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    SheezyArt front page
    Quality control is not a concept that exists.

    SheezyArt is a furry art site which was started by a pair of 13 year old boys, Channel Cat and Spencer, who were annoyed that they couldn't get porn on DeviantART anymore. Its major feature is that, like its audience, it is constantly going up and down and up and down. Recently a switch of hosting services necessitated removing the porn, which led to the creepy furries migrating en masse to FurAffinity.

    Its message boards are even closer to a circle of Hell than the norm because the admins not only allow unfunny trolling but encourage it. This is not a surprise considering the admins only graduated from high school last Thursday.

    The vast majority of the time, SheezyArt is offline due to server or funding problems. Sometimes, you can't post porn, and if your picture contains smoking, blood, violence or nudity, you are required to add a "mature" warning. It's not a surprise that many who originally fled from DeviantART to SheezyArt returned shortly thereafter, when they discovered the crappyness of the new site.

    SheezyArt search has AIDS.

    SheezyArt's search was been closed big time hah hah "Due to AIDS awareness", or something more wappy and not original hah hah. This proves the theory that the Admins oh, veddy solly, indeed lazy fucks who try to be cool (and fail).

    SheezyArt was always, at its molten, throbbing core, a pathetic copy of the popular art website deviantART. The moderators of SA are nothing but prancing Nazis whose sworn duty is to either A) Get free porn for their boss, Channel Cat or B) Make everyone pissed off with their site shutdowns and gay ass site designs.

    As of 2015 it's so defunct the assholes at GoDaddy have seized the domain and filled it with shit. If you must see the turds for yourself, the only choice is Wayback Machine. And they didn't save any of the images or videos. You're not missing shit. [2]

    Average Sheezy emo parody that will get you banned. User Nightmare Nin, without all the animu New account [1].BITCH GOT HER OWN ED PAGE.
    SheezyArt Advertisement

    Ways To Get Banned

    1. Make something funny.
    2. Make something original.
    3. Make something that does not contain a horribly overrated video game character.
    4. Make something not anime related.
    5. If Wonchop feels your teeth, consider yourself fucked.
    6. Be a loli.
    7. You can't.
    8.  ????
    9. Profit!

    Although it's completely useless, it is encouraging to know that even if you do get banned, your entire webspace is still there except for the profile, because Channel Cat is too lazy to make banned users' galleries and journals protected and/or actually gone. All anyone has to do to see a banned gallery and journal is type "/gallery" after the profile page's URL. Oh and you can spam the shit out of those pages with another account, because they still take comments.

    This is what is sent to you when you get a warning from the head furry him self. Yes, the "reason" is a Flash video that doesn't work.

    The Frontpage

    The Frontpage, particularly the 'Today's Masterpieces' section, is an endless fountain of drama, severed cock, and gloriously pathetic fail, especially the Flash section. The idea is that the featured artwork is supposed to represent the wide userbase of Sheezy. Since SheezyArt's userbase consists entirely of emos, furries, and members of the Clock Crew/Lock Legion, however, it only manages to magnify the crap to biblical levels. To see this firsthand, skim through the list of artwork that is in the running for the front page (lol gone). If there isn't at least one piece of artwork Naruto-related per page, you're not on SheezyArt.

    Although the frontpage section used to be whatever art had the most votes, a while ago they cut it up into quarters, to give each particular media a chance to shine;

    Art and Photos: Standard animu fare, more often than not. Fanart, giftart, people dressing up as dolls (lol dead), nothing out of the ordinary.

    Flash: Mostly user IDs, loops, and 'test' flashes. Occasionally, a finished 'masterpiece' pops up, but it's usually a Naruto flash with sound clips from comedians and popular movies (lol fried) more often than not.

    Writing: Emo poetry, fanfiction, original fiction usually involving demons and angels (or things that RESEMBLE demons and angels but totally aren't), and rants, usually about the site.

    Audio: Remixes, some original works, people trying to sing their favorite anime songs, and, of course, rants. Nothing says 'masterpiece' like listening to a 13-year-old_boy or girl flap their gums about how retarded everyone else is acting. There are even rants about ranting, and how everyone else is doing it wrong.

    Front Page History

    Through Sheezy's short history, they've tried a handful of techniques to choose items on the for the front page, each failing in it's own special way.

    Views/Time Ratio

    The original method. Basically, art that had been posted recently and had many views and favorites was in good running to be featured on the front page. While this worked at first, as various Artfags gained popularity, their artwork was viewed much more than others, to the point where it was difficult for the up and coming artist to get her Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist yaoi featured. A change had to be made.

    The Masterpiece System

    The solution was to alter the previous algorithm. Now, instead of views and favorites, all that mattered was the amount of masterpieces the artwork was given. Basically, a 'Masterpiece' was a second button you clicked when adding artwork to your favorites. It looked good on paper; now instead of the same people getting their art featured, everyone had a chance to shine! What could go wrong?

    As it turned out, the biggest enemy of the Masterpiece system was the Sheezy community itself. The system was much easier to 'abuse' than the last one, with art that was lower quality than usual gracing the front page. While the average person could plainly see that trolls had masterpieced the crap work in order to create drama, it didn't stop the uneducated masses from mass commenting "OMFG WHY DID THIS GET FRONT PAGE????!" Many Sheezy Artists made their careers off of churning out various 'The Masterpiece System is Shit' flashes, rants, and pictures.


    Eventually Spencer and Channel Cat cracked, and quickly cut the masterpiece system out of the PHP like a leg with gangrene. And, much like covering up the useless stump with a prosthetic leg, the Yes/No system was ushered in. Basically, it was just the same as the masterpiece system, except instead of hitting the 'Masterpiece' button, you hit the 'Yes' button. Now, however, if you DON'T think something is a masterpiece, you can click 'No', and lower it's standings. Once again, it sounds good in theory, but it's difficult to see if it's truly working at all, as occasionally a new work that has no 'Yes' or 'No' buttons at all will make the front page. It's more than likely that Spencer and Channel Cat just put in some half-working system just to shut everyone up; either way, people started complaining again almost immediately. Whine whine piddle piddle.

    The more retards that click your pick, the more popular you become. They can only thank god that SNAPESNOGGER doesn't have the massive numbers of obese autistic Harry Potter fandom following her there. Or thank god that they can't beat their way out of the paper bag long enough to figure out how it works. D:


    The mods have even posted news bulletins requesting that users cease over-use of the function.

    And that is why you don't let the cows run the butcher shop.

    A new feature has hidden the number of "yes" and "no" votes from view, in a dire attempt to decrease the more than sufficient amount of drama oozing from the cesspools of butthurt furry artists who never make the front page. They lay the blame on fursecution, but never took the time to look at how horrible their "art" is.

    Anime Sucks

    After viewing this animation (sorry, gone) by one 'Inuyashadude', a former member of Sheezy created an account solely to flame him. The account was known as Anime Sucks, and after gaining fame within the site for his frontpaged attacks on anime and its fandom he became a sitewide sensation, writing articles and making flash movies regarding the decay of society and its relation to the Wapanese.

    Regaining his love of writing online, he created another more called 'Kamikaze Tomato', which wrote similarly humorous, but not nearly as controversial articles.

    Anime Sucks was banned after 5 months of flametastic submissions, and Kamikaze Tomato was banned as well despite not being in any way affiliated. Kamikaze Tomato confronted Spencer, the Sheezy Czar, on his banning. The result is as follows:

    Spencer: It doesn’t need to say why you’re banned in the rules. You’re banned. Period.

    KT: On what grounds?

    Spencer: On the grounds that I co-own the site, and you do not.

    KT: That's a fact, yes, but not exactly an explanation on what you consider me doing wrong

    Spencer: I'm not going to argue it with you, or humor you with a circular debate while you seek out a loophole.

    Spencer: You're banned.

    KT: I'm not seeking a loophole, it's right there

    KT: The size of Montana that loophole is

    Spencer: Then talk to your lawyer.

    KT: I was told to follow rules, then was given rules to follow, then was banned despite following them

    KT: And I only want to know why.

    KT: I see clearly that I'm not being unbanned anytime soon, but I'd like to know why I'm being banned if I followed the rules I was presented with

    Spencer: if you don't expect/want your account back then why bother? You're wasting my time.

    KT: I bother because nobody has given me any solid reason why I've been banned in accordance to the rules

    KT: And that's troubling

    Spencer: Then be troubled.


    After the ban of Kamikaze Tomato, the Terms of Service on Sheezy were edited dramatically to prevent another such event from occurring, the event being that Kamikaze Tomato hated the wapanese and idiocy in general.

    Terms of Service and Code of Civility

    The front page had "community announcements" that were worse than useless....

    One thing to note in SheezyArt is their civil unrest, for those bastard admins are only out for themselves. One user in particular, Aoi Shoudo, "The People's Lawl Martyr," brought out a lot of contradictions in their administration, causing his douchey self and douchey friends to get slapped with a banstick. For example, their vagina monger and proud Guest Service Director Deathie quotes "The internet isn't in America" yet in their third revision of the Terms of Service state how legal action will be enforced under California law. But any real genius knows that California never belonged to America in the first place, and that everyone takes the SA admins very seriously in their threats.

    Many instances proceeded the legendary banning of Mr. Shoudo which exposed the higher power of fur fag city, but it seems that people would rather stroke themselves in their own ignorance.

    Ragnarok Online Server

    Mainly consisting of members from the Lock Legion, the SheezyART Ragnarok Server (Formerly known as CCRO now with new name OakRO and owner, Dia Lock) was a shit server which was hosted in Channel Cat's kitchen, run by a British faggot known as Darkstrider. Being British, he couldn't run a server. Channel Cat couldn't either as he was too busy yiffing with his boyfriend, Wade Fulp. Eventually, the server crashed one morning when Channel Cat was trying to grab a coffee. He spilt it all over his server and Channel Cat cried out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MY COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!"


    Recently, or 2 years ago according to channel Kitten and Spade(Spencer) Decided it would be just keen to shove another black dildo up the people of sheezyart's collective sore ass with a brand new subscription feature. They gave the people of SheezyArt ample warning, but as they were from sheezyArt, they were too busy drawing Naruto fancharacters fucking than bother listening to any important information.

    About half a year beforehand, the decided they would give their members AWESOME NEW FEATURES THAT WOULD MAKE THEIR LIVES TOTALLY EASIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Those features included;

    • A new commenting system that would lag any computer that was unable to run Crysis
    • Private journals and artwork, because honestly, when you submit your art to a public art site, no one should be able to view it.
    • A new front page so that even more Naruto fanart and Little Einstein child porn can rape your innocent eyes.
    • A popular journals section, so that all the drama a man can ask for would be within their reach
    • Swift and merciless unsolicited bannings.

    When these features were given out, Channel Kitty made a point to say that they were only there temporally until they would implement their Subscription fan. Again, because it was Sheezyart, the people there were too busy sucking Tom Preston's cock as he unveiled his newest sexist Nintendo fanart.

    Time passed, and the Private Journals were exploited, often leading to them appearing in front page popular section, unable to be accessed, cause Channel Kitty and Spencer were too full of themselves to notice that fuck up.

    The ones that did not remain private, were laughed at by members and trolls alike. Furries attempting to kill themselves due to fanart dipicting her boyfriends Sonic fancharacter and another members Sonic Fancharacter next to each other were met with jeers and people egging her on to "JUST DO IT!"

    Drama in Sheezyart was more accessible than ever thanks to these revolutionary changes. Bans were handed out to the deserving and undeserving. Porn was spammed across their Immaculate front page (It took them at least 4 hours to figure out something was wrong) and Private break ups were made public spectacle.

    After spending alone time with his new girlfriend, Kylee Henke, Channel Kitty decided it was time to implement the subscriptions. His other lover, Spencer was apparently unable to pay the bills even with the shit load of extra ads they decided to spatter onto every page in the site. After Receiving a sound beating and pleaing for his life, Spencer had enough time to run home and tell his cumbucket "JUST DO IT, GAWD!" And with a quick doodle from the Behemoth Kylee, the Subs were in place.

    The additional features that are absolutely worth the price include;

    • Drawing on comments. Now you can spam poorly drawn pictures of black people on artwork rather than just repeating "Niggers" a million times.
    • Those privacy features that were free, prepare to pay for them
    • Automatic Kiribans, for the Weeaboo Kawaii desu to award you shiny doodles of traced art of traced art.

    Making another news announcement unveil it, Sheezyart understood this as a time to once again, bitch about everything They've yet to fix, and in a fit of either desperation or Annoyance, they decided to make a another announcement so people can give the same suggestions they've been screaming at them for months. A few more people left the site, and the world couldn't care less.

    Other Notable Fuckwits

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