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    i might be getting two stepsiblings in the future and im prayin to the lord jesus they aint cis -Alyssa Waldrop



    The face of Scoutgender, contrary to common belief, does NOT look like this innocent and adorable creature.
    Legend has it that wasps repel the holy grasp of Vade. This is for your protection.
    Science has shown that most readers of this article would wish to do this to Vade because they have been infected by the stupidity.
    Scoutgender illustrated

    Somebody tried to vandalize this article with butthurt revisionism. The resulting edits, somehow, actually make him look worse than this article does. You can view the final edit before the banhammer came down, here.

    Alyssa Waldrop, or Scoutgender or Vade, as she is most commonly known as, is a type of cancerous being that exists primarily on the infamous site known as Tumblr. Most famous for her circle jerking within the Social Justice Crowd, being sexist and transphobic (despite claiming to be neither of those), Scoutgender's life has become something of a truly outstanding miracle, worth researching about. This includes fatshaming others despite being a whale lord itself (See gallery). Also known to have a fetish for strawberries and wanting to fuck animals, and get high on drugs.

    Vade is a tranny, born a woman, then identified as a man, then started identifying as "it" instead. Gets really pissed off when not referred to by his\her proper pronouns; it, or 'sprout'. Currently, claims to use any pronoun except for "she/her", eluding to her unwillingness to accept her true self.

    Despite her main campout being in Tumblr, she frequents Reddit and 4chan as well. She is not human, as she is multiple gender (most recent genders include: kingender, snarlgender, puzzlegender, antigirl, nyctogender, neurogender, masochgender, nesciogender, voidfluid), multiple system, otherkin, ignorant of other cultures and who knows what this damned thing ISN'T. From her own words, they describe their confusing existence as "I am a fennec nature god reincarnated into a human vessel possibly for perspective purposes but i am not entirely sure". It is basically, the living paradox.

    Because she thinks that people can never change from their pasts, everything from Vade's past applies to Vade's present. This therefore, makes Vade, the Self-Labeled Fennec God of Everything, a retard, and a special snowflake.


    Oh such humble origins.
    Alyssa with her father before she realised how much of a cisgender and hetereosexual white male he was.

    Vade was birthed from the womb of a fennec fox in 1995 in the middle of the desert. But tragedy struck as she soon grew to know that her den was ableist because they did not understand Vade's need to be cared for twenty-four/seven. So Vade left them to search for a new home, which was soon to be later Tumblr. Before being corrupt with social justice warriorism, Vade was an innocent teenager who talked like the main character from that fic. Despite this origin, Vade would become a full out fucktard. The beginning of Vade's meaningful tumblr existence began with the url of scoutgender.tumblr.com.On this blog is where Vade would use the fictional character, Scout (from Team Fortress 2), to further her social justice dominance.

    Suicide of Kenneth Alexander Van Camp

    Alex van Camp with an emo bouffant hairdo

    One of the most important events that had happened as Vade transformed into her new transtrender identity involves a suicide. Alyssa actually had a boyfriend named ArchiveToday-favicon.pngKenneth Alexander Van Camp. Already being depressed and stressed, he has reported via anonymous option on a Emptyclosets thread that "Alyssa became trans because they read a manga about a trans middle school boy" and that Alyssa, after reading said manga, dropped all their old friends and centered everything in their lives into being about trans. Alyssa has refused to go to the doctor, and Kenneth highly doubted that Alyssa had hormone imbalance. Alyssa soon appears in an attempt to defend herself, and then Kenneth disappears. The full thread can be viewed here. However, this is not the end, as proof of Alyssa convincing Kenneth to get antidepressant medication means that she had a direct hand in his suicidal thoughts. Soon after, Kenneth committed suicide. In the years that would forward, Alyssa would use the death of her boyfriend that she cared nothing about as a trigger, as a source of self-aggrandizement and as a way to further the angst.

    Because who else would care enough to make this blog? Only Vade.

    Along with trying to bring justice to otherkin and certain types of transgenders, Vade would lure in "friends" by the impressive aura of power, when in reality he is alone. This is further proven with the creation of the anti-scoutgender blog, because who honestly uses her stupid kits pronouns and says yehaw like that? Only Vade.

    This fiasco would be only furthered by the creation of the "tf2fandomisproblematic" blog, which was the peak of Vade's supposed "fame". This blog's goal was trying to police the Team Fortress 2 fandom with a few other allies. Along with trying to say making white Demoman original characters was whitewashing, creating an avoid list of people to block and stay away from, and to deciding that she was the god of the fandom, and a whole lot more justice. One occurrence was when a fan artist made a Cancer Alternate Universe (which is bascially a fictional scenario), and Vade called her out on it. After putting her on the avoid/block list of tf2fip, Vade made her bend over like a whore and apologise for being "ableist scum". Another example is with the character of the Pyro. Being a masked demon spawn from hell, anyone would imagine the Pyro as anything. Vade actively promoted the idea that anyone who viewed Pyro as cisgender would be better off dead.

    Eventually followers of the blog would harass the targeted, leading to a huge wave of negative attention for poor ol' Vade.This led to Vade and the other moderators of the blog to abandon it, only to joke about it ever returning, for she is a coward with a fragile ego. Seriously, this level of god-complex she has is mentally insane. In addition to naming himself so called "god of the fandom", she also constantly refers to himself as the fennec god, which is a shame to the real god of those creatures. Sometime during this era, Vade also became magically autistic, because self-diagnosis is 100% legit.


    Quote by anon. May I add in that this creature is FUCKING NUTS?

    Trying to escape her traumatising past, Scoutgender effectively changed her url many many many times to escape the haters, by leaving a very obvious trail. She spends her time mostly coining ridiculous genders that she thinks actually will get popular. Despite trying to escape the controversy from the past, Scoutgender continues to get into pissy little arguments over the internet. One long-standing argument has Vade trying to claim cultural appropriation of Mexican culture against someone (who shall not be named) who is Mexican (despite being white).

    After abandoning the url of "Scoutgender", Vade has taken on several other urls, including: officialengie, autisticlayton, autisticleafeon, leafeonkin, cantikin, and now current url, razkin. (Trigger warning: Before clicking that link, tell yourself, "Can I handle bullshit fuckery and not get triggered?" If so, continue.)


    As Alyssa does not have any friends, but rather slaves or lackeys, here is a small list of the most notable. Most of them, when receiving too much hate, cowardly change their urls into something else, most often something so similar to their old url that it is quite simple to figure out who they are. If it is an attempt to run or hide, it is a very pathetic attempt.

    • Aura or currently tedizgender: known for trying to police other people (sometimes other autistics) in what is ableist and what is not, and has suicide baited in the process. Thinks that feeling protective of friends makes her the same to being a fictional pony character.
    • officialmedic: famous for harassing a cisgender girl into committing suicide because she did not have a trans headcanon. Currently status unknown.
    • tanukurin: former friend of Alyssa who was dismissed for not agreeing with the fennec god in an argument. Previously, Alyssa set her followers to send death threats and anonymous hate to him, because of a fake suicide attempt. Current status unknown.
    • maromoroneysass: drug buddies with Alyssa, gets high with her. Because drugs are cool, right?
    • transboyscout or currently hoofscout: a delusional idiot who gets triggered when referred to as human. Wants to change their name into Scout (a class from TF2), when it is revealed, no matter what it is. Let us bless Scout's real name to be 'retard'.
    • puerluna: a pony fag who tried to vandalise this page and falsely accused others of creating this article. Really puts the ass in assume.


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