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    Proof that Se-chan is in fact a trap

    Se-chan is was the admin of a semi-popular weeaboo faggot group, Kawaii-Heavens. There he abuses his powers and thinks of his members as nothing more than items. He is also a trap and knows nothing about IP addresses. Contents

    What happened

    me[dot], like the idiot he is, announced Strongbad9405's password in the Aquastar-Anime chatroom. He was trying to make up for it by setting mode +h on Strongbad9405 in the Kawaii Heavens chatroom, when Se-chan struck. A lulzy fight broke out (+h -h +h -H etc) when Se-chan abused his powers and banned both me[dot] (the scanlation group's most valuable editor at the time AND only IRC download bot) and Strongbad9405 for no apparant real reason.

    Other offenses

    • He once banned Strongbad9405 because he fails at IPs and thought that Gosha, someone from a different country, was him
    • He once banned Strongbad9405 and never told him why
    • He failed with IPs once again and thought that me[dot]was another user, Kimitsutoko
    • He banned both Strongbad9405 and me[dot] from the baka-tsuki irc when all they did was say "Hello."
    • He banned Kimitsutoko for making lulz.
    • He banned mickl3 for being Kimitsutoko and me[dot] (which mickl3 is not)
    • He banned kaoSFell at the same time for a variety of reasons, only one of which was (partially) true

    Chat Log Excerpts

    [22:37] <~Yukarineko> mutiple clienting, ban evasion, disrespect, false accusations, breaking rule ethics, and doing what he wants to do

    User names

    Se-chan uses too many goddamn usernames, and he needs to learn to fucking pick one and stick with it.

    • Se-chan
    • Nagato-Yuki
    • Chuugoku-nya
    • Chuugokuneko
    • Yukarineko
    • Cheneko
    • AFKNeko
    • Patchuneko
    • Hakutakuneko
    • Reimuneko
    • Sakuyaneko
    • Anything ending with neko, because he lost his creativity
    • bastard


    Se-chan is a known trap, and refuses to admit such a thing. But it is obvious, and all of the wapanese he knows know it.

    Things Se-chan can ban you from

    • Kawaii-Heavens LOL J/K, they fired his ass.
    • Not baka-tsuki any more, lol. Shin-Wakame has control of that shit now.
    • Your virginity, if you fall into his trap

    sers banned

    • me[dot]
    • Strongbad9405
    • Kimitsutoko
    • pux
    • kaoSFell
    • mickl3

    Recent Developments

    Se-chan has either abandoned Kawaii-Heavens or was stripped of his power there. In either case, he hasn't logged into the forums since the banning of kaoSFell and mickl3.

    Pika Pika.gif

    Se-chan is related to a series on AZNS.

    [Domo ArigatoHerrow]


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