrod to push through a wave of 13 sysops. This was when the phrase senior sysop had to come in as there's never been such a large group getting privs at the same time, and with such few people to overlook them as well. I think about 6 of those 13 are on the disgraced list now, but I'm sure this helped ED's activity. Note that I was not here for all of this, so I can only repeat what I've heard. 2008 would also have the only look back video I wasn't involved in. I tried to come back periodically, and to make that video, but I just flaked out. It happens. Dlb ended up making it.

2009 had the first summer without me since 2005. We'd get these forums among other things.

Return and ED5

I came back in September 2009, just before my irl birthday and as a response to haing plenty of time and seeing raspberry_rush tinker with the old Template:EDGov. Unlike the other times I tried to come back, we had an irc. I had a lot of catching up to do, but I fully expected to be able to come back this time.

Now, usi is a popular acronym, Chris-chan and Offended might be ED's two most popular articles, dan and wit run this lovely forum as well as being two of ED's biggest assets (conservative dan/kazantzakis getting the only write-about-whatever-you-want card on ED as he can write about anything and make it interesting, even if raspberry_rush has to clean up on it, and wit being paranoid irish drunk and liberal), MysteryBot does all the busy work, Riboflavin is long gone and tfo just left when I came back. Zaiger was just killed, and yiri was the self declared "king of irc". Ajt has become much less active, no longer being the bad guy when people were assholes. This itself has left a huge void that weev has somewhat filled. Pink_Poodle has had a complete lock on gaming related shit, and raspberry_rush and killhamster had recentchanges locked down. I eventually took over the Main Page again, and had to deal with #forum being the new active channel. #ed has mostly been killed by it, so now we have a bit more of an individualistic approach. ODB also invented #wiki at some point to get away from the idlers and obnoxiousness of #ed, and #wiki has since been turned into its own, smaller article machine. Also major props @ killhamster, who pretty much left and came back perfectly to avoid my windows of time on ED. He was first opped a month after ED was made, and disappeared shortly before I came back. Then he came back when I disappeared.

I can understand if it was obnoxious to many when I came back. I was a sort of chief of staff back in the day (lol, usi time) and I've more or less been returning to that role. Not really a way to say that without sounding like usi, so I apologize in advance. At one point around October or so, I got severely annoyed by the 40 people on the sysop priv list when the only people I saw editing were rushberry, kh, and myself. This is when I made an obnoxious post yelling at people who had never talked to me before. Shit's lol.

Pollfest was wonderful for ED's fifth birthday. Everythingw as timed out and set up to every autistic detail, and I was trying to show I was serious about returning to ED. This increased EDF's traffic and ED's interactive quotient. As you all saw, Powerbook (which I wrote at girlvinyl's request in 2006) narrowly beat out Chris-chan before noted forum asshole, Cash, would sock it to widen the gap. Powerbook would've won by about 2 votes even without cash's help though. My biggest regret in pollfest was how I didn't time it so chris-chan and powerbook was the final. The powerbook vs. Chris Hansen final was anticlimactic, and powerbook would blow Hansen out of the water.

Dysrhythmia and Challenger would become the first wave of sysops since I came back, both of then 30 year old New Yorkers who have had to deal with school and babies (the first baby born to a sysop in office) respectively.

ED would turn 5, 2009 would end, and a returning cats and I would make the 2009 look back video. We timed the wave of vonranke-alliecat-mungbean to get their ops as ED turned 5. Vonranke had uncyclopedia experience and was the only article writer of the three (perhaps our greatest journalist, especially wonderful as he was in Australia, and 2009 and 2010 have had a lot of Australian/ED bullshit where he has proven himself handy). Alliecat is a checkuser and oversight on Wikipedia, and while Ihave sysops on Wikipedia, the link isn't as public as hers. This has caused some concern among Wikipedia, which I personally find hilarious. She's proven herself to be almost as good as WM with techno shit. She was also the only one of the three to have not come through the forums. She joined kh, rr, and HedgeJew in the recentchanges force. Fapman/mungbean got sysops for probably the dumbest reason since WhiteMystery. He could draw! He never wrote an article or any of that like, but we wanted to make a commitment to the best artist we've ever had. Good thing too, cause just like WM he's shown to have a huge work ethic. When I need something done he's usually the first one I go to.

Speaking of fapbean, I remember remembering wikipe-tan. If they can have a stupid weeb mascot, so can we. And now we had an Asian drawfag to do just that. Fapman answered the call for ae-tan, which has become quite popular among our weebs and pedophiles (which make up about 2/3 of our audience).

2010: 2007 part II

Snitch and Snaisybelle would make up the next wave of sysops. Snitch has always done a bit of everything (gv just likes him as a model I think) and Snaisybelle is in the same class as dan when it comes to writing articles. As an Englisher, the Scottish Grace Saunders would decide to become her archenemy, seeking to ruin her across the internet. No one really understands, but after all, Grace is mentally insane.

As mentioned above, our recentchanges force, which used to be every sysop, contains RR, KH, HedgeJew, and Alliecat when she's around. MysteryBot, of course, means not every sysop is necessary to do this shit. HedgeJew was never able to irc, and when I harassed him to join the party he was worried he "wouldn't fit in". He'd later reveal that he was worried weev would wreck him for being Jewish. Obiously this was ridiculous, and weev himself would teach HJ how to SSL.

After losing yiri, and ajt reducing his ED activity drastically, we were defenseless IRC wise. Krade would throw a fit and he is the new king of IRC. Weev would get similar privs, which has been wonderful for being able to get shit done on the irc side.

Another thing that has been wonderful was discovering the ED Singers, who had been doing songs since 2008. They've been a nice addition to IRC, and now EDS1 runs the EDFacebook (which is a total asset, even if it's annoying) and the EDTwitter, among other things. They were timid, worrying ED hated them. Mad respect has to be given to anyone who puts in this kind of effort though.

The current wave is Lmte and JuniusThaddeus. Lmte's in the sub7 clique, and JuniusThaddeus is our latest OCD wikipedia convert. Hopefully neither of them will fuck it up in the way ByAppointmentTo, Jacknstock, and Zaiger have before them. Thayo also might as well be a sysop, but unfortunately she's not eligible til late 2011 when she's a legal adult. None of that minor shit again.

Something worth addressing is the constant battle between inclusionism and deletionism. I was more of the former on TOW, and with TOW being infinite and all, it got annoying seeing people trying to delete shit I've heard of (including the ED article for the longest time). Over here, I'm still the same. I'm willing to go the extra distance and hold the hands of prospective editors in #wiki among other places, but I can understand those who don't like to see all the crap on ED. I'm still part of the camp that believes we need editors to survive, even if the average article quality drops a little bit, without editors we're fucking nothing. But of course that entire thing is a whole new thesis that I've already argued.

Us oldies really loved 2007, we're hoping 2010 is a return. 2010 has started strong, what with the nation of Australia being trolled. Australia remains strong among ED topics, as their ACMA list promises to ban our website from all its citizens. Blogging about that here would be preaching to the choir though.

So, I'm four. There's my history through ED, or as much as I want to say publicly. I dunno if ED will last forever. Watching Joseph Evers lose shitloads of money gets old for sure. But we've done lots of hilarious shit and we plan on continuing for as long as possible.

I haven't gone through EDF history as much, as my birthday is on ED. But I think most of you know how it goes. Maybe that's a future thread.

That was long as fuck, I apologize. Here's the tl;dr: I want cupcake .jpg's and possibly sesame street themed things. I'm four.

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