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This shitty pokemon is /sci/'s mascot.

/sci/ is 4chan's Math and Science board. While theoretically one of the most serious boards on 4chan, it is constantly plagued by trolls from /b/ and high school students asking for help with their math homework. /sci/ is plagued by arrogant pseudo intellectual assholes that have only taken a single community collage physics and chemistry class, and asking a question on the board will summon them in which they'll start to call you a retard and never actually answer your question. If someone does "answer" your question, it will be a very snarky, vague one sentience line of text that wont go into any detail and wont really answer your question. Since its creation in January 2010, /sci/ has been a refuge from desktop threads for many serious /g/eeks. DISREGARD THAT, /sci/ SUCKS COCKS

Post this on /sci/

\jewcommand{\t}[1]{\displaystyle{#1 \atop {#1~~#1}}} \t{\t{\t{\t{\t{\t{\t{\triangle}}}}}}}

Typical Posts


how does i solved for x?

A breakdown of /sci/'s treatment of math threads.

A large portion of the posts on /sci/ are requests for help with math homework, generally from 13-year-old-boys struggling with pre-algebra. Although officially a bannable offense, homework threads fag up /sci/ because there are no mods.

How can you believe in evolution if its only a theory (a guess)?

An excellent method of trolling in its original sense, as anyone who's spent at least an hour on /sci/ has seen this exact question dozens of times. Someone invariably responds with "How can you believe in induction if its only a theory (a gauss)?" to cries of "LOLOLOL" and "SO. MUCH. WIN." from /sci/'s humor-challenged denizens (in other words, everyone).

How is ???? an evolutionary advantage?

Made by mentally retarded 13 year old boys who have not taken high school biology. The answer is always genetic drift, also sage.

Are Engineers Scientists?

Yes. Move the fuck along. Disregard that, engineers suck cocks 24/7, leaving no time for science or anything else.

So what is a good college?

Threads made by angsty teens who are butthurt at their MIT rejection letters due to low SAT scores.

0.9999999999... * 0.9999999999... = 1

As if a few retarded teenagers could solve a puzzle that has plagued math professors for centuries.

Is ???? science?

Butthurt social "science" majors frequently make threads trying to defend why the suffix science is placed on their piece of shit major.

What will the future be like?

Typically these threads are made by potheads who have no fucking clue about science and end with wildly silly predictions about the future of humanity.

How many triangles?

These are easy to solve, you just count the number of vertices on one side and cube. 1... 2... 3... 4... FAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAP



—-Actual Anon Trolled with this Image

/sci/ lieks PhDs

Joke time

To be ended quickly and effectively with this copypasta: An infinite number of mathematicians, a polar bear, helium, and a neutrino walk into a bar (ouch). One of the mathematicians then says, "the bar is now empty" and they begin to play hide and seek. The neutrino is then stopped by a police officer. Officer Heisenberg says, "Do you know how fast you were going back there?" The neutrino replies, "I'm positive and a pascal but I don't know where I am." The bar tender then says "You're all idiots, the cows are all black" and pours 10 (in base 2, i mean 10) drinks and there is an extra dollar. The polar bear then dissolves in water while the helium does not react.


Typically a link to a ho-hum YouTube clip in which a stupid person says something stupid against evolution. A circle-jerk shitstorm of mutual congratulation invariably ensues as /sci/'s insecure atheists reassure each other that they are all SOOOO much smarter than those silly creationists, a fact that is indisputable but doesn't bear repeating 200 times. The combo is occasionally broken by a 0/10 post purporting to agree with the creationist, which even the aspies manage to see through.


Where is all the science?


—-Anon with Unrealistic Expectations about 4chan

I can't fap to this.



Of those that shifted majors, how many shifted to a drastically different field? How many math majors up and decide to become carpenters? How many comp sci majors decided to go into biology? Generally, kids have a good idea about what they want to do. I knew I wanted to work with language, and I started out as a Linguistic major with minors in multiple foreign languages then wound up as a Creative Writing major with a minor in English Lit. My end goal - a professorship - hasn't changed at all.


Cool story bro




What do you think, /sci/, is it possible to change human cells so far that we can do photosynthesis? let's say we don't have any limitations in technology, energy, knowledge etc. Do you think it is possible? Will humanity ever come that far?



IRC Channel

There is a shitty IRC channel on Rizon called #/sci/. More /sci/dling goes on than science, but scientists don't really do anything anyways.

The Fresh Illini Nuke Engineer

Well /sci/, do I have a story for you.

I am a nuclear engineer at the University of Illinois, and today was my first day doing research in the nuclear engineering lab. I assist a doctoral student with... things (I don't want to say because anyone who knows me would immediately know who I am). I can assure you though, it is nuclear engineering stuff.

Anyway, last night, I had to read an article on this special piece of equipment I would be calibrating. I had to find the article and stuff myself, so I googled it. For whatever reason, I could not find the EXACT piece of equipment, but I found one that I assumed was the same thing (it had a dash and then some numbers after the product name, I figured it should be basically the same).

I read this whole instruction manual on how to calibrate it and stuff, and it ends up being like twenty pages long. I read it slowly and carefully to make sure I remember everything and will be able to do my job tomorrow.

So this morning, I head to the lab to meet my professor, who asks me if I read what I was supposed to and will know what to do, to which I respond yes. Despite the twenty pages of reading, the procedure was actually pretty simple (or so it seemed).

I was led into the adjacent room, which was dimly lit. The walls were all concrete (cheap material with good halving thickness in case things go wrong) and the building itself just felt musty. He sat me down in front of a machine saying, "I'll be in the next room if you need any help."

Well let me tell ya /sci/, I needed help. This machine didn't look much at all like what I had read about. At first, I wasn't even sure if it had ANY similar functions. After a couple minutes of close inspection, I determined that it was a little similar to what I had read about; close enough that I was fairly certain I could calibrate it and make a good first work impression on my professor (he knew my past work and academic history, but I wanted to show him I would be a valuable asset).

I switched the thing on, and was greeted by a constant humming noise after a few seconds. So far so good. I first tuned the voltage to the correct setting, and everything still seemed peachy. Unfortunately, I failed to realize a small light on the back that was flashing to indicate an inconsistency with some of the frequency settings.

Had I read the CORRECT manual, I would have noticed the light (who puts an important light in the back, anyways?), and I would NOT have tried to tune the resistance next. Well I did, and I began to hear a quiet whining noise that started to grow louder. If anything, I could say that this sound was rare, but I thought, "Nahh, forget it. Yo Homes, to Bel-Air!" I pulled up to the house at bout seven or eight, I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo home, smell ya later!' I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there! To sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air!


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