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Flag of Serbia
Goodnight, sweet prince

Serbia (also known as Sergaya, Serbitchia or Gayistan) is a nation of Turks and Albanians with small dicks, beautiful men who are chronically submissive to everything that moves. It is also the only country to have an exclusively gay population. Serbs believe themselves to be a "celestial nation" or Jew, although their Turkish genes always gives them away. Their name is derived from "servus" which is Latin for slave or servant. Serbia also did the phenomenal achievement of starting 4 wars in 8 years and losing them all. Serbia went into the wars owning a lot of land given to them by the British, and came out having nothing but bleeding assholes. They loved it and they want more.

Serbia is the gay capital of Europe and enjoys gay visitors from all across the world. Serbia's main exports are bottled Albanian cum, pedophiles, and shit-eating champions. The most intelligent Serb is Boris Malagurski, the famous Wikipedia sockpuppeteer.

Serbia's new famousest person is a totally HAWTT 23-year-old blonde MP who is a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon, and an Amazon who could crush your skull with her totally BUILT thighs. You know a country's schools suck when they produce 23 year old doctors.


Serbs introducing rakia drinking custom to German tourists.
Serbs defending themselves against fanatical grandmothers.
Serbia's main export

Serbia had no known written history until the early 20th century, except what other countries, such as ancient Rome, said about them. No one in Serbia could read or write, and indeed, even today literacy is less than one percent.

Serbia bears complete responsibility for causing World War I and World War II as well as Communism. On 28 June 1914, a Serbian guy jumped out and shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, who was riding along in a parade. This immediately caused WWI to begin. Because pre-Communist Russia was busy with the war they couldn't prevent the 1917 Russian Revolution. Then, the border rearrangements after WWI got half of Europe completely pissed off, especially the Germans, so WWII began a little while later. Thus, Serbia should be held accountable for hundreds of millions of deaths, including the few hundred of the so-called "holocaust."

Serbia was a nice place a while ago, since it was a first country to be declared Judenfrei but than Commies ruined everything and Kikes came again.

The people of Serbia gang-banged (note: it was not rape, as they yelled 'surprise!') Hep and thus she had a child at 15 years of age. Anyway, gang-banging has a long history in Serbia. In the mid-nineties, Serbs that lived in Bosnia were pissed that they couldn't enjoy roast pork, so they asked for help from their big neighbor. Being refused, the Serbian troops entered the Islamic parts of Bosnia in order to wipe out every Muslim that dared to appear in the center of the AK 47's reticule. The Muslims got heavily pwned and since that day, pork is available again. Momentarily, Serbia is pissed due to death of their much-idolized former president Slobby Milosevic, a very fine man whose habit of slaughtering people and having their flesh fed to Albanian kids might appear strange to some people. If you are one of these people, you need a cultural sensitivity class. Serbs also have a tendency to blame Shqiptars for their problems. Kosovo, previously a southern province of Serbia, has finally decided to declare their independence. Of course, Serbia still thinks of them as their bitches, and Russia is with them, so there will probably be fun times. But honestly, Russia fucks Serbia on a daily basis. They make sweet lemon faggy juice.


Serbian architecture
Serbian president Niko Bellic-became popular after his role in GTA IV.

Serbian people are constantly crazed about stealing land in Europe which leads them to never shut up about the Yugoslav wars. Scientific research clearly show that serbs are sexually aroused by war and death. They possess a disorder all Serbs have which is their sexual desire towards the now dead Slobodan Milosevic & his anti-Bosnian speeches; to find them they use the internets videos featured on YouTube (which they wank off to every night) since they have a strong interest in necrophilia.

Serbia has a very skewed image of reality thus causing them to think their country "PAWNZZZ." Serbians often brag because their country fired one missile at the NATO forces, but really never admit that they were defeated when NATO fired their shit back; Serbians will continue to insult anyone who doesn't think the same way, but they secretly know their country is the smelliest shit hole in all of the Balkans. Most Serbs have absolutely absurd and impractical names such as Bojan, Sasko, Djordjevic or Shithead. It's well known that Serbians have massive cocks the world's hueeeegest ego, thus loving to show their Serbian pride by waving their national flag with its stolen colors at any given time or lying about their dick size on ED.

The Serbian rite of passage usually occurs at the age of 19, and is defined as the first time that a Serbian can go to the toilet without covering themselves in shit. Any Serbian who manages this earlier parades this fact around, and is often an icebreaker at fancy parties. Indeed, the Ottomans humored themselves by finding the youngest person to achieve this, a tradition that is still ongoing. Today, the competition (through the aid of mechanical devices and genetics) has revealed the youngest person to be 14 years old. Following the tradition, each new record breaker is crowned King of the Serbians, the latest title holder is Tomislav Nikolić.


A Serbian Film is considered by many to be the highest achievement of Serbian culture.
Leading Serbian hipster porn star creates a documentary on proud Serbian traditions.


The average wage in Serbia is able to cover the costs of food, alcohol, shelter, drugs, and the traditional daily blowjob. Blowjob workers make up a considerable amount of the public sector workforce, and recently heavy competition from Albania has driven down prices, forcing blowjob workers to suck even harder.

Other jobs with high numbers of employed include car window cleaning, selling phonebooks and newspapers to moving cars, and selling drugs. The last profession is the highest paid in Serbia, and is mostly done as an attempt to earn enough money to leave the country.

Camwhores and rap music are also quickly developing industries, although the poor quality of both has led to little breakthrough in international markets.


Kebab Removalist
Serbian women use their super powered tits to destroy invaders.

Serbia is a cesspit for people from all over the world. One of the most common subgroup are the gypsies. And no, these are not those "weird people who live in tents and read your palm for $10" gypsies. They can usually be seen rummaging through trash cans, riding horse-pulled carriages down busy roads and raping girls in alleys. Their most defining features are lack of teeth, lack of limbs, lack of language understandable to human beings, clothes which are third-hand at best, an odor that can knock a pigeon out over 100 yards away and a mean look whenever they pass you on the street.

The Serbian gypsy is a mix of a hobo and the worst kind of black person. Nevertheless, they are a recognized mystical force which gives Serbia its legendary fame, so every Serb follows the ancient custom of offering their firstborn daughter to the first Gypsy cock.

If a Gypsy in Serbia stops you in the street and says he has to go to toilet, here is what to do:

  1. Stay calm
  2. Call your Serbian friend and tell them you ran into a Gypsy
  3. They will arrive ASAP and open their mouth in front of the Gypsy's penis and/or anus. It is considered a great honour in Serbia to show your place in racial hierarchy in this way.

Other minorities include niggers, recent arrivals. They quickly cornered the Serbian bride market and can be commonly seen raping Serbs' wives in their plain sight.

Sexual minorities

A typical Serb has conflicted feelings about his homosexuality

Serbia for Tourists

There are also some further tips for other budding foreigners whom wish to travel to this failed state.

  • While driving a car that has a Croatian plate on it, if you park it and go into a store in Serbia, 5 minutes later you will find the car to be pissed on, with their raped firstborn lying on top. This is considered a warning, after which it is advised that you make eye contact with them. This will make them offer their butt for penetration, which is a custom reflecting their geopolitical history.
  • Positive feelings towards any country other than Serbia, or their Master, is considered to be in poor taste. Saying that anybody owns Kosovo other than Serbia may cause them to cry. Submissive fags are often very possessive of their masters.

Turbo Folk

Pics of Serbs

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