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Semiotic Forums are a lulworthy Australian based affair dictated by Islamic extremist Sayf Udeen. They were created in November 2007, but the admins staged a hack for lulz and drama. Today they have re-opened on Zetaboards software and more and more closed minded 1337 kiddies, liberals, vegetarians and homosexuals are joining every day.

Sayf Udeen

The only book Sayf Udeen's 4 wives and at least 100 children can read.

Semi-liberal and semi-conservative this Muslim like any good Muslim believes everything must be his way or things will get blown up. He is not used to lulz as they are not permitted in Islam and considered worse than pre-marital Sex. He is married to four women, Rola, A'shadieeyah, Zara and Amira and has over 9000 children. His favorites are Abdul-Majeeb, Jasheed and Osama Bin Laden. He also hates Atheists and Americunts.



[email protected] - This girl can't spell. She's destined to fail for the rest of her days and knows it. She puts exclamation marks randomly in the middle of sentences. According to her profile she is afterall a 16 year old girl.

*Leb-Muslima* - Immigrant Muslim born in Lebanon. She posted the Australia day topic trying to fit in. She failz at English and probably will forever. Also secretly likes being hit on by a Lesbian member.

Don't-Ride-Stick - Your run of the mill Lesbian man-hater. She describes her political view as being a Feminazi and is always on her rags.

Cobbsta - Always the nuetral party and is rarely game to give an extreme position. Will not admit defeat at times and at those same times not give you a valid argument to work with. The knowledge he does have is text book knowledge at most.

DaPunhal - Da Paki ex-moderator. Probably quit to play cricket. Amirite?

Redneck - This member does ring true to his name. He is an Evangelist Christian, hates vegetarians and is not gay.

Sing-The-Sorrow - Emo kid.

How to Troll Semiotic

Noteable lulz

Why in God's name is China so overpopulated then!


—Cobbsta in a thread about Soy possibly causing infertility.

Well, that's upsetting.

I like soy!


—Sing-The-Sorrow, Semiotic's gay member on the soy topic.

Seeing little annoying children get hurt.

Car accidents, Fat people walking up stairs, Buffalo Bills football, sick jokes, Watching things get blown up


—Little things that make Redneck smile.

Show us your hair is a polite comment, I usually yell at women to show me their tits.


—Redneck replying to *Leb-Muslima* about how she was offended when a man asked to see her hair.

Obviously they were crazy, prolly had past problems in there life and turned to the devil to be "cool" then got possessed or something. that is absolutely terrible but is deffinately satan.


—Thoridorn telling us why Russian teenagers kill other Russian teenagers.

Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!



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