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    SheWolf = infected with GOTIS
    You can help by not giving her any attention.

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    Public Information Research

    [get doxeddrop dox]

    I agree, I wish the whole site was taken down. Unfortunately, like you said, that is not a plausible thing.

    But, we can start somewhere, we can try and make some kind of change.


    Keiha, disfiguring her pure aryan body in an attempt to ward off males.

    SheWolf (or just Keiha Danaher) is a perfect example of a woman that has gone misguided in a liberal society, without a pure white American man to keep her in line. Actually believing that women should have rights is just one of her several corrupted views on reality, the rest being divided among her various interests in the furry and anime fandoms, along with general attention whoring. After years of hard labor, she eventually elevated to C-class internet celebrity status after setting up numerous Tumblr accounts for the purpose of sexually exploiting underage, bi-curious girls. Ironically, she is an outspoken critic of classic American heterosexual relationships, and believes that less-than-consensual intimate relationships between a man and woman are none more than the work of the devil (or whatever the hipster equivalent is).

    In her own words

    Oh the prototypical MySpace angle
    Keiha, pronounced kee-uh.

    I’m a 24-year-old hypersexual, bisexual, demiromantic, cisgender woman. Is that too confusing?

    I believe in Secular Humanism and Minarchism.

    I’m a Feminist and an activist - I mostly post about LGBTQ*, gender, sex, patriarchy, and racism issues. I’m also an avid gamer, bibliophile, tattoo enthusiast, lover of music and Nerd. So you’ll see a lot of that too.

    This blog is NSFW because I do post nudity.

    I am a person with certain privileges, if you see me overstepping boundaries with those privileges do not hesitate to call me out.


    Quotes of interest

    Of course, it is also highly likely that no man would ever touch that with a 10 foot pole
    I would really like to meet non-racist, non-homophic, non-judgmental people who don't tell rape jokes or feed into rape culture for once.


    Can't a girl drunk a rum and orange juice drink without spilling it all over herself ever time? Seems not.


    —Sharing her alcohol addiction with the world

    I have no issue with exploiting myself for fans on Tumblr, but a few rape jokes written by 13-year-old 4chan users just cross the line!

    Just downloaded and watched Miss Representation and I think it's important for everyone - women and men - to see it. It's a documentary about how women are represented in mainstream media today. It also talks about the pressures we put on women and men with ridiculous gender roles/stereotypes.


    —Irony much, little Miss Cleavage-In-All-My-Profile-Pictures?

    So much annoyance with people today. Stop being racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, anti-choice, anti-equality jerks!



    I also wish people would stop being ableist, slut-shaming, body policing, rape cultured jerks.


    Effeminate does not = gay. Masculine does not = lesbian. Get over your stereotypes and your homophobia



    Moar info: Rape.
    Clearly asking for it

    During one of her many sessions of Googling rape "victims" sob stories in order to post "i am sooooooooo sory, i kno how u feel :("-like comments on any LJ profile that would likely post a link to one of her Tumblr/Twitter/other web 2.0 bullshit accounts, she discovered the ED article on rape. This being the first time her naive, bigoted mind viewed a factual source, Keiha was instantly shocked and appalled that someone would dare exercise their freedom of speech in a satirical manner. Thus, she started a petition to have the page removed, failing to realize that no amount of signatures from her e-friends could result in the page being taken down.

    Why This Is Important

    Encyclopedia Dramatica has made and allowed it's users to add to a page dedicated to the encouragement of rape.

    The page is rife with messages about condoning rape as well as explicit info on HOW to rape. Not only is this inexplicably inappropriate, it is also a potentially huge harm to our society as it gives out tactics on how to commit rape and attempt to get out of legal repercaussions.

    This website claims that everything they write is for a joke, yet their joking poses a very real threat to everyone.

    This is the website page please beware that it contains graphically violent words, images and video -


    This is some of it's content regarding rape and tactics on how not to get caught -


    Please sign this petition to have the page removed, this is vital to our safety.

    Rape is not a joke.


    Her reasoning

    I didn’t say you couldn’t start a petition to go after the rest of the site, I never even said there were rules?!

    What I’m saying is that is what I am doing and what I have started with because this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this website and only because of that article.

    So what I am starting with and going after, is this.

    Please, feel free to go after other pages if you feel so inclined. Or anyone else, if they want to, please go for it, I will gladly sign.

    I’ve never said it was cool that they leave everything else up, you’re putting words in my mouth. In fact, everything else they have up [at least what I’ve read, but I couldn’t read too much cause it’s all very triggering] is detestable to me.

    But I feel the best way to go about it, is by tackling this one issue I was confronted with. And that is because that is what I feel I can handle and maybe have the slightest bit ability to accomplish, because I feel that trying to go after the whole site in one petition won’t work.

    Do you not think it is teaching people not to hate by informing them of rape culture and that websites like ED exist? Do you not think that by petitioning to get rid of disgusting “humor” like this is not a step toward that?

    BTW: When I said “We” in my commentary, I didn’t mean everyone. I meant me and a couple other people helping me put this together who feel the same.


    Comments on the petition

    Exploiting women is bad, look at my tits now plz

    This site is seriously THE single-handedly most disgusting thing I've seen all year. If sites that teach you how to make bombs can be shut down to protect people then why shouldn't sites that teach you how to harm women/people be shut down too? Books have gone on sale with how to make certain weapons and as soon as you buy them, you're being watched by the government/its illegal (supposedly). So why isn't a site that teaches something illegal shut down also? A good arguement would be that it wouldn't have any real effect but every step counts. Even if just one person is spared from being raped we'd/I'd have done our job.


    Rape is not funny; my rape certainly wasn't. Making "jokes" like this does not minimize the pain and suffering of survivors, whatever gender their may be. It reminds them that society does not take them seriously and lets society think it will never have to.



    While we're at it, can we take down the entire site? It's a haven for trolls to pick on oppressed groups.


    there are limits. this is beyond any. it crosses every boundary of decency. it contains hate speech, encourages violence, and is a how-to for rape & murder. there is nothing of value here. this is indefensible.


    This page is extremely offensive and hurtful to all victims of sexual abuse. Rape is in no way a joke, and the entire page is in no way funny. It sickens me to know that people in our society can make fun of a problem that is so harmful and prevalent.


    Tumblr Drama

    SheWolf vandalizes ED's Asking for it article, despite warnings from her peers

    Knowing she had an arsenal of 16-year-old girls to back her in her journey to take down ED (although most of them were blackmailed into it on the grounds that she wouldn't sell their nudes on a .onion), Keiha continued to make a huge ass of herself by spouting liberal bigotry to every sane minded person that dared argue with her. More over, while she had the chance to learn from every comment that pointed out that ED is a satirical website, and she will only enable the lulz, she chose to shake her e-fists with rage and rant some more about how freedom of speech is just not fair.

    The internet's verdict on her faggotry

    Sane people

    If she truly "did not give one shit" then none of this would have happened, gg feminists.

    This is pointless. Do you think, anyone, ever, successfully petitioned ED too remove anything? Every time someone goes and tells them that something on the site is offensive, they’ll plaster it on every page, start spamming elsewhere, and tracking down the complainers. Hell, they might post it on YOUR blog. They have hackers. Skilled ones. They’ve infiltrated better guarded places than tumblr blogs.

    Why? Because they’re trolls. That’s what they do. Telling them you’re offended tells them they’ve succeeded. There really isn’t any other option than ignoring them/reporting illegal content to the police.

    If you’ve never been to ED before, I’ll give you a rundown: if the page isn’t offensive, it’s not an ED page. Racism, sexism, gore, all that and more. Trying to remove that from it is like trying to remove bad reasoning from Libertarians.


    Not that I don’t agree with this, but pretty much the entirety of Encyclopedia Dramatica is offensive or disgusting in some way, shape, or form (misogynistic, racist, ableist, sizeist, images of extreme gore, what have you) so I don’t… I don’t know. Just sayin’, I guess… :/


    I support their right to say it because when we start telling people what they can and cannot say on their own websites, where does the line get drawn? You can’t be relativist where the law is concerned. And look at you, you’re picking and choosing, right now, about what content you’re getting mad about on this site. So you want the rape page removed, but the nigger page can stay? The page making fun of people with learning disabilities can stay? The page supporting child suicides can stay? In theory, they all endorse hate. Why is one worse than the others? Just because you feel like it?


    Look, if there’s a place that’s not worth spending your time it’s Encyclopedia Dramatica. I would highly recommend pointing your efforts elsewhere, perhaps at a place not largely populated by the scummier bits of 4chan.


    lol this person doesn’t understand satire. Please sign this petition and tell her how funny you think rape jokes are. It’s funny because she thinks people are actually signing it, but 99% of the sigs are from us. Lets see if we can get it to 10,000 signatures so she can see how little effect online petitions have and that no matter how many signatures you get, an online petition will never change a fucking thing ever.



    The unfortunate thing is, nothing will happen if you try to reason with them. It is essentially the 4chan version of Wikipedia. The page sucks, really. I was a little upset while reading it.

    But the person is right, the only thing that will happen is you’ll get your own little mention in the article, or other articles or get your very own page.


    —She didn't stop, And now she got her own article

    White knights

    If only a strong man with firm hands would intervene and keep the bitch in her place.

    Please take note of the intelligence and depth put into what these fine people had to say


    This page contains explicit instructions on how to commit rape. This is WAAY inappropriate, as well as being potentially dangerous, as it gives out tactics on how to commit rape and avoid legal entanglements.


    This is like having bomb-making instructions on a "joke" site.


    — needs taking down immediately. The fact that this even requires a petition disgusts me.


    Since making this petition, over the past couple of weeks I have come to notice something that makes me very, very sad.

    A lot of people have expressed the opinion of “there’s no point” and to “just give up”. Which is really, really sad to me. It’s sad that an awful, horrible site like ED is basically allowed to get away with condoning rape because so many people feel it is pointless to try and do anything. It’s sad that so many people don’t feel compelled by the graphic imagery to fight it because they have become so numb to the plight and pain of others. It’s especially sad that in this day and age, when we have infinite information out there, an abundance of cultures, billions of people to love and help, that there are so many people who believe it is funny to hurt those around them.

    It leaves me wondering - where did the world go wrong? Where did we go wrong?


    Is rape funny?


    See also

    • Sirius Orionis - Same thing, different gender
    • Almost raped - A condition That Keiha undoubtedly identifies with
    • Rape - The article that caused her bitching
    • Asking for it - What she very clearly is and the article she attempted to vandalize

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