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100px SephirothPrincess941 is an Epic Lolcow
One page alone is not enough...
Read about her lesbian cybersex adventures with an 11 year old girl
Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

SephirothPrincess941 being ttly hardcore.

SephirothPrincess941 (powerword Emina) is a pathetic devianTartlet from Priština, Kosovo, currently living in Subotica, Serbia who brings being an Otaku to a whole new level of retardedness. In true attention whore style she is a fabulous artist, an outspoken feminazi, yaoi fangirl and above all - worships a god from the anime Naruto named "Jashin". She encourages her fellow lunatics to cut themselves and abort fetuses as a sacrifice to him (And no, that is not a joke.)

Her Religion - Jashinism

Ultimate proof of her batshit-flavored insanity is her hatred of religion coupled with her worship of an anime god, Jashin from the anime Naruto. Being from Naruto isn't the only thing that makes Jashinism the stupidest religion since Scientology. The cult focuses on masochism, slaying non-believers, and sacrificing kittens in the name of Jashin. Of course SephirothPrincess941 and the rest of Jashin's IRL followers are too pussy to do any of those things, so they settle for talking about doing these things.

Jashinism is a religion practiced by Hidan of the Anime/Manga Naruto which requires a masochistic love and self harm, and stresses that anything less than death and utter destruction is a sin.

I stress that the religion's laws require that you understand the pain of others, therefore giving a person the right to give that same pain. That means that you cannot kill someone unless you are dead or have been killed (which is perfect for Hidan as he is immortal), thus requireng one to harm themself as a sacrifice everyday.

Another requirement is that you pray to "Lord Jashin" (litteraly: evil god or evil heart)every day. The symbol worn on a neaklace by Jashinists in that of an upside-down triangle inside a circle (I've been told it is the fire-sign).

The laws of pain:

1- Those who do not join our religion will die by the hands of those who have.

2-You must harm yourself as dedication. (Pain= Pleasure)

3-For those who do not understand the pain of others have no right to inflict that pain elsewhere.



She finally admits she got it all from Naruto but dislikes the rules. Basically, she's continuing this charade to avoid admitting that being a narutard is retarded, as the name implies.

After extensive research on Jashinism, we can highlight some rather more lulzy aspects of the "religion", made even moar lulzy by the fact that SephirothPrincess believes she is a devout follower of the rules set out in it:

  1. SephirothPrincess is very understanding of the pain of others. So much so, that she always attempts to one-up somebody with her own bullshit whenever somebody calls her out for behaving like a gigantic faggot. SHE WAS ALMOST RAEPED U KNOW!
  2. As far as we know, she's not immortal. But knowing our wonderful Tartlet drama whore, she'll probably spew out some angsty weeaboo shit like "I'M ALREADY DEAD ON THE INSIDE, MY HEART SEPPUKU'D A LONG TIEM AGO!!1111"
  3. The above passage suggests that "Jashin" is a spiritual entity, not to take any kind of tangible form. By saying that she worships Orochimaru, she's suggesting that he's the physical embodiment of Lord Jashin and therefore worshipping false idols simply because she wants to deepthroat all 2 inches of his 2 dimensional penis.
  4. Despite SephirothPrincess being a ridiculous emo faggot, we see no evidence of self harm although this is apparently a requirement of Jashinism. Pics or it didn't happen, bitch. She has finally uploaded a self harm picture which can now be viewed in her gallery! Good job nigger, 2 out of 5 isn't bad!
  5. The only other part she seems to have correct is slaying the non believers.

In conclusion Jashinism is like every other religion which has ever existed.

Since she's been barraged with a veritable feast of "JASHIN DOESN'T EXIST, PROVE ME WRONG." comments, SP has also provided us with concrete evidence of Jashin's existance. Marvel at the fuckin' miracles she has experienced under this wonderful, caring, sharing "god":

Use scrollbar to see the full image

SP undeniable proof Jashin exists.png
Sounds legit.

Versus Other Religions



—Followed by ...

Jashinists aren't allowed to kill for our own satisfaction, because that is a sin.


—What a shame ...

But the real question is - is she doing this to troll Godfags or is does she actually worship an emo cartoon character? Amazingly Predictably the latter turned out to be true.

SP claims that Jashinism is part of Shinto and has been around for 4000 years, but when called on her bullshit she fails to provide any proof of this. When confronted about her choice in religion, she almost always assumes her attacker to be Christian/Atheist and calls Christianity false, when the majority of trolls are not religious. She believes that Christianity and Atheism are the same thing and that non-Jashinists should die and go to hell. She demands that people respect her religion, but constantly bad-mouths Christianity.

Ironically for someone who despises Christianity, she bears striking similarities to a Christian. Much like a priest whose pastime is molesting young boys on a daily basis, she believes it's acceptable to act like a complete cunt as long as she's apologetic to Jashin.

Don't compare your stupid atheism (you call it Christianity) with Jashinism, cuz it ain't the same.


—SephirothPrincess941, reaching a new level of stupidity.

Jashin, kill!!!!!!!!!


—SephirothPrincess941, not getting it.

Reason 1-Where is he when we need him?

Reason 2-I'm bored with this stupid religion

Reason 3-It doesn't fill my heart with happiness

Reason 4-I hate praying to something that I really hate now

Reason 5-It's stupid


—What kind of dick "savior" doesn't ask for his followers to kill the non-believers and sacrifice innocents?

As an internet tough guy with the power to command an omnipotent and vengeful god, SephirothPrincess is a pretty cool guy and as such has no desire for your sympathy. So naturally, when questioned on why she's such an asspie when there are plenty of people who have suffered but gone on to live relatively normal lives she gave a well thought out, truthful and perfectly rational response:

It's amazing she can be so flippant about rape considering it turned her into a fucking fruitcake according to her.
Because I love to write sooo much....

Excuse? Darling, I was almost raped twice as a child, always abused, physically and emotionally, always hated by the people I was surrounded, I was never loved, and do you need any other excuse?



SephirothPrincess941 has genuinely suffered the trauma of being almost raped so she has the right to be a fucktard. Or something.

Her "art"

SephirothPrincess941's writing is pretty typical for a fan-girl. Despite being a permanent virgin, she likes to write about making passionate love with Orochimaru.

"...I gave birth to a beautiful girl... She had light skin, and dark hair, with red patterns.....

... later,one night,when she was 3, Orochimaru and I were making passionate love... He was all sighing and screaming, he was so loud.... And in the middle of it, our little girl entered the room.

She:Mommy, what's with daddy??Is something hurting him?? she asked. She was all wondering, and she held her teddy bear in her hand.

Me:No,daddy's OK...

Oro:I'm fine,pumpkin...

She:Are you two playing a game? Can I play too???

Me:You will play this game one day, when you grow up just a little bit....

Orochimaru came off me,and he put some underwear on. I did the same.

Orochimaru:Come here, my darling...

He took her on his chest, and lied down on the bed,close to me. We were cuddling 4 a while, and then we all fall asleep...."


—SephirothPrincess941's creepy fanfiction. Bawleeted, ban-worthy material.

"I'm so proud of this one......."

When she's not busy fantasizing about a 3 year old walking in on her playing hide the sausage with Orochimaru and cuddling up to him partially clothed with a semi, SephirothPrincess941 has a mellower side which she uses to create some of her more kawaii drawn pieces.

Unfortunately for her, not everyone is a Narutard with a questionable outlook on what constitutes art. That being said, when some kind soul informed her that the proportions were incorrect and deformed she began to bawww about never asking for critique (although rectum tonguing comments are gratefully received, lol) and went on to state that he should read up on what a fucking chibi is as proportions don't matter with them as long as they have large enough eyes to look sugoi desu.

Or even, learn what chibi is.


—-SP on lernin2chibi

Her friends

Amazingly, a few people actually tolerate SephirothPrincess941's faggotry. One such friend, dlausactor6373, is a white knight who SephirothPrincess believes possesses the power to ban people, despite him being non-subscriber with zero authority. She has begged him to ban a member who reported her friend for being under 13, which is against the rules. Not caring about DA policy, SephirothPrincess proceeded to BAWWW when dlausactor told her there was nothing he could do, even accusing him of "protecting that asshole from getting ban in the ass". It appears that her kindness towards friends quickly turns to rudeness when she doesn't get what she wants.

Sometime last thursday, SephirothPrincess threw a massive shit fit directed at her friend Kabutolover334. The exact details as to why are unknown, but it is believed that a friend of Kabutolover334 had declared her love for Orochimaru in her signature, causing SP to fly into a jealous rage. It is most probable that SP turned on Kabutolover334 for defending the other fan-girl. The next day, SP apologized to Kabutolover334, blaming her shit fit on PMS.

There aren't any other notable friends of SephirothPrincess', except for another weeaboo by the name of superkawaiinya. Further proving that she's an insufferable cunt IRL, SP claims to have a fuckton of E-friends simply because she's such an outstanding writer.

During an intelligent and allegorical exchange with her close E-friend superkawaiinya HAHAHA, DISREGARD THAT, IT'S A TROLL, SephirothPrincess got onto the highly unlikely topic of school exchange programs and possibly visiting the grorious nation of Nippon. When presented with the option of either visiting Japan or Britfagland, SephirothPrincess inevitably selected Japan as the country of choice. She even went on to add that if she were to visit England, she'd seppuku. So if you're particularly fond of SephirothPrincess, you know what you must do.

God Hates Men - but not Fags

Gheys are dericious!
I support homosexuality because they're basically women anyway.
"YOU'RE SO BAKA! BTW, can I fap to you?"

SephirothPrincess is a feminazi. But not just any feminazi. Unlike most of them she believes that men are nothing more than tools for all those nights of hot action she could've received from willing participants but declined because she's just too pure. Amazingly she managed to break men's hearts through sex just as they broke hers, despite being a virgin.

Due to her terrible attitude and being a complete fucktard, SephirothPrincess941 fails at relationships with real boys. Then one day she laid eyes on the Naruto character Orochimaru, and eventually fell in love with his image. Since the character turned out to be a total prick in the anime, she is only in love with an imaginary, perfect version of him that lives in her heart. Basically, she's batshit insane. Obviously the problem with falling in love with an imaginary man, besides being really fucking pathetic, is that imaginary men can't fuck.

But being the genius that she is, SephirothPrincess941 devised a solution: She would find IRL men to have casual, NSA sex with, but stay emotionally devoted to her one true love. What she doesn't realize is that having casual sex makes you a dirty slut, eventually leading to the AIDS. Since becoming a Jashinist however, SP has sworn never to have sex, doing the human population a huge favor.

SP completely rejects any notion of finding an IRL relationship. She is man-hater with unrealistic expectations that no man short of her imaginary Orochimaru could live up to.

Oh, you mean the one I'm just gonna use and leave behind then? I don't think so. Not a single man on this shitty planet is worth me.


—No man is that worthless.

Oooooh I LOVE teh Gheys!

Yet another strange feature of her strain of feminazism is her love of faggots. For some strange reason men fucking women is sick, women breaking mens hearts (and cocks) is radical and liberated but sweaty man-on-man action is kawaii desu =^_^=!!1! Just like that faggot from the Sakuracon commercial. We can only hope that she's apprehended by Fred Phelps for being a fag enabler.

She's always insistent that men are all insensitive cunts, but gay men are the "purest form of man" because they're kawaii together and yaoi makes quality fap material. When asked whether or not she was supportive of gay relationships, SephirothPrincess was quick to respond that yaoi is her number one source of fap material. When called out for implying homosexuality and yaoi are the same thing she had a shitfit saying that those cruel, heartless trolls are inciting homophobia despite her wishing death upon people in the name of her fictional "God" on a daily basis.

When presented with a gay man that had the audacity to disagree with her and suggest that gay men are more than her personal fucktoys for her filthy, voyeuristic needs, she reverted to generic feminazi mode and spouted moar shit about men being dumb cunts again. When she was eventually pwned into a corner about the whole retarded concept of despising men, loving gays and the desire to hump a fictional God, she went on to say that she wants to bone Orochimaru because he's her ultimate fantasy man. This of course makes all of her stories about hoardes of men asking her to be their bukkake centerpiece because she's so ridiculously beautiful, all the more believeable.

When some good and handsome boy comes to me(and he comes to me only), I'll except the SOB, gain his trust and love, use him just to feel good again, and then leave him. Just like I left my first Bf.


—SephirothPrincess941 on having a loose, flappy, bucket vagina.

Buddy, it's scientifically tested and proved-females are smarter than males.


—SephirothPrincess941, too stupid for science.

Men are total shit, as far as I saw in my life.....


—SephirothPrincess941, at the wise old age of 16.

There are good men, but they turn into shit in the end.


—Having sampled just about every man in the world, SephirothPrincess941 has come to an indisputable conclusion.

Men are evil!! I tried not to think that way, but you can't help them. They are mean. Even the best male friend, best partner, good and caring will hurt you in the end. They just love to do it!

The real reason why men won't talk to me-they don't appreciate natural beauty.



—SephirothPrincess941 on why men aren't interested in a batshit insane manbearpig.

The Murder/Abortion Drama

So you're one of them who thinks that unborn children aren't living beings. I hate those people.



SephirothPrincess usually has incomprehensible slips of the tongue that impede on her ability to formulate a proper counter argument. Because of her inability to lern2English, she often causes massive communication errors. This error however, was intentional. Deliberately attempting to enlarge her E-clitoris without the proper apparatus yet again, she openly declared that she has killed for Lord Jashin before.

SP revealed her "victim" to be a foetus when a troll refuted that she had ever killed anything human. Enraged that the statement would make her "murder" appear considerably less HRADCROE if what she had purportedly murdered was nothing more than cells/an incomplete human, she expressed her haet for pro choicers who didn't consider a foetus to be a human being. Of course, the problem with openly declaring you're a murderer in this situation is that you're insinuating that you beat the living shit out of a pregnant woman and caused them to miscarry. Because SP's communication skills are severely lacking, the entire conversation lasted over 9000 times longer than it should have.

Eventually it was made clear the way she had executed the "murder". An Amerifag whore had gotten knocked up accidentally and decided that once her boyfriend ran for the fucking hills that she didn't want to be a single mother after all. SP, with the power of life and death in her hands, advised her friend to have an abortion, one that made a delicious sacrifice to Jashin. She even went on to say that if Lord Jashin wanted her to have children, then he would allow her to in the future when he deemed her suitable mother material (does this sound at all familiar?)

Use scrollbar to see the full image

SP abortion.jpg
My plan is failing! ABORTABORTABORT.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

SP abortion 2, Electric Boogaloo.jpg
Foetuses make quality sacrifices.

So liek, she pissed blood everywhere and had a miscarriage on webcam. Received a skullfuck punch from SP. Aborted. I DUNNO LOL.

Her reaction to this article

"Yeah. She is a bit of a twat after all, lol."

Just when you thought this lolcow's udders were at full capacity, she reached critical mass when she finally broke down and unleashed her virgin with rage fury over this article. In the past she's always insisted that "OMJ I TTLY DUNT CAER WAT U TROLLZ TIHNK OK?111 U TROLLZ R JSUT PAGEVIEWS ^____^". After a whole torturous fucking week of having her own article she wrote a bawww journal crying about how pageviews are a lot less appealing to her all of a sudden. Being the bright young prodigy that she is, it didn't dawn on her that bawww journals make for delicious trollbait.

Jashin is disappoint.

Once it was flooded with comments exposing her faggotry and logical fallacies that even her "love of writing" couldn't even begin to contend with, instead of just flagging everything as spam as usual, she bawleeted the journal in typical tartlet fashion. Not to worry SP, we screencapped the shit out of it just to jog your memory. There was a rather TL;DR exchange with her E-BFF "Dei Girl" over SP's faggy journal. Initially coming on the scene to whiteknight for her, she was brought round to the indisputable conclusion that her friend was actually acting like a huge dumbass. Yes, even her best friend thinks she's behaving like a stupid cunt.

When the journal saga was over she thought she'd take a more direct approach and conscript her pussywhipped whiteknights to try and blank this article. Since her whiteknights are clearly newfags who don't know shit about wikis, their changes were swiftly reverted, so the fucktards inevitably went back to the drawing board. They then had a brainwave that being internet tough guys would surely scare off those mean trolls!11

Her full time whiteknight dlausactor6373 decided that he couldn't just stand by and watch his precious young damsel in distress suffer any longer and resorted to threats that even an 11 year old loli would fucking howl at. Her part timer SMS00 (the same faggot who thought blanking this article under an identical username would work) decided that uploading crude drawings depicting himself and his E-friends pwning trolls IRL would be a moar effective deterrent.

Eventually, SP accepted her fate and resigned herself to the fact that her articles lifespan would probably outlive this silly Narutard phase of hers. So she making progress, right? Wrong. She believes divine intervention is the reason why her pageviews are shooting up faster than a desperate crackwhore. If she truly believes Jashin is punishing her with >9000 trolls, this just further proves that she is so much of an asspie she's completely incapable of adhering to a religion derived from Naruto that plagiarises values from just about every other srs religion in existance. (This is pretty lulzy considering she cherrypicks which rules she'd like to adhere to on a whim).

Ban (Evasion)

How her narutard buttbuddies reacted when they discovered she was b&- "LEAVE HER ALONE!!1"
ZOMG I'm so sorry!! Plz don't B& me again!1!!

Following a hot and heavy Narutard cybering session with TheBestJashinistEVA, the deviantART staff finally grew tired of SP's antics and smote her account. Like any good lolcow, Jashin's Little Angel was not deterred - she created a new account only hours later, making no attempt to conceal the evasion and assuring her "happy people" that the ban was unjust and brought about by the work of assholes.

SP is fully aware that she faces yet another ban, and threatens to leave dA forever if this happens. Only time will tell. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, as of 27th October 2010, SP has been reinstated as an upstanding member of dA. Hallelujah!


SP's Gallery of Fail About missing Pics
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No amount of sportswear is going to make her seem any thinner.
Is she cosplaying or does she actually show her face in public looking like this?

Skype:emithekitty Abandoned.
New Skype: angel-in-yomi
E-mail: [email protected]
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