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    I hate children hardcore!
    File:I hate Karnythia.jpg
    Scathach's message to someone who has nothing to do with this
    It's perfectly natural for childfree people to be in parenting communities.

    File:Lj-favicon.png Scathachqme was a member in good standing of CF Hardcore, one of its more prolific and rabidly anti-child members. Like most in that community, she filled her posts and comments with ravings against "moos," "crotchdroppings," and "breeders," because this made her cool. Unlike most, though, she had... a dark secret.

    The exposure

    File:Lj-favicon.png bsdetector93, creator of parody comm File:Lj-favicon.png childfree_bs, had long stalked members of the CF community and observed their habits. A Google search of Scathachqme's username led him to an RPG forum userpage, where "Scathach" expressed interest in D&D, Shadowrun, White Wolf games, and parenting.

    Wait, what?

    I am looking for a mature group of gamers who can handle roleplay without it crossing into OOC. In addition, I have an infant, so I am looking for a group that won't get upset if I have to cancel at the last minute due to baby-sitter issues.


    —Scathach, hardcore childbearer

    BSDetector posted his discovery to File:Lj-favicon.png parent_drama and pop parenting anonymous bitchfest site LJ User Secrets, where the regulars of the File:Lj-favicon.png sf_drama IRC channel found it. File:Lj-favicon.png cabbitobsessed promptly posted it to File:Lj-favicon.png cf_hardcore while pretending not to do it for the lulz.

    Golly gee, you guys, what do you think of this?

    Epic lulz ensued as the hardcore childfree screamed bloody murder at the betrayal in their midst, while the bored moms and mom-haters at LJUS celebrated the arrival of an actual interesting secret, instead of the usual "you're a dirty ho" posts.

    Scathach defends herself

    Scathach appeared and reported everybody who commented to LJ Abuse, as well as reporting LJUS even though they're not part of the LJ system, for "netstalking." They were being horrid and unreasonable, she said, because the children pictured were her niece and nephew, and she could prove she was right by swearing more than anybody else.

    They're my sister's kids! How dare you insult my sister's kids in a kid-insulting community??

    You see, we both use the same username.

    And we make MySpaces for each other, except sometimes we get the information wrong and accidentally post pictures of ourselves instead.

    Also, it's just a coincidence that the boy looks mixed and I dated a black man about, oh, nine months before he was born.

    Looks like she deleted her comments, but her journal is still up. And we have screencaps!

    Prior to this incident, Scathach was banned from File:Lj-favicon.png cf_debate for breaking the rules and arguing with the mods about it. Accordingly, she blamed her outing on the mod who banned her, File:Lj-favicon.png karnythia. After all, they'd had one argument a year and a half ago, and then she got banned for NO REASON AT ALL, so clearly Karnythia the Evil Black Lady was out to persecute her innocent honky ass.

    Scathach changed the copy of her "sister's" picture (which was on her sister's server, to which she apparently has full access) to a graphic accusing Karnythia of posting anonymously to create wank, but she spelled "Karnythia" wrong. And "wank." Since Karnythia is a known comment whore who crossposts all over LiveJournal snark communities calling people racist or stupid under her own name, nobody bought that one.

    After Scathach threatened to burn everybody's houses down for making fun of her sister's kids, File:Lj-favicon.png teegeeack summed it all up:

    It's different when it's your own, huh?


    —Teegeeack, winning

    At present, Scathach has several lolsuits pending against members of LJUS and File:Lj-favicon.png cf_hardcore, while the mess has been posted to File:Lj-favicon.png sf_drama AND File:Lj-favicon.png stupid_free. The moderator of File:Lj-favicon.png cf_hardcore issued a call for evidence, but unfortunately, Scathach found herself incapable of restraint on either File:Lj-favicon.png cf_hardcore or the Special Evidence Community. In the end, the mod told her to STFU and GTFO.


    The really hilarious part is that, shortly before she was banned, Scathach posted several pictures that appear to prove her version of events. Of course, that was also shortly before she threw a gigantic fit and deleted all of her comments, thereby erasing the evidence of her innocence. Anyway she'd gotten so fucking srs about the whole thing that people still didn't believe her.

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