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Scumbag Steve is one of the newest memes that originated from 4chan's /b/ section not too long ago in January 2011. The meme started out as just another cancerous advice dog (or just another unfunny image macro) variation of a white mac-daddy, Hip-hoppinit Gangsta pimp named Steve with his baseball cap worn sideways. Most pictures of him had something along the lines of him saying something that would seem "cool" and "hardcore". Of course, this is no surprise as there hasn’t been anything good coming from 4chan since the day it launched. Although at first, it seemed like another unsuccessful yet good attempt at creating a meme, it happened to spark a shitstorm on Reddit. Thus from the nothingness it was on /b/ it became quite a popular topic on Reddit.

Now many variations of Scumbag Steve have been created with most of them originating from various members on Reddit. This, however, has actually spurred out some hilarious versions of the original image much like how people on tumblr splurge out forced memes because they’re so funny. Since then, there has been other images used of some wanna-be rapper who didn't do much to deserve the shit he's getting around the internet.

Scumbag Steve outed as a furfag.

The Real Steve

This is the real Steve.

The origins of Scumbag Steve actually come from a rapper whose name is actually "Boston Blake". The images originated from his MySpace music account (lol, who still uses that?) which one of the originals coming from the album cover of his hit album "Ma Gangsta". On da mic, Steveo goes by the name "Weezy B" and his group go by the name of Beantown Mafia. Apparently, the only person in the Beantown Mafia is just Boston himself. Of course this will change when his album will go triple platinum and make tons of money just like many of the other successful MySpace music bands.

His Career

Though he may seem like a charming person, Weezy B really didn’t do anything to reach the attention for people to make a meme out of him. Besides looking like a total douchebag, he hasn’t caused much drama like other lolcows on the internet. With the sudden growth in popularity and becoming an e-celebrity, many people have tried contacting him and wanting to know more about him in order to exploit him more to further expand the meme. There have also been people who’ve tried pushing him to do an AMA.

IRL, Boston Blake is yet another kid hustlin’ on da cold hard streetz in da suburbz, feel meh? He even talks with ebonics, both OTI and in his comfort zone outside the internet. On MySpace, he happens to only have 43 friends at the moment (most being other MySpace artists who practically add anybody) and no current concerts (if anyone would dare going to it). As of now, he is independent rapper, though it is highly likely that he could get signed into a major record label considering it doesn’t take much effort to become a rapper.


Steve comes to terms with his inner scumbag (sorta).

Like stated before, as soon as word hit of this meme, it became talked about everywhere on Reddit and on /b/. With this delicious opportunity, many underagedb&s felt they could troll the hell out of this guy. Like whenever a popular meme emerges, those with a lot of time on their hands began finding whatever they could about Scumbag Steve whether it be his music, images, or potentially lulzy quotes.

That, however, didn’t go as planned considering that Scumbag Steve’s MySpace account was inactive since 2008. But to no avail, those who wanted to go down in internets history as successful trolls didn't stop there. And thus the ever expanding onslaught of image macros and advice dog spin-offs began plaguing in Reddit, Tumblr, and even the remaining cancer that is /b/.

The Harassment

Much like how tumblr got with Jessi Slaughter, Reddit began trying to get cheapshots at Scumbag Steve. From adding him as a friend on MySpazz, to posting his music on JewTube, all were just pitiful attacks. Most weren’t aware of his inactivity, so a lot of the hateful comments and attempted trolling were pretty much for nothing. Although the meme has been making quite a name for itself, it hasn’t been determined whether or not if the real Weezy B is aware of all of this, but this doesn’t seem to bother others. As many intend to troll him, a few others have started threads on 4chan claiming to be Steve and rage in the style of the So cash meme. There have also been raids being planned of the sorts as well.

His Music

Just like any other rap song, Scumbag Steve's music is pretty much garbage. As of now, there only seems to be 1 song on his profile titled "We get a lot of it" (misspellling "A lot" as "Alot" to show how gangsta he is). Much of it, if one can bear through the entirety of the song, is pretty much any other rap song in which he brags about the riches, ho's, and drugs he claims to have. There seems to be quite a few people on YouTube who create unfunny parodies of Scumbag Steve's raps. That, however, is typical when a meme starts rising. Expect there to be boring rants of how much of a "wigger bitch" he is by YouTube nobodies in the near future. Apparently Steve is in a uphill battle with his music and will soon swindle into a depression and eventually become an hero.


Scumbag Steve in da house, nigga! About missing Pics
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