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    Shadowrun is a game that combines the team-based shooting of Counter-Strike with the typical elves and magic bullshit that you find in World of Warcraft. Purchasing this game gives you a replacement V-card in case you lost your old one. It is also notable because it is the first game that allows Xbox 360 users to get their asses handed to them by someone using the superior controls available on a PC.


    Once upon a time, there was a shitty Dungeons & Dragons clone called Shadowrun. It was about a million years in the future where corporations ruled everything, you could get on the interweb with your brain, and also there was magic, dragons, elves, dwarves, orcs, and trolls for some reason. It actually wasn't half bad, and the creators made a fuckton of money until they sold it to some German douchebags. They hated Shadowrun and all things win, and began plotting ways to ruin its reputation so that nobody would have fun ever again.

    After they created the SNES game of Shadowrun which over overused the term "chum" as if you were a shark hunter. Taking the idea of crappiness of SNES, and combining that with the shittiness of Counter-Strike, a decision was made.

    "WE NEED NEW SHADOWRUN CRAP, but on the Internetz like all the other RPGs."


    Shadowrun's got liek, l33t gr4phix, d00d

    The gameplay in Shadowrun is simple. You can choose to play as either a human, a dwarf, a troll, or an elf. All races begin with some basic spells and a handgun. You aquire further weapons the same way you do in Counter-Strike; meaning you magically generate money by killing people and wiring through nowhere to have shit spontaneously appear in your hands. No matter how good your weapons are you're always going to get nuked by some cunt with the spell which summons a gigantic fucking ice-demon to kill you and your entire team.


    There are no Shadowrun fans. After trying this game for about a day, everyone who bought it went back to playing EverQuest.

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