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    Atomic.gif Warning!
    ShadowGamers likes to overuse Straw-man debating methods

    Shadowgamers is a batshit insane, mechanophiliac, sick fuck, drama llama and wannabe troll who is owner to over 100 sockpuppet accounts on DeviantART (most of which are banned). Shadowgamers is renowned for trying to be funny and failed in every attempt whilst unbanned.
    He also beats his caplock button longer than he beats his limp dick in a day. He was apparently also the most popular troll on the Complaints Forum of DeviantART whilst unbanned aswell.

    ShadowGamers in a nutshell

    File:Lol wait a second.png
    Proof of Shadowgamers' faggotry

    Wherever there is a complaint topic in the DeviantART forums, ShadowGamers either hacked it to death with ALL CAPS, or hijacked it with his un-commandable legion of fans. If not, he was getting to it.

    Examples of ShadowGamers in the complaints

    Humping avatars


    Once upon a time, ShadowGamers managed to start his own shitty avatar fad. This shit didn't go down well with Tartlets apparently...

    As you can see, none of these people have lives or girlfriends.

    Lolly is a pretty cool guy, RealitySquared Hates Shadowgamers' Guts

    Lolly lays down the law

    So after about 9 or 10 months after being banned for the Gooby incident, Lolly decided he'd go ahead and contact Shadowgamers, laying out some probation rules for ShadowGamers to obey as to try and curb his flailing behavior. These rules were pretty tame to what they could have been right?

    Okay, so Shadowgamers most obviously agreed to those rules. Did a pretty good job of sticking to them right? I mean, in reality, Shadowgamers didn't do much of anything to be honest, not rule breaking, anyway, right?

    Not according to Realitysquared apparently. Apparently you can bend the probation rules to suit your liking if you really want someone banned enough. But of course, it wouldn't be deviantART without the other user can getting off scot-free despite being an even more offensive dick.

    Result of which

    Following the banning, a thread was posted in the Complaints Forum. For those who can't be bothered to read, the majority of the comments are split between Shadowgamers coming back from this ban (as he did before) to the ban was sort of justified.

    3 months later, during the drama that unfolded thanks to the unbanning of teruchan, a petition was created, stating that if teruchan can be unbanned for something as minor as child porn, shadowgamers can get unbanned for calling someone names. The petition currently has 93 signers. It is most likely that the petition is going to be ignored by the Staffers, and either bans on both users reversed.

    Known Sockpuppet Accounts of Shadowgamers

    One of ShadowGamers' former hobbies was to create sockpuppets to piss what little friends he had and other people off (even if the account has nil interaction with the community), because ShadowGamers obviously wins enough at life to be a social winner and frequently praised sex-god Robot.

    ShadowGamers and Other sites

    PROTIP: ShadowGamers is everywhere.

    ShadowGamers and Youtube

    ohshi youtube

    ShadowGamers and IRC

    [19:11] <Magaman> D:<
    [19:11] <Magaman> dude, u were lonely werent u?
    [19:11] <ShadowGamers> were
    [19:11] <ShadowGamers> Key word
    [19:11] <Magaman> left out in the cold,
    [19:11] <Magaman> not accepted by human beings
    [19:11] <ShadowGamers> I now have a cock
    [19:11] <ShadowGamers> I can beat off once an hour
    [19:12] <Magaman> neglected by ur parents family and so called friends
    [19:12] <ShadowGamers> it hurts my balls but I TAKE THE PAIN LIKE A MAN
    [19:12] <ladytwiglet> wow, thats quite a talent :P
    [19:12] <ladytwiglet> right i am off 
    [19:12] <ShadowGamers> DAMN SHE WAS HOT
    [19:13] <ShadowGamers> TOO BAD SHE'S 6 FEET UNDER AND ROTTING 
    [19:13] <Magaman> thats part of it
    [19:13] <Magaman> u miss ur mom
    [19:13] <ladytwiglet> Magaman: XD XD
    [19:13] <ShadowGamers> DEAR GOD FREUD 
    [19:13] <ShadowGamers> DR.FREUD IS A DOUCHE
    [19:14] <Magaman> ladytwiglet: its true
    [19:14] <Magaman> u have to take time, to figure out these ppl's probs
    [19:14] <ladytwiglet> oedipus complex anyone?  (or possibly electra XD )
    [19:14] <Magaman> its a reason they act the way the act
    [19:14] <ShadowGamers> YES
    [19:14] <ShadowGamers> TOTALLY
    [19:15] <ladytwiglet> Magaman: good luck!
    [19:15] <ShadowGamers> GOOD THESIS THERE MAGAMAN
    [19:15] <ladytwiglet> ShadowGamers: i knew it :P  it was staring me in the face. XD
    [15:43] * Now talking in #storm-artists
    [15:43] * Topic is 'Storm-artists chatroom | http://www.storm-artists.net�'
    [15:43] * Set by BadFurDay on Fri Feb 09 13:18:11
    [15:43] <BumbleBee> Hi Shadowgamers  :)
    [15:44] <BadFurDay> Y hello thar
    [15:44] <Shadowgamers> *HMM, DO I REPLY TO BUMBLEBEE IN FUNNY DUDDY MODE?*
    [15:45] <BumbleBee> *rolls eyes* 
    [15:45] <Shadowgamers> FUCK OFF AND DIE
    [15:45] <BumbleBee> Dawn: 
    [15:45] <Shadowgamers> *YEAH! TAKE ONE FOR THE HOME TEAM!*
    [15:45] <Shadowgamers> Hai
    [15:46] * You were kicked by Dawn (Dawn�)
    [15:46] * Attempting to rejoin channel #storm-artists
    [15:46] * Rejoined channel #storm-artists
    [15:46] * Topic is 'Storm-artists chatroom | http://www.storm-artists.net�'
    [15:46] * Set by BadFurDay on Fri Feb 09 13:18:11
    [15:46] <BumbleBee> thank you :D
    [15:46] * BadFurDay sets mode: +b *[email protected]*~~
    [15:46] * You were kicked by BadFurDay (BadFurDay�)

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