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If you are looking for people who mindlessly conform, see Mundanes.

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Sheep (Ovis aries) are commonly found in New Zealand and Wales. Sheep also constitute the entire population of Wyoming, half of Montana, and small cults throughout Ohio. When sheep and humans mingle, sex frequently occurs because sheep are slutty and seldom say no.

Some people are not entirely satisfied with vanilla sheep sex and prefer to spice up their love lives with a bit of kink. Exotic human/sheep sexual practices include bondage and even the wearing of fursuits during copulation.

Sheep Thrills:
Hoof cuffs and shearings and six teat bikinis,
Shiny Chrome cages to lock on your weenies,
fetish and beasties and 6 nipple rings, 
These are a few of my favorite things...

All Alone And Feeling Ewe

Rarely, sheep-fuckers are rejected by their ewes and must turn to artificial aids. Fortunately, the internets is there to fulfill their needs.

"It was the best sex I ever had, I swear! This RealSheep feels better than a real lamb!" - Howard Stern
  • RealSheep Sex Toys: "Lamb Chop's face is SO beautiful and her breasts are AMAZING! How do you do that?! I can't keep my hands off her!"
  • Dolly The Inflatable Love Sheep: "Though not pictured, there is a nice sized opening in Dolly's hind end meant to hide a few things or just keep your spare change in there and dream of the day when you can become a farmer."

Seeking Help

Occasionally, a sheep-lover will have a moment's doubt about the sanity of his fetish. In that troubled time, forums or animal communities are the best places to find informed, sensitive counseling.


"I voted for George W. Bush! Fuck me!"

Voters are often referred to as sheep because they are furry, stupid, and prone to running off cliffs because the other sheep did it. A Google search for "voters+sheep" indicates this insult is used in over 9000% of political conversations.

"Sheep" as Described by the Batshit Insane

The term sheep is applied by members of many of the crazier internet communities to describe normal people. They refer to the non-insane as sheep or sheeple because these communities are conformist masses who all think the same way, blindly follow their community leaders without question, and are threatened by anyone who doesn't live like they do. For this reason those who don't agree with them are referred to as sheep.

Supporters or creators of conspiracy theories are notorious for applying this title to fucking anyone, including skeptics, believers of other conspiracy theories, or anyone who asks questions they don't have an answer to. If you don't believe that JEWS DID WTC, you are a sheep.

Jew Sheep

Many Jews are also sheep.

Killer Sheep

Around the globe, rumors of killer sheep have been circulating. Be vigilant, be prepared.

Peta Sheep

All petards are sheep. No exceptions, not even the animal rights activists that claim to hate Peta.

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