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    Atomic.gif Warning!
    Be warned! If you are not "Down with the clowns" and their Faggo-drinking, makeup-wearing ways, then you're on his shit list!. Oh noes!

    File:SerialKillaC lolwut.jpg
    KillaC will hunt you down.

    SerialKillaC is an internet tough guy and raving faggot Juggalo. He is 20 years old and does not have a moment to spare. Initially discovered by ED's crack research team while preparing the Juggalo article, it is now felt that this lolcow merits his own page.


    In this bold manifesto, killac bravely dons a sock mask and denounces people who want to be Juggalos but not "take it in". These guys are pussies who are just going to take away your weed, your coke, or whatever! He then threatens Eminem and 50 Cent from the peril of his mom's basement. His mad freestyle skills are way off the muthafuckin' hook! WORD.


    Compromising his secret identity weeks later, SerialKillaC gives out his LAST WARNING. Listen up!


    After watching these two videos, did you wonder "What does KillaC think about American politics and life in general"? Of course you did! And now is your chance to plunge in the brilliant mind of SerialKillaC! Noam Chomsky, best step the FUCK off!

    Notice how he confuses bombing with hijacking a plane and launching it into a tower. That and he calls W "dude" while discussing his daddy issues.

    Memorable Quotes

    This is the last warning I'm giving all you motherfuckers fore I hunt you down like the motherfucking DC sniper himself


    —SerialKillaC on internet tough guy disease

    For every one Emo, there is like 20 Juggalos. For every one Metalhead there is about one, Juggalo. Cuz Metalheads are Juggalos within their deep souls They just don't know it yet


    —Serial on how ICP is equatable with metal

    50 Cent? You've been shot once but you've never been hit with a .50 caliber slug have you motherfucker? Cuz that's who I am. I'm .50 caliber slug SerialKillaC'


    —Serial, finest words spoken

    Lulzy juggalo reactions

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