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What passes for a hack these days
A good hack is easy to remember

Life hacks (also known as life hacking), often associated with DIY faggorty & redneckism. Basically you take a problem a normal person either wouldn't have or would just buy a solution for then make a stupid solution that maybe works (but most likely will just get you hospitalized). Of course this didn't used to be the case before normies ruined it.

The History of Lifehacks

In the beginning there was the Poor Man's James Bond and the The Anarchist Cookbook. These books were published before the Internet was even a thing. In their pages were hundreds of "recipes" for turning normal items into more interesting ones such as how to make a gas mask from a milk jug and how to create a solar still for purifying water. They also outlined some "controversial" recipes such as making bombs out of household supplies and DIY gun silencers. The book explained that the bad guys already know this stuff so the good guys need to learn it, too. If everyone knows what tricks bad guys are likely to use then they can be prepared and know how to protect themselves. Of course the American government saw this as a threat and started a disinformation campaign to make having these books stigmatized. Some of them were even banned outright.

People didn't stop coming up with clever uses for everyday items just because they "shouldn't"! They decided to call these repurposes "Life Hacks" in order to stay under the radar. Early Life Hacks included ways to reprogram light-up street signs, ways to jimmy open locks you have "lost" the key to, and even ways to short a vending machine if you're totally broke. Like the Poor Man's James Bond, these typically came with disclaimers that amounted to "Don't use these (Unless you really, really need to)." Some of them were borderline illegal if not actually illegal but it didn't stop them from circulating in places like TOTSE where people didn't give a fuck about such things as long as it was all for the lulz.

Once 4Chan became a thing people started to circulate life Hacks there. From there Life Hacks became a sort of creative meme. Like all memes Normies soon latched on and began to use the less illegal ones to get click on their shitty Youtube videos and "totally original" blogs. This only spread the idea to dumber and dumber people who created the basement-dweller approved version of Life Hacks you see today.

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The only good life hack

Turns microwave into nuclear waepon or frankingstein laboratory
(Watch to the amazing finale)

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