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    Animal abuser, plush animal mad scientist, pedophole and all around dangerous individual.
    File:MoonShadowLuna49 MFM07 BurgerKing.jpg
    Unable to find a room mate (wow, I wonder the fuck why...), Bill passes out in a hotel lobby at a convention. Also, the swastika on his forehead hints at another possible turn-on of his...

    William 'Bill' J. Clark, also known as ShadoWolffess is a disgusting display of humanity that was sadly not aborted and was thus born on March 3, 1956. His fursona is a sickening anal-beast that has dongs and tits. Usually more tits than dongs. He draws horrible furry porn of characters with puckered assholes that are more often than not spewing shit.

    ShadoWolffess is a wildly unpopular individual (even amongst furries). According to those who have met him, he has a habit of vividly describing how he fucks dogs, loving to do so in paragraphs that have the spelling and capitalization that don't resemble ANY form of competent writing skills. Not surprisingly, he's also a pedophile and has even gone so far as to solicit a minor for sex in exchange for alcohol. He also enjoys having sex with stuffed animals.

    Although he openly gives out his phone number and his address, it is still uncertain how he gets electricity in a dumpster.

    Multiple Fursonality Disorder

    Unfortunately the handcufs are not a permanent accessory.

    It is highly suspected that Bill has an extra chromosome, as he goes by over 9000 different names online. Known aliases are:

    • Adurrah Wereverine
    • AdurrahWherverine
    • AdurrahWlfrydr
    • Beryl
    • BerylEmeraldVixie
    • biltfoxxx44D
    • Emerald Vixie
    • Huskeefucr49
    • Missmychow
    • MoonShadowLuna49
    • MoonShadowLunaWLFNU
    • MoonShadow
    • MoonShado
    • MoonShadeunme
    • Nickelback Wolf
    • NimhMinionofAnubis
    • pupfuck
    • pupplicker
    • Ron Mexico
    • Scanlussflamepaws
    • ShadoWolffess315
    • SpiritWolfskydemon49
    • Stalking_Moon56
    • StalkingWuffy56
    • werefox49
    • Xagnarrbgwlf


    Shadowolffess loves floodfill too.

    In his own words,

    I am a 51 year old Furry Hetero. Male Bi. For Fur-Suits Plushiphile Male I Fur Suit Yiff And Yiff RP. As An Emerald Green With Black Socks and Iridescent Purple and dark green tail Female WereFox Vixen ShadoWolffess Yiffy Art Is My Passion And I do Commissions Cheap or Free for comments! Pending One drawing Of a real Cute and Yiffable Female Polar Bear Cub Title Is " Ice To Yiff He'r Would Be HEAVEN"! MoonShadowLuna49 Is my Artist Sig name Gmail me About Commission Prices and Free samples. Draw any Fur or Fursuit Full Color Artist pencil ! As I I'm pretty good Yiffy Artist


    —ShadoWolffess, on how he's a good artist

    He also makes fursuits, which he makes by going to all of the local goodwill stores, buying all the plush animals, and then after raping them he cuts them up and sews them to a pair of overhaul pants to form a freakishly horrifying FrankenFursuit. From photographic evidence, it has been determined that this FrankenFursuit mutates over time, and quite possibly is taking on the traits of other furries that he has raped and murdered after skinning their dead carcasses in his basement.


    After shopping all of his local thrift stores, repeatedly molesting everything that he purchased and then chopping it up, Bill enjoys making fursuits from the spare parts. All of his Ed Gein inspired outfits are female (or herm, of course!) and he wears them proudly.

    Well I was liucky enough to have a mother intelligent enough to realize her sons needed to learn to sew too. She taught me everything I know .

    Well For the head all you really need is a large high heat Hot glue gun . Just make a skeleton head or as I call it a prototype m out of plastic Mesh really cheap at wallmart arond 35cents a sheet. You just cut pieces of fur to the right shape and glue them on in layers building up the cheeks with couch foam . Foam from old couch cushions or cardboard ect .

    There's lots of great videos on YouTube On Fur Suit Making . It's very easy as I am seeing kids making Assume Werewolf Heads . That look surprisingly like like real fursuit Heads for Halloween . With now get this, a Moving Jaw so cool ! Even I haven't figured the trick to make that work right .

    Or If you just need a Partal Suit head, paws, arms, legs,feet and taill. ma by I can make time for you and build you one. It takes around one month for a good well sewn Partial as I am currently working on a pink dog Suit for my Roomie and Buddy Boomer The dog For WPAFFW.

    I only charge for the labor and the Fur if I can even find what you want . It's better to send me the fur. Total cost $200.00 for a good Partial . most charge 300 for a head alone . The only restriction I have is I only do plastic eyes . I don't do the painted kind . Cause I can't paint worth a darn .

    Hope this helps !


    — ShadoWolffess on why he's such a skilled and successful fursuit maker.

    So I Herd You Liek...

    File:Shadowolffess poor dog.jpg
    Two of the dogs this guy fucks.
    Woof ! Grrr ! Hi There ! First I'm A Zoo And Love My partners without question . Love Large and medium dogs and Calfs ,Mini poneys, Pygmy Goats . I prefer to be on top . Of course a nice hard Shag by a sexy beast is good too . Can't wait to Tie with a nice friendly Male Chow chow My Fave. Or A Saint Bernard .For Mutual fun . I'm Also A Furry And A Yiffy Furry Artist/Author FurSuitr FurSuit Maker . My Fantasy is to have a FurSuit FurPile Males And Females and Tape me being used like the little horny Bitch I am inside ! Anyone who thinks Its wrong to love animals Physiclly is Wrong ! You Know They Bond with us when we become their Lovers as well as their Masters . And Also Theres Nothing Hotter Than A Bitch In heat ! Except maybe a Mare In Heat lol


    —ShadoWolffess, on how he enjoys fucking animals

    I have my own version which is a non Anthro Female Saint Bernard around 3 ft tall sitting . I went to a sex shop and bought a quality latex vagina for her. Total cost 18 bucks . And lubed with some KY . It feels better than any woman I ever Yiffed . You can even adjust the tightness by adding more fiberfill to the Dog. Be sure and get the one with the large nubs inside . It is heaven! Woof !


    —ShadoWolffess on how he enjoys fucking stuffed animals, too!

    Hey all you other Zoos I love to screw large willing dogs anally and vaginaly . I also love to be knotted by Medium sized dogs . But have taken my Dane Tommy's 8 inch cock up my ass ,all except his 4 inch knot owch ! If you do also ! And Have Pix .Please PM. me Here Or My Personal Email [email protected]

    I haven't yet screwed a Male Husky but I will as soon as I get one for a pet . They are really into anal sex my friends assuerd me . If not well he can always knot me MMMM nice !


    His signature on his BeastForum profile.

    It reminds me of my experience working as a dog walker for our local Shelter . Where I fucked a very receptive one year old Male Golden in his large ,pink ,hot, wet ,anus in the bathroom there with the door locked I. came within seconds of pushing into his hot wet ass . What a wonderful experience for us both, as he came all over the bathroom floor . He really loved my 8 inch cock up his ass .


    Email and Contact

    U Have Hot Doggy Tailholes?

    Bill is very willing to give out his address and phone number, and as such expects that if you have a dog you don't want anymore you'll just leave it at his house for some rapings for the rest of it's life. His phone number:

    • (812) 545-1823

    His address:

    • 2621 Industrial Dr, Apt 102, Bedford IN, 47421


    Since Bill has come to the public's attention, he has been rather transient. He has "lived" in many cities, often crashing with unsuspecting furries and molesting their animals. These places include:

    • Terrell, Texas
    • Bloomington, Indiana
    • Louisiana

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