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    Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat

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    Some argue that Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat is the inspiration and origin of Lazy Town.

    This picture would probably turn Strom Thurmond on, if he were still alive.
    File:Scrub Me Mama capture 1.jpg
    I'll get this town swingin'!
    File:Scrub Me Mama watermelon.jpg
    I sho luvs me some watamelon in de hot summatime, boss!

    Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat is a cartoon short from 1941 about lazy black folks in Lazy Town (Pop. 123½) napping and attracting flies. They are so lethargic they even fight in slow motion.

    It's entirely possible that some Icelanders were sitting around after a repast of lambakjot and lax, drinking brennevin in a cozy TV room filled with natural pine Danish Modern furniture smoking some cannabis and watching this old, now b& American 'toon and laughing their Viking asses off. In their "enhanced" state, they must have decided to completely steal the plot of this cartoon, changing the light skinned black woman into a pink-haired 9 year old white girl and changing the coal-black lazy-ass niggers into weird looking puppets. The only things they didn't change is the plot and the name of the town. It was seriously called "Lazy Town."

    The Toon

    "Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat" opens to an orchestral rendition of Stephen Foster's "Old Folks At Home," immediately setting the scene in the rural South. The setting is Lazytown, perhaps the laziest place on earth. Neither the town's residents, who are all extremely lazy, black as night porch monkeys, nor the animals can be bothered to leave their reclining positions to do anything at all. Their pastoral existence is interrupted by the arrival of a riverboat carrying a svelte, sophisticated, light-skinned or, in the parlance of the American negro, a "high yellow" black woman from Harlem, whose hawtness inspires the entire populace of an all-African-American "Lazy Town" to spring into action.

    The visiting urbanite admonishes one of the town's residents, "Look here, Mammy. That ain't no way to wash clothes! What you all need is rhythm!" She then proceeds to sing "Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat," a 1940 hit boogie-woogie song which the townfolk slowly join her in performing. Thus begins a montage which is the short's centerpiece. The townsfolk are infected by the song's rhythm and proceed to go about playing instruments, and dancing suggestively.

    By the time the young light-skinned lady from Harlem is due to reboard her riverboat and return home, she's succeeded in turning a dark-skinned Lazytown into a lively community of swing musicians simply by singing. However, she could not convince them to work, just as Stephanie can't get the puppets of Lazy Town to exercise. C'est la vie. What could one expect?

    The original cartoon.

    This was a smash hit in 1940. Go figure. It could use a funky fresh remix.



    In Harlem there's a little place where everyone goes To see the way a washer woman washes her clothes If you like Boogie Woogie rhythm, she's got a beat Let the Boogie Woogie washer woman give you a treat.

    On every afternoon at one the sessions begin And all the boys from all the bands come down and sit in They sit around and knock each other out when they play While the Boogie Woogie washer woman washes all day

    Rub diddle ub dub, that's just the way she rubs Rub diddle ub dub, that's just the way she scrubs Rub diddle ub dub, she wears out all her tubs She rubs and rubs her knuckles right on down to the nubs

    Rub diddle ub dub, that's how she kicks it off Rub diddle ub dub, she keeps it nice and soft Rub diddle ub dub, till someone hollers "Aw, scrub me mama, with a Boogie beat!"

    You really ought to visit there if you've never been It doesn't cost a penny, just come down and walk in, If you like Boogie Woogie rhythm you'll get a treat, Let the Boogie Woogie washer woman give you the beat


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