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    "This is me as a vampire."
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    Secretlyevil9792 [1] powerword Rebecca Dayna Lallement aka Creepy girl is an emo goth girl who has started an all out crusade against all cyberbully jerks on DeviantArt. She first appeared on DCQC, whiteknighting on an article that critiqued a fat autistic girl's sonic fanart.

    • As a result of being abused by her mom, she has attempted suicide at least once. [2]
    • Because she is a fucking crazy suicidal cutter bitch, her parents have her doped up on anti-depressants and have her seeing a therapist.
    • Says she HATES cyberbullies, but also has claimed to be one. (But it's okay she was just being abused guys!)
    • Posts hilarious emo journals that no one gives a shit about on DA.

    Knock Knock

    Not Depressed.

    Becky was born into a Christian cult known as the Jehovah's Witnesses. She spent many years of her life fearful of her mother beating her with the bible. But sadly, even that couldn't save Becky from her filthy jesus hating vampire ways. So in retaliation, little Becky let her hair grow over her eyes and started posting emo journals on DeviantART for attention.

    I'm Not Depressed

    Everything in this bitches gallery is depressing. Despite adamantly denying that she is depressed, many pictures depict suicide and heartbreak. The icing on the cake is a poem entitled "Suicide Haiku"

    Secretlyevil 9792 suicidehaiku.jpg

    Depressed Weaboo Friend ( ; _ ; )

    File:Secretlyevil9792 yuna.jpg
    "I continue to fight my war with depression." -SecretlyWeaboo

    SecretlyFading aka Blackwingedangel16 Powerword Cory Glasheen is probably Becky's closest friend. They have kawaii matching DA avatars and are both depressed together. She also draws unoriginal emo shit, but is more a weaboo. Her hobbys include cosplaying and writings. Let's hope they both decided to commit lesbian seppuku together.


    Whiteknight Turns Troll

    SecretlyEvil wasn't satisfied with just defending other tartlets. No, she was the voice of justice. She would risk it all (even her very life!) to defeat the cyberbullies.

    "The suicide haiku has nothing to do with my depression."

    And I’m not just acting tough, I am. If you want to meet that’s fine. Name a place and time, and if I don’t show then you can mock me on here all you want. I’ll even give you my address privately. And you do count. I wouldn’t kill you. It’s just hard to like someone like you and when people do something wrong they should be punished. Yeah the internet has freedom of speech and all, but that doesn’t make what you say right. Are you hoping to cause the death of someone? I’m really actually hoping you bully someone over the edge so all of you can get arrested and have this site shut down.



    Super secret trolling strategy exposed

    • Write really lengthy responses to all comments that no one will bother reading. [4]
    • Tell everyone how good of a person you are before threatening them.
    • Study 4chan faggots and steal their A+ winning strategies. Come at me bro. Problem? U mad?
    • Respond seriously to the most obvious / sarcastic statements.
    • Fail to realize an obvious troll and take everything on their profile seriously.
    • Tell other trolls that you fucked a guy who's dad is a lawyer and that you'll sue them.
    • Write a mean journal in DA about cyberbullies so all your epals can epically pwnz them. [5]
    • Cry to your boyfriend because he's really really good with computer stuff and beg him to vandalize your ed article.[6]

    Secretly Racist

    Shortly after this article was written, it was apparent that Becky-chan is not only psychotic but also extremely prejudice. She posted this lengthy tl;dr calling out journal expressing her hatred for transvestites , which was a wonderful idea considering over 90% of tartlets are [7]literal faggots. Also, she is a white supremacist and hates blacks as much as she does cyberbullies.

    Yo Then ah guess ah’m not da beotch fo’ you. ah be loyal ta muh motha fuckin nigga Ya’ know what I’m sayin’?


    —Secretlyevil not being racist

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