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    Kringen is very creative. Look, ghost face makeup. SPOOKY.
    Just another day on the Kring Cam.
    aRt maMmaRies
    nUde bike riding for aRt

    File:Lj-favicon.png shannonkringen is a creative aRtiST in Seattle, Washington. sHe d0es lOts oF cReaTivE spEllINg iN aLl heR oNlIne wRitinG, sinCe thAts whAt aRtiSts dO. She terrorized File:Lj-favicon.png Seattle for years as a complete nutjob, and was Tawneelynne version 1.0.

    She has a public access television show, called the Goddess Kring, where she'll dance around naked. She even danced around naked once, covered in blue paint, chanting, and playing tambourine, while a big tampon string hung out of her aRtist tooLs for all of the Seattle area to see. Her show is basically her naked, reading poetry, eating, and whoring herself for lOve for hEr aRt. She's also done pr0n, but no one wanted to buy it.

    She finally got kicked off File:Lj-favicon.png Seattle last year after the mods like Jameth got sick of her aRt and endlessly spamming the community and then asking for people to not be mean to her.

    Every single Livejournal post ever by her is either a 5,000 word essay on her psychoanalyzing why she's unemployed and an aRtist, or pictures of herself naked.

    File:Lj-favicon.png kannonshrigen was a satire LiveJournal character active from 2005 to early 2010. Although Shannon Kringen constantly decries censorship, she recurrently appealed to LJ moderators for nearly five years to censor the Kannon blog on the basis of harassment, but was unsuccessful as the blog's content did not qualify as harassment by LJ TOS. Ever tenacious, Kringen complained about the journal in 2010 on the basis of "impersonation" and finally the Kannon blog was censored by LJ moderators.

    Shannon Kringen was arrested and charged with felony stalking and harassment of another female artist in 2008 (King County Superior Court case number 08-2-01357-0).

    KrIngen iS dEep


    it's like i get "mental/emotional cramps" like the painful ones you get in the arch of your foot...but on a brain level. i cramp up and my thoughts and emotions are very painful and catty-wampus. my recent muscle spasm in my neck fits right along with my emotional freak out... i admit i am sort of addicted to feeling emotional pain. i don't smoke or drink but i have other addictions= watching tv and worrying and playing silly mind games in my own head. round and round. torturing myself. it's somehow comforting at times! crazy i know. better to feel pain than to feel numb. at least i see this clearly now. i know that to have good relationSHIPS with others i need to calm myself down so i can be fully present with other people and share from a more honest place and not a passive agressive place...

    i can see now why when people pick on me i TAKE THE BAIT. i let myself fall into their traps cuz i like to suffer. i am ADDICTED to the attention. i'd rather have negative attention than no attention but really i'd rather have positive attention. i have more compassion for myself now and why i fixate on negative stuff and pick my own scabs emotionally and i let others pick my scabs too. i see it now. the weird games we humans play. i see my part in it. such a strange cycle. they key now is will i CHOOSE something different. i can if i want to. addictions can be hard to break but it's possible.

    relaxed and loose in a good way!

    HERE IS A WEBCAM CAPTURE FROM MY TV SHOW TONIGHT...I GAVE A TOUR OF MY NEW APARTMENT AND I TALKED IN THE BATH TUB...it was a very good show...loose and free. sometimes i am very self conscious and self critical and this time i was RELAXED AND HAD FUN TALKING INTO THE CAMERA! YEAH!

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