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    Thanks to a super-duper update; this whole article provides %100 truth, no more flames! Please, people, we are here to prove a point, not to make things go haywire. Have a lulz at the evidence, and enjoy your stay

    NEWS JUST IN - Sesaka's getting very serious about spamming, in fact, she just recently threatened a friend over a chain mail. File:Getting serious.PNG

    You don't take is very well, do you?

    And look at the evidence of psychopathic fanbase (and a journal made by a user named Ottsel-Queen):

    Oh, as another update - She loves Cutman now, not Jak. Just proving how insanely borderline emo she really is.

    Oh, and she can spell now, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO??? WE NO LONGER HAVE THINGS TO TROLL ABOUT! OH THE E-DRAMA! And oh noes! She's taken her activity and gallery stats down - got something to hide, Sarah? And my god! She's too afraid of being banhammered on dA, so she's using YouTube as a way of bitching about someone she hasn't talked to in over 9000 years!

    Oh noes! Lolnot.

    Author's Note

    Be careful, this person is VERY opinionated, and will get aggressive if anyone opposes her, and she won't think twice to ban her friends. And no, this isn't Hikari-Starr, obviously. That retard spams "<3" all over her godamn userpage. The Hikari/Sesaka war just happens to be the one with most lulz.

    Among other things, I am an art collector. I was on line looking for new artist and ran across this page.

    The "person" who put up this page shows the classic symptoms of some one who was rejected by a girl known as "SesakaHeart". Let us say that this person is a male.

    I find it very interesting that he said that she is "VERY opinionated" yet on this page he is VERY opinionated about her. He states that she "will get aggressive if anyone opposes her" yet he shows the same traits.

    Notice the time and energy the person put into this page. Some thing must have made him very angry to research this girl, put up this page and keep updating it. You would think he would have some thing better to do.

    Not only does he find out what her real name is, but want games she likes to play and so on but he seems obsessed with the "relation" she is having with a person by the name of "Hikari". One might think he is jealous.

    After reading his page, I went to her web sites and look at her art. I found it very interesting. The one I liked to most was "Embraced by Mold". Being that I am fond of and collect art, I had a art dealer research this girl. It turn out that she is a child prodigy. Her art work has been admired by such people as William Stout (www.imdb.com/name/nm0832898), John Walcutt (www.imdb.com/name/nm0906975), Michael Fairman (www.imdb.com/name/nm0265637), Dr. James J De Santis, (http://www.jjdesantis.org/), Ignacio Gomez (http://ignaciogomez.com) and many more! I think she has a GOOD track record!


    SesakaHeart is a very talented young artist, who has found the time to be online at her sites to share her inter-self. This young woman not only finds the time to be on line but helps Roberta Wortmann (Mrs. Books) teach children to read. Who could this person who put up this web page be so "opinionated" about a person who gives so much to others! DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS

    Lynn Landy

    The story of Sesaka DESU

    Real RL Sesaka: DO NOT WANT
    File:Rl this time lol.png
    REAL Real RL Sesaka:... STILL DO NOT WANT

    SesakaFART, or Sarah, as she's known in RL (she blatantly stated this in a journal - proud of the fact it means "princess" in lolwut?) likes to ruin many fandoms - all at once! She enjoys killing the Sonic and Jak and Daxter series (along with various memes). Making badly thought out characters that are obviously rip offs and heavily copyrighting them - like most fangirls can with a franchise that is not even owned by them. Her ways are basically a case of "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG". She tries (and fails) at being humorous, mentioning the IMMA CHARGIN' MAH LAZER and the base meme so many times that it makes your eyes bleed with the dead horse. On her YouTube account (SesakaBlargh - decent choice, for once) she insists on being a comedian. Lol, no, says the public. Three words; LURK MOAR. And yes, Sesaka at a glance does seem like a nice and caring person - until you upset her.

    What is a Sesaka?

    Update She has changed the name to "Pyrofelinia" (Was called a Lyrval, but she wanted to be "original".) A "Sesaka" is a malicious gossip that threatens to report people for no dignified reason, and also the following: Sarah Ellen Solomon’s character Sesaka is supposed to be some sort of Fantasy creature based off two different wild cats stuck together (how original) when her character seems to be a rip off of Ratchet at the same time. She just HAPPENS to have retarded magical powers like the pointy eared fag in the game ‘Jak and Daxter’, along with being some sort of space freak like Samus Aran, she could probably pwn Sonic in about a second too. We’re all surprised that her character is not in love with either Sonic or Jak, because that’s all her life really revolves around.

    Everyone has to love her and her horrible OCs (which, are also over 9000, so you better not diss them) or they will receive the lovely banhammer of doom. But, this is where the lol comes in, devianTART doesn't actually give a fuck about what the whiny fangirl has to say, so she leaves stupid little comments on 'flamers' dA pages, as if she's suddenly admin, which would only ever occur if hell was on earth. From a test conducted by the good people of last Thursday; %99 of devianTARTists do not believe being a subscriber give you insta-mod powers. The other %1 had mental retardation.

    "I r admin, k?"

    Sesaka seems to think of herself as an admin, threatening to banhammer anyone who does not worship her raptor jesus characters and lick her pussy. She also has the power to magically "un-ban" them. We all know how much deviantart gives a fuck, so why would they listen to her?

    • Her name means "princess".
    • She iz beta testor.
    • She provides site with lulz.
    • Is popular... from thumbshare.

    Will use friendz 4 a lul. ):

    She's opinionated - don't question it

    SesakaHeart is a very opinionated little bitch, do not question this. Everything she's ever said is right. And look what happens when someone disagrees.

    Excerpt from a journal


    INSTA FLAME! Hay childrens, let's play a game, WHICH COMMENT WAS RUDER? This is the exact sort of attitude Sarah expects from her watchers, I mean, she's only a little bit ignorant, after all.

    She's serious now?

    A user on DeviantArt named Night-Eco [1] has recently been banned (after what sounds like an argument with the lolwoman in question. Thanks to dA's wonderful system - we have no idea if she's going to return. This journal explains all:

    Sesaka loves you, but she just doesn't have enough time

    Sesaka likes to complain a lot - and never ask her for giftart. She's too busy making giftart for herself. And she is the only deviant I've come across who draws herself birthday giftart. It's a bit sad, really.

    Sesaka will never do anything for anyone else - she'll only draw giftart if it's an art trade. And when she does - it's a desperate attempt for friends to notice her in a time of flaming. See: LOVE ME LONG TIME, Y/Y?

    However, like the mods, they don't give a shit.

    She is the driver of the very first Wahbulance, making ignorant comments on anything she doesn't like and then going "hey why are you so liek clozedminded?" She pretends to be a "philosopher", though her opinions are about as shit as a dog on crack.

    So, how did she ever get past 1 pageview, you ask?

    • She draws fanart - she's not actually talented
    • She watches every new Jaktard/Sonic Art deviant out there - even if they're shit, of course she gets the attention back
    • She makes a big deal when something goes wrong
    • She advertises her art on every other site - even her faggy Gaia account is spammed full of links to her dA
    • She gets her friends to refresh the pages over and over
    • She is desperate

    Almost everything she draws is fanart - other than her super awesum oc, which in RL is clearly considered a shit and pathetic rip off - like it should.

    So, why does she suck?

    The story -

    BASICALLY: It's all too tl;dr. All you need to know is there were two morons, one wrote fanfictions, the other read. The reader got pissed off with the writer, who reacted and went batshit insane, and it started an epic war which provided great lulz.

    So, you're probably wondering what went down, well, out of lulz, I noted one of the people involved herself: Hikari-Starr [2]. I asked her what went down and how it all started:

    "Why are you asking this? This was ages ago. Well, meh.
    See, it started when I was writing this horribly stupid fanfiction that people 
    thought was pretty good. 
    Sesaka was one of my readers. She didn't like one chapter and complained about it. 
    I told her that wasn't the direction it was going and that it was going to change.
    Another chapter later, she notes me, saying:
    "I'm hesitating reading anymore of your fanfiction. I don't like being forced to read this."
    For one, the fanfiction was nothing suss, it wasn't yaoi or anything, it was a 
    serious fanfiction. 
    However. I never told her if she had to actually read it. She then tells me if I 
    "play the game more" I'll "understand it". 
    She wasn't exactly any bigger a fan than me, so I found it stupid.
    Of course, I was a thirteen year old fag at the time and I got a bit upset, 
    I didn't like her running around preaching about the games like she created them. 
    So I sent this huge rant about how she had her facts wrong - that's where it started.
    There's a big blank from about there.
    She tried making friends with me again a few weeks later, I trusted her. 
    She coloured a few of my linearts, but um, oop, what's this? She doesn't even 
    mention in comments who drew it. 
    That's nice.
    I report one of them and it gets taken down - I then get a note from her, asking 
    why it was deleted. 
    Of course, I was pissed, so I said why, and then I told her I'd report the other one 
    if she 
    didn't give it credit. 
    She thought I meant report her.
    So then the journals started. Sadly, I didn't screencap any of them, but being the 
    attention whore she is - she would delete them five seconds later anyway (well, the 
    second I saw and replied) because she might get hurt. Omg. Psh.
    By the third time - it was seriously old. 
    I told my friend about what I'd been through on dA and well, she decided to post a 
    comment on Sesaka's page. 
    And yes, I know from experience, she is the center of the universe.
    Of course, she sprouted out with the wahmbulance journals once more, this time 
    sending notes to all my friends, etc.
    I can't tell you how many people on my watchlist sent me angry notes when they had no 
    idea wtf was going on. 
    She then involves people on my watchlist visiting her page as SPIES.
    How mofo stupid is that? My friends didn't do shit to her.
    I knew the first fight was stupid and immature, But now, sesaka, 20 or whatever, who 
    used to have "inner child of 5" on 
    her profile, is telling me, a 14 year old to grow up.
    Um, sure.. everyone else here's said I'm pretty mature but meh.
    Somewhere here there was a gap because I left for a holiday. She wished me happy 
    birthday and I got angry again. 
    This girl turned friends against me, spread stupid rumors about me, and 
    everything under the sun. And then! Then! 
    She watches my RL friends! Way to fucking leech.
    Hardly any of my fandom friends and watchers talk to me anymore. 
    It feels pretty nice to know such an idiotic thing turned out in me leaving dA.
    Oh, oh, and for lulz, in a YIM convo once, she said I was going to be a hobo when I 
    grow up! 
    Because I didn't go to school at the time! Wasn't that nice of her? 
    But seriously, I'm glad it's over with.
    I didn't like talking to her, she'd only talk to you for a favor, to advertise, or 
    talk about Jak and Daxter. 
    I hope someone out there actually gets why I said I didn't want to be her friend. 
    She's as bad as the girls as my school, totally fake.. Eck."

    She was fine with explaining what happened, however, hardly any of the links or information I got was from her. I used to be on Sesaka's friendlist myself, and here's a note she ended up sending me on the situation.

    "Hiku won't keep her promise >_<
    From: =SesakaHeart
    Date: Apr 25, 2006, 8:57:15 AM
    Remember over at YIM that she won't bother be and start to 
    bully me and just be friends? Well she broke her 
    prommise and now that brat and her friends are ganging 
    up on me all because I was being affectionate. :disbelief: 
    Please meet me at YIM so we can deal with her again and 
    get her to know that I'm not the bully."

    Hikari never made a "promise", she told Sesaka to go away. She sent other various notes to her friendlist. One encouraging random watchers to report Hikari, and failing due to the fact you can't report people for not doing anything, once again; YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

    And "she's not the bully"? Wtf does that mean? SPEAK ENGLISH, FUCKER.

    C'mon, children! It's racism tiem nao!

    When she failed (like she usually does), she tried to get attention in the complaints forum - however, all she knew was thumbshare and died from AIDS at how "offended" people were. Also, literacy is a must there, she failed at this too due to the fact her native language is unknown.[3]

    The epic series:

    Ya I ned halp rite?
    Sorry, too bad you cannot report rite

    Maybe the admins didn't ban them for a reason. Lol. Or that they just don't give a shit, we'll never know. And they never called her stupid - she was just born that way. She posted in her profile that she hated Australian people, if that's not racist, then I'm your mom.

    Her list of JUSTICE!

    So far here is the list of things she's managed to do:

    • Ban Night-Eco
    • Cause Dokuro, Fonzu, and Kaku-Chan distress
    • Ban Fonzu for a week
    • Cause Dokuro to almost leave dA
    • Brag about banning Dokuro even though she was banned for a completely different reason
    • Turn Hikari-Starr's friends against her
    • Cause Hikari-Starr to almost leave dA
    • Harass her friends with shit she can't deal with on her own
    • Colour friend's linearts and get away with it
    • Make malicious journals
    • Manage to get reported by at least 100 people
    • Ban people for being mean to Werechu
    • Report almost everyone for being "flamers"

    She started a war with Dokuro over an art-trade, in which she tried to get Dokuro's boyfriend (Fonzu) banned for standing up for her. Somehow, this worked. She also involved their best friend, Kaku-Chan. Sesaka resorted to wahbulance journals, reporting, backstabbing and namecalling to get her way, not to mention drawing self-pity art. In the end, everyone came to the conclusion that Sesaka was jealous of Dokuro for being a popular deviant and wanted to cause trouble because she "hadn't got her art and was just asking about it."

    She couldn't handle an argument with immature Hikari-Starr, so instead she went public, posting it all over five second journals and noting her massive watchlist. Of course, Hikari, amazingly enough, got angered by such shit.

    Sesaka couldn't handle Night-Eco giving her help on the situation about the ED article, so she blocked her, flagged her as spam, and reported her. Five ordinary deviants (not to mention all the others involved) have been affected by this horrible person.

    Hey I'm not jealous of Dokuro. I am never the jealous type. I never mention everything about pageviews or anything. I never bully or harass people. Everything there in the past was just a scar of a mistake that have to be forgotten.

    Lets leave our gruelsome past behind and have a good time in the present and have a brighter future. That little incident is over with and we ended this with apology. and that's a good thing.


    —SesakaHeart in denial

    The n00b, it hurts my eyes!

    Here is lulz example from a mysterious benefactor, XM:

    sesakath (6/10/2006 9:43:41 PM): 3 harassers are picking at me all because I was trying to be nice. 
    I have reported them 4 times and they won't accept and obey warnings.
    sesakath (6/10/2006 9:43:50 PM): Auzzie-Panda [http://comments.deviantart.com/4/2347758/268246345]
    sesakath (6/10/2006 9:44:30 PM): Hikari-Starr *yet again -_-* 
    sesakath (6/10/2006 9:44:47 PM): After she disobeyd the Moderator for droping the subject
    XM: (6/10/2006 9:46:40 PM): And what do you want me to do? You two are doing it again when I told 
    you both to just ignore each other when you can't and apparently you can't drop the subject either 
    if you are reporting them as well. 
    I'm not going to get into this again with both of you because you'll just do it again. 
    There's not point in me taking sides for either one of you because you both won't ignore the other 
    XM: (6/10/2006 9:56:38 PM): No its not offensive at all I'm just getting tired of seeing you two 
    argue over the silliest little things.
    sesakath (6/10/2006 9:59:14 PM): I also tired of her doing so, arguing over the silliest little things. 
    I was just being nice and all she does is to gather her 2 gangs and harass me. She and her gang are 
    still attacking me and I'm keeping on reporting them and await the Mod's advice. 
    Their relentless attacking won't stop, even the Mod cannot stop them with just advice. 
    sesakath (6/10/2006 10:01:15 PM): While I was ignoring the gang, they are still buzzing around at me 
    like bees and stinging me by saying [http://comments.deviantart.com/4/851477/269500484] 
    This [http://comments.deviantart.com/4/2347758/268246345] and this

    At the moment, the little lolwhore is trying to prove that what the people said was absolutely horrid and she's the only one being attacked - but she forgot to mention the notes, YIMs, and journals that speak otherwise on her side of the story. Um also, can anyone say "mmm copypasta"? Technically, that's only two comments, and yes - XM saw it the first time, she is not retarded. Of course, being the fucktard SH is - this has happened more than once. On one occasion, she abused the fact she paid money (god knows where it came from) for a devianTART account, creating a poll, asking the public if she should "ban" a deviant called Fonzu, who was actually just standing up for his girlfriend. Thankfully, like most of the other people she "reported", they still seem to be a happy and thriving little bunch on dA - we wonder how these crimes can go on. And lol, obey? ADMINS. DON'T GIVE. A SHIT. LOLOOPS SPOILER. When I noted the "flamers", they said they had not received any 'warnings' whatsoever.

    sesakath (6/10/2006 10:01:28 PM): and they won't stop


    XM: (6/10/2006 10:03:41 PM): The Mods are probably getting sick of seeing something come up between you two and might not
    ever do anything about it at all.
    sesakath (6/10/2006 10:04:06 PM): I don't think so. They won't ever let the harassers attack me.

    Um, getting a bit high and mighty there, Farty? There are approx. (something) devianTART accounts out there, and the faggy mods care about her why? Did her mom rape them all or something?

    XM: (6/10/2006 10:07:22 PM): And why's that? You're being just like she is and still replying to these comments by telling 
    the mods. That doesn't make you any better than she is and vice versa. I don't know why it is so hard for either one of you to
    ignore things you see come up! It's like you two HAVE to reply to the other or anyone else and its not making either one of you
    look good, especially when I've told you both to IGNORE the other one!
    sesakath (6/10/2006 10:09:24 PM): *turning Dark Beast* You're not helping me like the mods do. My friends and the mod will take
    care of this *tears erupt while she's changing* 
    XM: (6/10/2006 10:10:49 PM): I'm sorry, but I'm not going to take sides on this while neither one of you will listen to me the
    past few times. And you call me a friend but you only come to me when something like this happens. How come you just never IM 
    me to chat like friends do? Not just when you need something?
    sesakath (6/10/2006 10:11:53 PM): RARRRRR!!!! * swipes at you and runs away in tears*

    Here, she is trying to prove she is not human, we didn't actually need anymore evidence. She totally avoids "XM"s question here, and pretending to be her shit OC at the completely wrong moment.

    XM: (6/10/2006 10:17:01 PM): And I won't because I've tried helping you two many times in the past yet you continue to do it. 
    If I helped again something else would happen and you two would be at it again. My attempts at helping are futile everytime
    sesakath (6/10/2006 10:19:23 PM): <No they won't. I know that her deal has been broken and starts to attack me.> *Twitch claws* 
    XM: (6/10/2006 10:23:30 PM): Then why can't you just ignore it? Pretend you never saw the comments and go on with your life?
    sesakath (6/10/2006 10:24:28 PM): I did! I never comment on them ever. They still throwing bad comments and I still ignore
    them.*bares fangs, muscles ready to strike*
    XM: (6/10/2006 10:25:27 PM): Then keep doing it! And if you're telling them that you reported them to the mods or something, 
    that just elevates the issue higher and starts a whole new problem.

    Uh, lol. This person started the war approx. 3 times, bringing it back to life the second and third. Of course, when people are too busy to do art trades or don't like her, she has to throw a tantrum to her friends. This was in a sadly, non-screencapped journal. "Omg, Hikari-Starr is trying to ban me! Plz, everyone report this person to the admins before she gets me! :tears:" Let's do this, shall we? And, well, is it just me... Or is the moment a bit too serious to be acting that way? With the whole "dark beast" act going on?

    "Dear faggy admins, I have no life and some person on my watchlist who I don't really give a fuck about has asked me to report this random person who I don't even know. Plz ban? Thx" Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

    sesakath (6/10/2006 10:26:08 PM): I didn't say to them about reporting. I'm feeling annoyed right now

    Though she had threatened one of them and run about going on about how evil she is.

    XM: (6/10/2006 10:27:38 PM): then why are they still commenting to you? Those two comments you showed me are days old. Have they 
    said anything else since then? If not then you're ignoring is working and they're not saying anything
    sesakath (6/10/2006 10:30:19 PM): But they will keep on attacking. It's soo meaningless arguing with you about things that I am 
    doing right now. They are out there, not being banned yet, and I don't want to be paranoid baout going to DA and see them 
    controlling people to hate me. *leaps into the air and does a Dark Burst, then runs off*
    XM: (6/10/2006 10:33:12 PM): You are the one that came to me about this and I am and have been giving you my advice about it all. 
    I am not going to take your side or her side about banning one another or anything over a comment that was said. You both are 
    older than this and you both certainly dont seem to acting mature about it at all in anyway. I always come on DA wondering maybe 
    if someone hates me for something, but I don't let that control my life living in fear all the time.

    She stopped replying to "XM" at this point. However, this was lulz, because "XM" was a friend of the fag Farty was complaining about and not her.

    And moar!

    Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (4/26/2006 8:57:40 PM): sonicsamus23 has joined the conference.
    sonicsamus23 (4/26/2006 8:57:58 PM): yo
    XM (4/26/2006 8:58:10 PM): meow! hehe Hello
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 8:58:35 PM): Soooo...Remember that promise that Hiku won't harass me and be a good 
    XM (4/26/2006 8:59:06 PM): yes
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 8:59:32 PM): Well.. a couple of days ago, when I was minding my own business, 
    one of her so called "friends" Kymberli, told me off and calling me a bully, right at my front page! O.O
    sonicsamus23 (4/26/2006 9:00:03 PM): Well, that wasn't her
    sonicsamus23 (4/26/2006 9:00:21 PM): Just beacuse her "Friend" is assosiated with her dosn't mean 
    it's what she thinks.
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:00:40 PM): I was all like what THE who?? So I noted Hiku and 
    she calls be a bully too!
    XM (4/26/2006 9:01:08 PM): That's right. Why didn't you just ignore it instead of taking 
    it up with Hiku? 
    Kymberli is the one that did it
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:01:15 PM): She starts to call me names like paranoid and bully. 
    Sje evens blackmale in her journal!
    sonicsamus23 (4/26/2006 9:02:06 PM): OK, Sesaka, c'mon, calm down. 
    You need to be level-headed to resolve this stuff.
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:02:13 PM): I just ignore her and her 'friends" but then, 
    while I was noting a couple of friends about it, Hiku sended out spies like Tarks 
    and Bowazz (or something like that) To spy on me
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:03:15 PM): That's the reason why she knows of what i was up to. 
    I'm calm, it's just that meaningless bully thing is leading her to get reported.
    XM (4/26/2006 9:03:31 PM): Why in the world would they need to spy on you? Just 
    don't say anything about it in any of your journals. I can already see this blowing 
    out again and I'm not going to take sides with either one of you on this. 
    XM (4/26/2006 9:04:30 PM): I cant take sides on something so silly over a name calling. 
    That's elementry school stuff. You both are older than that.
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:05:02 PM): I have warned her before I ignored her completly about this, 
    but while she posted such bad stuff on her journal, I just ignored her and her minions. 
    I didn't even respond to Kymjberli's insult. 
    sonicsamus23 (4/26/2006 9:05:18 PM): Same here. The way this needs to be resolved is 
    by just ignoring it until it dies down.
    XM (4/26/2006 9:05:33 PM): So then why are you doing this now? Continue to ignore it. 
    Don't feed into anything
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:06:03 PM): I know, I think this is just plain wrong of her to 
    babble on by insulting me in her journals while I ignore her and her minions
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:06:35 PM): I can give U evidence, if U like ^^
    XM (4/26/2006 9:07:51 PM): No that's alright. I don't really want to know more than 
    I should when you two need to stop this arguing or something.
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:08:46 PM): I didn't argue. I just didn't respond to them, period. 
    Here is the insult that was posted:
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:09:08 PM): Deviant: =Kymberli (#250535623) Date: Apr 24, 2006, 4:06:07 AM 
    Hey I'd just like to ask you, could you please leave Hikari-Starr alone please? At least for a while. 
    It's like... She feels that you're her friend when you're not- I believe her to be totally honest >.> 
    and that's not just because I'm her friend. And that recent comment on a photo of a 
    Daxter poster in a train station made me feel like you're the type of person to be all like 
    'the world revolves around me. I want this, that, and that, too'. 
    Harley does NOT want to be your best friend- you're hassling her. It's like, whenever she does some 
    Light Jak or Dark Jak fanart, you're all like 'OMG OMG OMG' and everything... 
    So, in a nutshell, we both feel that you're... ...How can I put this???.... ... Annoying. 
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:09:28 PM): 
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:09:47 PM): I didn't do anything to Hiku but minding my own beezwax
    XM (4/26/2006 9:10:52 PM): Well then continue to mind your own business. Don't feed into it all
    XM (4/26/2006 9:12:16 PM): I really don't want to see you both arguing again over name calling.
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:12:26 PM): Yep! I did just that. After I told Hiku about the post (and she 
    calls me bully like the other person) and I warned her, she goes on insulting me without 
    using my name in 2 of her journals. One of them is the result of spying
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:12:44 PM): There's 3 things that i know that she released spies on me
    XM (4/26/2006 9:14:01 PM): That was not ignoring it. You went to talk to her. 
    You shouldnt have done that and just ignored it. You should have inquired Kymberli about it, 
    not Hiku. She didn't do it.
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:14:57 PM): 1. My pageviews skyrocketed 2. I saw her so called "Friends" 
    in my recent visitorslist and 3. when I was noting 2 of my friends about her journals, 
    Hiku brought up OUR note conversations about her secret Russian typing she did with her insult 
    in her journal! Yep She and her minions are spyin on me.
    XM (4/26/2006 9:15:57 PM): So the PVs go up and so you have some of her friends "stalking" you. 
    They didn't do anything else did they?
    XM (4/26/2006 9:16:27 PM): And why must you call her friends minions..? 
    That's making her sound like some demon lord or something.... 
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:17:21 PM): But it is soo rude of her to send out spies to spy on my note 
    conversation and report to her of what I just say or somethin like that.
     I dunno of what to call her "Friends" though.

    "Soooooooo-" Liek, whatevar, this iz the reel wrld. Not minions, friends, wondering why the fuck Hikari suddenly wants to leave devianTART from the AIDS. Demon lord is close enough to what she did call Hikari - in one of her shit clubs that shouldn't be running, she put *the devil* where Hiakri used to be in the members list. One of the mamy lulz screencapped for pure evidence if the mods ever really want it.

    sonicsamus23 (4/26/2006 9:17:46 PM): Do you even have proof that they do that?
    XM (4/26/2006 9:18:04 PM): Really. and using "friends" sounds better than minions
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:18:37 PM): Here's the Bully insult journal she did after I warned her. 
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:21:28 PM): Then while I was talking to a friend about the 
    Russian typing and how it's suspicious in our notes, she like knew, right away! 
    I mean Notes are supposed to be secret! That's why I think there's spies 
    that came in and told her about our conversation. http://hikari-starr.deviantart.com/journal/8589027/
    XM (4/26/2006 9:21:43 PM): I do not see your name there. So the word shows up there. 
    Big deal. Everything else was about her day. And I saw no comments down there about it
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:22:14 PM): Like I said, she mentions me, but without saying my name at all!
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:22:32 PM): That "desperate person" is me.
    XM (4/26/2006 9:23:13 PM): Why is it so hard for either one of you to ignore the other? Honestly. 
    Tell me? Why can't you both leave each other alone?
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:24:09 PM): Not anyone else. Since that happened, she's gonna get reported 
    by harassing another person. I ignore her, but she's getting into my business and starts 
    to do those journals.
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:24:50 PM): I didn't even argue with her and yet she keeps on bugging me. 
    She won't leave me alone and I have to follow DA rules.
    XM (4/26/2006 9:25:03 PM): So she does a journal. IGNORE it. You both need to 
    IGNORE each other even if you're talking about one another.
    sonicsamus23 (4/26/2006 9:25:15 PM): *Sigh*
    Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (4/26/2006 9:25:18 PM): sonicsamus23 has left the conference.

    So, even Sesaka’s friend has given up on her. Lol.

    XM (4/26/2006 9:25:19 PM): She didn't bother you either Kymberli did
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:25:20 PM): I did, but she's not
    XM (4/26/2006 9:26:04 PM): Take it up with Kymberli. 
    Hiku didn't start anything. She did. Ask Kymberli about it, not Hiku
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:26:25 PM): Kymberli is one of her spies, though. I'm sorry, 
    I just hope neither of us will get banned, but it's DA rules. 
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:27:19 PM): Do I have to report her for harassment? 
    I mean Dokuro and the others were doing the same thing earlier this year and Dokuro got banned 

    This was over an art thief/neopets fag, not Farty – she does not actually have reel admin powers. "But it's dA's rules?" You wouldn't know dA's rules if Jark printed them out, pasted them onto his probe and shoved them so hard up your ass that you'd still feel it when you're a thousand year old virgin.

    XM (4/26/2006 9:27:44 PM): Then perhaps you did say something to make Kymberli say something. 
    How do I know you did? I don't. 
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:27:47 PM): Hiku's going to suffer the same fate if she dosen't 
    change her attituse towards me
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:28:25 PM): I didn't say anything to Kymberli. She just came, right out of the blue, 
    and insulted me without no reason.
    XM (4/26/2006 9:28:42 PM): I give up on you and her. You both don't listen and I don't 
    care if either her or you got banned. It wont solve this and I'm sick of it all. 
    Can't you both work it out alone in notes? Stop telling everyone else and getting others involved
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:28:46 PM): I mean, I didn't even bother Hiku! She was bigging me, though

    Ooh, bigging, lol, that’s not a werd, getz a dick-tonery. And suffer the same fate? Doesn't change her "attituse?" ARE YOU GOD? *sarcastic surprise plz*

    XM (4/26/2006 9:29:17 PM): As I recall I don't remember her saying anything to start this. 
    It was Kymberli!
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:29:41 PM): Hey, please don't do this...I just need help. 
    I have tried to get her to leave me alone but she won't. I'm sorry

    So, of course, she once again avoids XM’s good advice, and keeps going on with the victimization shit. Note: XM and Sesaka are not actually friends. PLZ DONUT CONFUZZ, I KNOW ITZ HARD.

    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:30:40 PM): After Kymberli said this, I noted Hiku why. 
    She said that she and Kymberli thinks I'm annoying all because I was being affectionate 
    towards her by adding her to by Best Friends List

    Because she felt stupid and didn’t want to be associated there.

    XM (4/26/2006 9:30:47 PM): Then ignore it. It's not that hard to do. Stop watching her, 
    her journals, everything and you won't have to hear anything about her again and 
    if someone cames around starting something again, take it up with the person not Hiku 
    because its more than likely the person trying to start something
    XM (4/26/2006 9:31:27 PM): Maybe she was just having a bad day. 
    I get mad and say mean things sometimes to my own friends but I tell them I'm sorry.
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:31:29 PM): That's exactly of what i'm gonna do. 
    I;m beefing up my security on my account and hopes that she won't try to ban me.

    You cannot “beef up on security” over being banned, unless you commit ban evasion, which she obviously would have. Uh durrr. 8B

    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:33:01 PM): But then, I reported her and Kymberli for harassmant. 
    I don't know if her other "friends" will try and ban me for that.

    Whay yes, they are her friends. Sesaka’s “watchers” did the same thing. Hypocrite plz! And you can't report people for reporting their friends, dumbass, or you'd be perma-banned from the internet.

    XM (4/26/2006 9:33:17 PM): I don't think she wants to do that and you don't know that. 
    Neither one of you has done anything that calls for banning and I'm sure the DA admins are 
    probably getting sick of you two arguing about silly things and sending in banning notes or 
    whatever they are
    SesakaTH (4/26/2006 9:34:25 PM): I'm cool. I don't think no ones getting sick and 
    tired of this but Hiku and her people. To me it's just another life obstacle.
    XM (4/26/2006 9:35:58 PM): Then maybe I'm one of her people too because I am 
    getting sick of you two arguing over silly little elementary school things.

    The Russian typing when we asked Hikari said ‘some people never grow up.’ Sesaka at the time was admitting that she was a little kid herself. Her profile said ’19, but with a mind of 5 year old nya harr’ or something stupid like that. Clearly, she was being honest. In fact, Hikari was then called a brat in a backlash of notes Sesaka sent out to her own friends. I was one of the unfortunate people to find it in my inbox, I deleted it on contact before I could rape her with every reason since 100 years ago on why she fails. Life obstacle? It is the internet, you are a fag, get over it, this will happen a lot to people like you.

    Hikari’s backlash: [4] [5]

    “Secret Russian typing” - she didn't even know what the fuck it was until she was told.

    некторые люди ведут себя не по возросту.. <How controversial.

    Happy Birthday

    When Sesaka foolishly wished happy birthday to Hikari after she told Sesaka to leave her the fuck alone, controversy sprouted once more. Hikari replied: "Thanks... in an unforgiving way." Sesaka, being the clueless fag she is, had no idea what this meant, and decided to reply - how many fails are we up to here? This even caused admins to go on the fucking page. However, this provied lulz to innocent bystanders.

    You want lolz too?

    The tl;dr Speech, released in October, 2005

    SesakaHeart said the following:

    Please read all of this and understand of how I feel and what I'm trying to do to end this chaos.

    I am liek Louisiana, being battered by hurricances. I don't want all that to happen all because of a measly past. If the past starts to haunt every bit of me and others and other total strangers have to say bad things about me liek "you're a selfish, ignorant,paranoid,lame, stupid son of a BLEEP" Then I have to tighten up security of my account somehow. Yes, I have memorized them negative names they have called me and pput it into one sentence. I don't want anyone to make my matters worse. The past is OVER WITH. And I don't want it to rise up from it's grave. Lets all forget the ugly, misunderstood past and live in harmony without heartbreak and people going at my bloody and scarred throat. I was going to make an end to this past with a promise, but it all FAILED. The evil past rampages and summons total strangers to call me terrible names and hurt me even more! That's why the Support the Lyrval campeign still lives on. To help me find a PEAEKEEPER that will give me some FRIENDLY advice and not calling me names. Iff I've been bullied any further, then

    Sticks and stones Will break my bones But words will NEVER hurt me.

    All I need is peace and harmony and it came out disasterous. My positinve emotions are deteriating away and leaving me as a bloody, scarred kitten. ;_; This is not a hate joirnal. It's my journal to tell of how I feel and to easily forget the past that happened in a half a year ago. The past has to go. The past has to be forgotten. We have to stop the past from making more people hate me and bullying me around. I'm hurt and them Past's Blamers are blaming me, bullying me, not giving me any good advice. ll I want is to SIMPLY APOLOGIZE and now it got smashed by Past's Haters

    My friends, please comfort me. Don't go after the bullies, just comfort me. :cling: I don't want this to be never ending, the past lingering above like the bubopnic plague that it really is. I didn't mean to hurt, I was just trying to love, to show that I understand other's pain...and it is thrown away. Please, friends, I am insecure. They're coming to get me and riun my life even more. This internet isn't helping me show my true feelings. Right now, I'm typing, forcing myself not to cry. And that's reality. Is anyone that is understanding, caring, reliable, and is a peacekeeper that will help me take advice. I will thank them dearly without any harm that others do. others that are spawned from the angry words from other's journals telling about the PAST that was forgotten and was over with. Let them hate journals come to an end and the past forgotten forever. To make everyone happy. Happiness counts. To tell the truth, I am a Philosopher in training. I can understand more, I can care, I can go on. I wish this war and chaos will end with a flash od love, peace, hope, and responsibility. I had said this soo many times because offending people won't understanding me is I just made a small lecture. I may not be good at words, but I can speak for myself and for my friends ONLY. I'm not of what they think I am. I am never a criminal. But I am accused for a crime that I was trying to prevent. I need to stop this war that involves about the past ASAP so everyonr will be happy just liek B4 any of the ever happened. I felt lost, like a stray kitten that is going to be uthanized (sp) any moment now. This battered, bloody, and scarrd kitty cat needs strong support from friends and a peacekeeper.

    I remember this time there was a smaller conflict than this huge one. And, all thanks to ~Tarka for helping me and ~Hikari-Starr, everything went to it's peaceful state. He is a peacekeeper. :hug: I would liek to thank him for helping me to end that conflict. And now, I really need help again. a Hero to save this hostage from yet another disaster that is heading this way. To save me from humiliation yet again. If there's no one that will help me there. I will leave DA and come back right around 2006. I have other art places I ...rarely...go to. I have an idea to cheer me up and it involves friendship, but I need all of my friends only to read this. My friends ONLY. Then later, I'll put on the Support the Lyrval Campeign art contest. Just for fun, to forget about the past, and for a good dose of friendship to cheer me ep. Hey. I'm not using my friends as puppets, I am asking for support and ideas to make it. So I would like to thank all of my friends for caring about me in the Support the Lyrval deviation. Most of all I thank =yugirock for caring about me and trying to cheer me up. :hug::heart: I hope anyone can understand this ;_; :crying:

    tl;dr summary

    Though is there any actual explanation to this "war"? No. Is there namecalling? Yes. And for the record, Tarka was a friend of Hikari-Starr, so someone got their facts muddled up again. Discuss?

    Does Sesaka Have Fans?

    ...you've got to be kidding me.

    Last time I herd, watching that many people is dA overkill and is a bannable offence. And at THAT rate, 670/672 MUST be pitywatching or dead/joke accounts.

    Remeberez to love her, or you gonna get banned

    Sesaka does not support people worshipping her. Nope.

    ...Even this shit stamp doesn't exist.

    Why anyone would use it? No reason comes to mind.

    Neither does she think her art is better than anything.

    She also has no idea on why the fuck she is on the internet, here, she asks if it's okay to post on her xanga, which, once more, is used like a whore on a friday night to advertise her shit/should be banned by now deviantART account.

    Of course, everyone ignores her on xanga, as there iz no buttonz to be a fave/watch whore. ):

    Her lame xanga.jpg

    And of course her grandma will find this shit art cute - she's Sesaka's only real fan, after all:

    File:4 Grandma over at Ohio by SesakaHeart 002.jpg


    Werechu fap

    Lol, conned
    File:Werechu lulz.png
    Halping out a bit too much, there? Or cheating, as they say?

    Did I forget to mention that Sesaka and Werechu are besties?

    " After I cheered my dragon buddy up, he requested me to make this for him as a present to cheer him up. He's been troubled by flamers and I've seen them in action." Uh, lol, seems a whore for a whore. They probably fap secretly in their mom's rooms in order to communicate with one another.

    Funny how she can do this to everyone and not realise when it's done to her. It's also lol that he has to make a journal to force her pageviews up - she's. just. that shit. Of course, this fucktard is just an example of how Sesaka reacts to people.

    Like her = she'll ban people for you.

    Don't like = she'll ban you.

    As being Werechu's biatch, she flies off on a harassment rampage every time he cries 'help'. He tells her to watch/stalk people, to keep an eye out for wannabe victims, she stalks, posts shit-ass comments, all in the hope to get an inflamed reaction from said victim and therefore allowing for Werecunt and all his minions to flame and report 'victim' for harassment = banhammered! ('cos they all suck Realitysquared's maggotty dick).

    Various and fun facts about SesakaHeart! :D

    • She can only talk about Jak games - anything else is illrelevant
    • She can also not spell - preferrably "liek" and usernames.
    • She has an IQ of negative 1000 - she made that graduation journal up, there was no special art markers from her mom either
    • She has a problem with Australians - probably because they wouldn't fuck her
    • She's an undercover dA mod - you just can't see it, only she knows
    • She believes you only leave dA when you're an emo - let's hope she converts soon
    • She is secretly raptor Jesus - srsly
    • She is a an hero by default

    Gallery of Lulz

    Her Website

    Fart's website contains shit fanarts and many lulz. The Life Struggles section being beyond lol in complete shittiness. As a random fact: it failed so hard to touch the community that three people died from AIDS in the first two days.

    [http://sesakaheart.deviantart.com devianTART page For lulz. Go to journals.]


    Her very shit website in general, complete with horrifying ID.

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