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For the disgraced ED sysop, see here.

Info non-talk.png Some website called "bossip" takes issue with this article, neglects to mention how much Sheneequa has done for her community
Her portrait.
Her salary from slave owner Girlvinyl.
Sheneequa's day job
Sheneequa as seen by furfags.
Shoopin' her daily woop.
Sheneequa trolling for sex in a public restroom.

Sheneequa is a name given to OVER 9,000 black females all over the world. Sheneequas are identifiable by their long fake braids that look plastic and their huge asses and boobs that exist since the very same day they were ejected from their mother's chubby vagina. These asses and boobs may make them seem hot at first, but are instantly nullified by the rest of their body, and if you're still not convinced, you will be when you actually see them. Do you really want to degrade your already pathetic cock by putting it into that? Shaneequa, contrary to what she thinks is an ugly, disobedient whore, and does not listen to her husband or respect her partner, has no job or education, and thinks that black men should waste their time trying to tame or "work with" her, and that a "good" handsome 6-foot black man with a stable job (or a maggot with the same qualifications) should become her slave fo' lyfe. Sadly, Black guys and even niggers always shun her so she ends up chasing after the lower rungs of maggots, the trailer trash and maggot shit and rednecks (mo' beer) that even 16 year old maggot whores won't touch with a 10 foot pole and taking more debasing treatment from them than she would get from a black guy, or even a nigger.

Although different, sheneequas are a part of the nigger community and thus share some similar traits. It is a well-known fact that sheneequas, originated from Africa, but unlike maggots who have suffered genetic material loss from their original, robust physical black gene make-up, her evolutionary degradation targeted her brain and now she done lost her mind. One common trait that sheneequas still share with their monkey relatives is the obnoxious way of communication. When they “holla” to their sistahs, they are simply using an evolved form of screaming and incomprehensible language that only they can understand, which roots back to monkeys screaming on tree tops to communicate over large distances.

What is Sheneequa?

Sheneequas (otherwise spelt as Shaniquas) are required to have - at the minimum - 10 children (niglets), all with skin that is blacker than black, all by different fathers. A Sheneequa's daily meal consists of fried chicken, Kool-Aid, Watermelon, fried chicken, grits, fried chicken, collard greens, grape soda, and more fried chicken. Did we mention fried chicken? It is a well-documented fact that all Sheneequas are really just wearing a disguise. Wipe off that make-up and take off the Brillo wig, and you will find Martin Lawrence. However, the Sheneequa who is a sysop of ED isn't so much like that because she is very well spoken.

Sheneequa goes to the prom.

Her name is Sheneequa and wot?

Sheneequa's friends.

Sheneequa Trivia

The beauty of being with child
  • If a Sheneequa is over 400lbs, she is to be renamed "Sha'neequake."
  • A Sheneequa will give her daughter(s) the name, Lalatifa Bonifa.
  • Sheneequas are often poor and have no sense of lulz or dignity.
  • Sheneequas, being black, these fat, ugly, clap carrying, prostitutes are often found in cotton fields, smoking pot and/or crack, eating watermelons and/or deep fried chicken, or scouring city streets looking for sex.
  • Sheneequa can most often be seen: pattin' her weave, gettin' her weave on, ripping Shawonda's weave out during a fight, gettin' her hurr did and her nails done.
  • Occasionally you may come across a large group of Sheneequas, if this happens, make many a loud noise and raise your hands well above your head to scare them off (this tactic is not recommended for use with bears! (in some cases this may incite a fight, the Sheneequa is known to flap about when making a valid argument). One effective strategy whenever facing a Sheneequa is to use lots of big words. Say something like "get back in the field, mindless decadent recalcitrant bitch! You look like feces!" Note however, that such strategy is only effective in self-defense. There is no way a sane and civilized human being will win an argument with a Sheneequa, because whenever a Sheneequa feels opposed, she will call her sistahs to handle your ass.
  • When you find this large group, be careful, some of the Sheneequas may actually be of the subspecies Shawonda. Shawondas are even less effective at getting black cock than Sheneequas, and hang around them waiting for leftovers.
  • Once in a Blue Niggamoon, when all the KFC's align on Friday the Nigrateenth, you may come across a niggette named Sheneequa that has a high paying job. This happens when they fuck or stab everyone on the corporate ladder. It can also happen if a white man in a position of authority (as far as the nigra is concerned, that's pretty much all of them) looks around and sees that there are no black faces on their floor and they may have to hire one just to keep the NAACP out of their asshole.
  • She don't live here no mo'.
  • Sheneequas are most likely related to people known by any of the following names: LaQuanda, Sincere, Shaqueeka, Shanaynay, Cinamin, Treasure, Danita, Shatara, Bunifa, FeeFiFoFum, Rosa Parks, LaLa, Quida, Shanelle LaQuida, Gurrleesha Shynénée LaFrique, ShaQuida, Nykita, or any word combined with the prefix "La", or "Sha"
  • Sheneequa is a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson.
  • For moar information on Sheneequas, or to observe them in their natural habitat, visit the green room at the Maury show.
  • American singer-songwriter Andrew Lee mentions Sheneequa, as well as her friends Ta'Neequa, LaKeesha, and Khaleesha, in his song "Ethnic".

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