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Sebastien Levesque

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Sébastien Lévesque
Name(s) and Allias(es) Sébastien Lévesque (real name), TheAutisticArts, TheAutisticArts2, TheAutisticArts3, SebTheArtistAutism, MrSGroupArts, Seb The Pony (shitty alter ego), PonySeb (another alter ego), PonySeb 2.0 (yet another shitty alt)
Nationality French Canadian
Species Human-Pony-Napolean-Whateverthefuck
Born November 8, 1999
Classification Braindead Autist, Chris-Chan 2.0, Aspie, lolcow, Drop-out, Corporate Sellout, Ponyfag, Inflation Fetishist
Residence Laval, Québec (please someone find his address ;) KTHX)
An Hero? No, but hopefully soon...

Sébastien Lévesque is a mentally-dense French-Canadian autist Brony Artcow high-school dropout who got b& multiple times from DA for being a whiny little 21-year-old manchild. His so-called "art" is atrocious, he can't draw for shit and has to trace other people's work without crediting them in order to make it seem like he's better than he actually is (even though his "traced" shit is just as bad if not worse), and responds to any sort of critique with, you guessed it... Tard Rage!

Rumor has it that he smells like poo. He dropped out of school because he was tired of people making fun of his hideous appearance and bad smell. Ironic that he would hate smelly, unhygienic homeless people when he is smelly and unhygienic himself and would wind up living on the streets if not for his spoiling parents, who don't seem to give a care about their son's juvenile behavior in the world wide web.

Brief DA History

He actually dresses like this IRL.

He's allegedly been plaguing the internets with his fecal matter since 2009, based on his previous usernames, although his absolute lowest point started coming around late 2018 when more and more people recognized that he was tracing from others. Seb, being the Frenchie Autist he is, tried to justify this by admitting that he can't draw worth a fuck. When that didn't work, he threw a temper tantrum and started calling out everyone that "attacked" him with threats that looked like they were translated from Google Translate. When THAT didn't work, he hopelessly continued his tracing bullshit up until DeviantJews Baleeted his account for making fun of a dead person. At which point he began ban-evading, but being the dense little asspie he is, just got more and more of his alts b& until he finally gave up and left DA forevorz.

He is currently found spreading his smelly dung across FurAffinity and InkBunny. Given how he migrated to these places after being yeeted off DA, it's likely that he'll be tossed out of these platforms the same way...

Seb's Involvement in the /mlpol/ Threads

Around the time of his activity on DA and Derpibooru, some very fine people over at /mlpol/ have been keeping track of his antics, and have documented his bullshit on not one, not two, but four different threads! Seb obviously discovered these threads (likely after looking up his own name out of a simple egofag trip) and became asshurt over the discovery that there are people on the internets that prey on people like him. So Seb being Seb, takes to the threads and starts trying to blend in with the several Anons that dwell within in some kind of smear effort, with several all of them knowing full well that it is Seb, making an ass out of himself like usual. So basically, if you see messages like these on his threads, its' him...

Certified Pedo

It's amazing what online translators can accomplish in the age of lolcows. Seb himself just admitted to being a pedo AND a tracer. Why the Party van isn't parked outside of Seb's house right about now is still a mystery...


This Means War

Last Thursday, SebTard discovered this page and is now shitting collective bricks. He'll do whatever it takes to shut this shit down, so be alert for any butthurt revisions by potential white knights! On a side note, it's good to know that Seb has taken an interest in this page. We here at ED aim to please!


How To Make Seb Cry

Read our lips, Retard! These instructions must be followed carefully otherwise Sebby-bitch will just Cockblock you without giving you the satisfaction of witnessing his display of Tard Rage:

  • Make changes to his "art" and share it with him. He'll blow his top and start threatening you on his social medias.
  • Spam the link to this page in his comments. Sure, he'll block you n' shit, but he'll be faced with the grueling task of deleting the spammed messages to the point of complaining about it in a journal post.
  • Bully him over the FoalCon drama from back in 2019.
  • Remind everyone he's collaborating with/trying to collaborate with, how much of a fruitcake he is until they decide to give him the finger.
  • Whenever he questions why his OC isn't popular enough, tell him your OCs get more fanart than his. He'll reply to you by saying he'll commit self-removal all while crying like a bitch.
  • Pretend to be his friend on literally any of his social medias, then surprise-attack him when he least expects it.
  • Get one of his "arts" taken down. He'll REALLY lose his shit and make you one of his sworn enemies.
  • Wanna go a step further? Take down one of his social medias. He'll crumble and threaten to An hero himself on an alt.
  • Tell him that you've been to his house in Lanaudiere, then threaten to send a pizza to his house...
  • Obtain his family's Credit Card info and spend his funds on something he doesn't like.

His Characters n' Shit

Like any other autistic Pony Artcow, this faggot has about over 9000 shitty OCs. For the sake of maintaining the TOS of ED, this section will not document Seb's millions of shitty alter-egos.

Émy Viola

Émy is one of Seb's imaginary girlfriends, brought into existence after it became clear to Seb that he isn't going to get one IRL. You'll see a lot of attrocious shit involving her in Seb's (various) galleries, either ranging from Inflation, Pony Sex, or other creepy scenarios that we here at ED can't even comprehend unless one of us were to read into his autistic mind. She's also the mother of Sarnia (see below.) This bitch has since been retconed along with Sarnia and promptly replaced with a new Imaginary Girlfriend named Viola. Viola is a pony who craves human cock... What else is new?


Another of Seb's invisible girlfriends, only she's ginger, is dyslexic, and talks like a chipmunk for some reason...



Imaginary girlfriend #3. Whoop-de-fuckin'-do! She's a knock-off of Katie from timgaukertoons, and possibly traced from in addition.


Sarnia, the Smart Baby Kayla

Not to be confused with "Sabrina".

What should have been Seb's aborted child turned into fetish material for him after she was conceived. She's five years old, yet wears diapers because she's more childish than Seb himself. She also has "Intelligence 2000" according to Seb. Like, WTF, rly? That's gotta be the stupidest shit we've ever Lulz'd at. Around early 2021, Seb rebranded Sarnia as Kayla because he was tired of people calling him a child molester. Mind you, her age was changed to 17, which is still considered underaged in some countries.


The fourth of Seb's fake girlfriends, and Kayla's mother. When it comes to Seb's fetish shit, she seems to be more focused on legit pregnancy rather than inflation.

The bitch in her fat, pregnant glory!

Zak, Damien, Philippe Gayer, Jessie, Fanny, & Beatrice

Nobody cares about these characters, and Seb can't be bothered to make any sort of use out of them, move along.


Le Gallerie of Le Frenchie About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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External Links

The /mlpol/ threads that inspired this very article!

His active Social Medias. (Subject to change.)

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