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Shane "Sham" Lee, his real name being an easy to find powerword since due to his clear idiocy is the very name of his channel, Shane Edward Lee, is a disabled Veteran on YouTube of Native American, Cherokee tribe, Central American, European American, Spanish, English, French, and Irish descent who lives in Port Wentworth, Georgia and is one who LOVES to show off his wonderful talents with over 9000 videos that he's uploaded. He loves to talk about everything he can think of, but not without leaving you confused and frustrated trying to understand his inaudible banter. After half a millisecond, his talents become apparent. His videos consist of him sitting in his chair and either ranting about a subject nobody gives a shit about or, like previously mentioned, making covers of songs for his equally retarded fans.

People are inspired by him, because of his philosophical beliefs and his ability to sing any song they want to hear; his musical talent and fans seem to closely resemble that of Tool's. His followers cheer him on, and fill his empty head with the idea that he has the makings of greatness. This points to what kind of people those fans are.

According to one of his YouTube accounts, he is interested in working out and martial arts. If you look at his videos, you will immediately notice that he can't properly name them by leaving the format of the video and date of when he recorded it in almost every title. He also likes to make how-to videos, when all he does is sing like a drunken Irishman without telling you how to do it like he does. Although, a real drunken Irishman could probably sing more clearly and on key than he does.

His Talents

He can...

  • fondle a guitar.
  • explain the meaning behind anything.
  • fall from a height of three stories and live.
  • attempt beat-boxing.

Anti-Shane Movement

Some angry YouTuber started a widely unnoticed movement a couple of years ago to exploit Shane of committing disability fraud. The only thing that can be proven, though, is that Shane is a stalker.

help shane edward lee get off veteran's disability. you can see the douchebag's channel at selee1shane. this guy is a malingerer, which means, he avoids work at all costs. he received an expensive navy education, but threw it away. instead, he spent his enlistment stalking women, even violating direct orders to stop, and violating his oath of office which he swore to uphold. he had psych issues right out of basic training, which included falling asleep repeatedly in his school. He fell asleep on watch, during wartime, refused to do work. the navy put him on med hold so that they could seperate him. only then, did he "fall" off a roof... damaging government property, violating orders again, and delaying his discharge.


YouTube Favicon.png ShaneLeeTheFraudToo

About a year earlier than that, another YouTube Favicon.png challenger appeared, who became more well-known for harassing Shane. This conspiracy theorist also flames about Shane's physical disabilities and tries to prove he's lying. Except, they think that Shane is a pedophile, and don't seem too far from being absolutely correct.

UPDATE: Shane deleted the videos where he admitted to being a pedophile. Yes, plural: he admitted it more than once.

Shane Lee on Economics, Law and Rape

In this specific video (uploaded April 19, 2009 on Shane2ed1lee3), Shane explains how our monetary system works and gets spun into an argument about DNA evidence and him only wanting to desperately lick a 4 year old girl's vagina.

YouTube Super Star

Most of his old videos that initially got him "popular", AKA established him as a laughing stock on the internet.

His Stance On Rape

First video uploaded on December 5, 2016, the time being 8:54 P.M when he should be asleep in what he calls a "bed" instead of making videos to people who are more superior than him in every way possible. Context of the entire video is him pretty much saying that he has never molested a person of any gender (a obvious lie to make his fans not more scared of him than they already are) and states that if the ones that he was having sex with if their bones didn't break being under his overweight carcass would ask him to stop, he would kindly stop (again, a lie). Challenging the viewers to engage in a fist fight with him even though the ones who actually would come to his house would take his fatass down in a heartbeat. Him attempting to talk about this subject towards himself in a positive manner considering the fact that he has admitted to being a pedophile in the past is hypocritical of him to do, but we're talking about Shane Lee here, so you know how it goes! The videos on this subject following that are pretty much ranting with shitty one-word arguments plus saying 'no' all the time to back it up.


I'm gonna sing five octaves on the piano


Shane Lee, singing the same note half the time.

I got this piece of paper, its worth maybe one cent, but some one is tryin to sell it to me for 5 cents, that means i need to come up with 4 more pennies then the piece of paper is actually worth


Shane Lee, on economics.

What happened in the dream is: I licked her vagina one time, and showed her my penis.


Shane Lee, talking about his fantasies actions.

But I didnn't dfo anything, I am just joking around with it, haven't you eer seen comedy central , they have comedians on ther all the time who joke about everything including being pedophiles, and it doesn't mean anything unless my step daughter charges me, and she hasn't, that is the whoel point, she was only four, I doubt that she even remembers the incident that I am talking about.


Like you never heard of a false confession before, do you live in the real world? You can't convict yourself of a crime anyway. Only the Victim can, and I haven't seen her in 22 years Jack ASS!


Shane Lee, admitting to pedophilia when he uses the word 'Victim'.

That's just a stupid thing for you to say, you weren't there 22 years ago, when this might could have happened anyway, the one acting like a nigga is you, retard!


Shane Lee, his racism on display

Even if I did confess it, which I didn't, only that I might could have licked her, and maybe showed her my penis. I never confessed to raping anyone ever!


If you see me comin', and you're a rapist motherfucker, you better run. Cause I don't put up with that crap. I don't do that crap, and I never have! You don't know shit about me, unless I frickin' tell you.


Shane Lee, his plain hypocrisy on display




Angelfire (Warning: tl;dr)

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