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    File:Shadowpelt 2.png
    Careful... she bites.

    Shadowpelt, also known as Savannah, (born April 16, 1991) is a furry 'arteest' and self-proclaimed lesbian that hails all the way from the grand state o' Fagifornia. Incapable of drawing on her own, Shadowpelt often resorts to tracing, heavily eyeballing, and ripping off of the art of others for the sake of appeasing her retarded conglomeration of vision-impaired fans. Sav has already been punished multiple times for attempting to pass off traced art and even sell it as her own (which is a major no-no) before. Unfortunately, none of it's managed to bore through her thick, deluded skull enough to where she's actually trying to better herself yet... so maybe this ED article will do the trick!

    She should hook up with Starfinder sometime; something tells me they'd make a really good couple.


    Her fursona, which she changes over 9000 times every month.

    Let's begin with her... uh... art. The concept of color theory is totally lost on this dumbass -- it's like some three-year-old kid overdosing on fingerpaint just puked all over her shitstains for characters. Oranges, pinks, and neon-yellows all clash together in an eye-jarringly hideous concoction of fluorescent faggotry.

    Aside from her apparent colorblindness, her ideas of anatominies are also quite lolable: broken elbows, backward-facing heads, and gaping dogdick holes are abound here. Shadowpelt's drawings are like ugly 2-D Frankenstein monsters.

    Usually another picture is referenced (read: traced) to make the body before she then fuses the head of one of her Technicolor nightmares on top of it. Her drawing style is also constantly fluctuating from all her eyeballing that it's to the point where nearly every image in her gallery seems to have a different 'look' to each other. Why she has so many fucking fans jacking off to her stuff is beyond me, but it probably has something to do with the fact that she's a gay ho just like them. They can relate that way, I guess.

    Here's a gallery chock-full of SP's beautiful art. Unfortunately, the goggles did nothing while I searched for the more hilarious examples of her work and I eventually went blind soon after. My seeing-eye dog is typing all of this up for me and I can tell he's suffering too. Thanks a fucking lot for everything, Shadowtard: No wonder she loves attention so much, she's a fucking Baby Fur!

    Delicious Tracing Drama

    100 years ago, before everything went down on Shadowpelt, she would be seen happily tracing over art formally drawn by artists of whom which she admired greatly. Her favorite victim to rip off happens (because this shit is still going on) to be none other than Zer, mostly from her monster character Unterbedd and mutant-possum-whatever Seux. You'd think she'd be able to pick an artist who can actually draw ankles and dog-faces right, but apparently she's unable to do that too.

    Zer then sees a bunch of her shit traced by some stupid 16 year old girl, gets pissed and confronts Shadowpelt about the whole thing. Nothing really happens until the whole situation is brought up on the FA forums via the Elite TOS Violation Task Force, where SP is ultimately forced to remove the ripped art from her gallery by Big Brother Dave-Hyena. The evidence included overlays of SP's art compared to that of Zer's that matched enough to the point where they looked almost identical to one another, save for the obvious color differences. There was also some Neopets and Subeta based commissions that ended up being cleared out as well due to her eyeballing ways. Internet justice tastes oh so sweet:

    File:Shadowpelt whatisthisshit.png
    Shadowpelt parting ways with her black person Jinxsis publicly on her userpage, and for everyone to fucking see.

    But the idiocy doesn't stop there. Shadowpelt's FA account pretty much exploded with drama soon after that little tracing fiasco, one side screaming 'Y U DO DIS?!! Y?!' while the other cried 'Shadowpelt ur a great artist those guyz r liars dont listen 2 tem!!1' Those posting :cool: (a smiley face wearing sunglasses) were the worst attacked by her fantards, while the reporter themself got off scot-free.

    It all eventually became too much for our poor little Savvy to handle, so she decided to divert all the attention cast upon her ripped shit by breaking up with her lesbian love Jinxsis in full public view and typical lulzy furry fashion. She used her own girlfriend as a temporary ploy to distract all the trolls from wanting to tear her a new one in her Internet-diseased ass -- and as soon as all the commotion subsided and everyone calmed the hell down and went their own ways, do you know what happened?

    They got back together again, all happy and mushy-giftart-showering toward each other as if none of this crap ever occurred. Can you even believe that? I mean, come on. ShadowDyke's just reached a whole new low in Internet furry relationships. She even presented her girlfriend with a whole new ripped character design - taken from the reporter's favourites. How thoughtful of her!

    Amongst the tremendous shitstorm of CAPSLOCK and exclamation point abuse, several rofltastic screens were taken to be forever cataloged within ED's vast collection of classic butthurt crybaby furfag antics:

    Those Little Weaselly Fuckers

    Everything was once again fine and dandy for Shadowpelt: she gave her little 'k guyz i'll stay i'm gonna change' journal-spiel; got back to uploading more of her horrendous (and perhaps even more traced) pieces of radioactive fecal matter to her gallery; and had been reunited with her crazy-ass girlfriend for more love-filled evening cyber AIM sessions together. It all seemed like it was rolling along well... That is, until SP decided to create a secondary account on FA, remaining hidden under the new alias 'Toxsickbat'.

    Her new userpage contained false information about her actual age (22, when she was really only 17). She also faked it on her current page, probably just so that she can have access to her gay hermaphrodite babyfur wolf porn 24/7.

    A few cunning D-channers, also proud members of the Little Weaselly Fuckers Club, decided to dig into this steaming mass of bullshit and see what they could uncover. An old abandoned MyOtaku account of Shadowpelt's was soon discovered, as well as her old DA and a profile to some poorly designed Proboards forum. Each and every one of her profiles had the exact same birth date of 04/16/1991 -- same day, but different year. And as you can guess, Shadowpelt was pretty much busted. All of this was enough to get both her original and her side account agelocked for another year or so. Another glorious victory for Anonymous!

    Shadowpelt leavingFA4ever.jpg

    But, sadly, no real reaction was seen out of Sav this time, but getting the mods at Subeta to freeze her account seemed to be the last straw for her. You may take away her right to view furry porn but dammit when you fuck with her Neo-I mean, Subeta account YOU'RE ASKIN' FOR A SHITLOAD OF TROUBLE, BUDDY!

    It began when SP announced she was open for commissions in her FA journal. Only her shit-brained fans would want to actually pay for something as crappy as her vomit-inducing doodles, so a few of them actually sign up to receive some traced wolf art of their very own. Another keen-eyed 'channer spotted something unusually familiar about these drawings and went in to investigate.

    Hang on to your seats, folks, this one's a shocker! Two of Shadow's finished commissions were traced right off from Subeta's official character designs on the site. Shadowpelt and her dumbfuck friends didn't think of it, but borrowing (in her case, stealing) the design of a copywritten character without permission and then re-selling it for profit could have put her in some serious trouble. That's copyright infringement, kids. Can you say 'lawsuit'? Hell, she's lucky the Subeta staff only froze her account and didn't do anything else.

    And it Continues

    It didn't last long, Shadowfag lost her loving cunt baby for another. Only this one was even worse. Both of them in a constant need for money and still managing to have money to commission artist. Also let it be known, it was small but it was seen, the drama between SP and Jinxsis. Started from a small journal which led to SP angry face. OH NOES! 'Kairi'

    What else? Well the drama countinued when the entire "family" got into it. After SP and a Jinx where no longer friends the "family" when about to fix the so called problem. When "someone" asked 'Yorble' he blamed most of the problem on Zoey. Yes we know, 'Zoey Skunk' the purple and pink skunk who has SO MUCH TALENT.

    Its OBVIOUS this girl has no type of color coordination! I mean...really have you seen her stuff? Take one look and you will be shitting rainbows like she does.

    Hall of Shit, er Art.

    And It doesn't end there...

    Many have taken notice of the recent change in SP. Like she no longer hates her own art, god knows she should...BUT...This is the work of the money needy twat, Kairi. What else has she done to help SP? Turn her into a mindless sparkledog perhaps? Many know the truth, that Kairi is controlling SP. The girl doesn't think for herself anymore! Oh enough of this, im sure plenty of others are counting to days for the end of this so called "love".

    Oh And will they be attending AC? Who knows, but if they do, be sure to give them a murrypurry hug! 

    And make sure you take Kairi serially....or she will plummet you in her lol shit fits.

    Gallery of damnable evidence (and other things):


    THE LAWLS FOR LUKE Oh what do you know! SP seems to be loosing friends like its nothing! The lawls just keep comming when she was "accused" of using a dog for monies for commissions.

    It seems LeeLee was kind enough to give us all the well deserved lulz wee needed, after that long break. 

    Many of us are counting the days for the end of SP and her bitch....er pussy...Oh hur hur....

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