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    Because sidebangs are so IN.

    Sayuki-Kun Is a predictable, stuck-up, devianTART Christfag who is obsessed with drawing her Sonic OCs, Nightmarens, Dragons, and Wolves. She is obviously the best artist in the world, and does not take constructive criticism from people. Unless she asks for it, of course.

    Where It All Began

    Even her dog needs to be stoned off it's ass to deal with her.

    A long time ago, in the land where everything is nice and kind and happy, A young artist named Madison Porcelli discovered the internet and subsequently, a new art site called DeviantART. Of course, being the innocent little girl she was, she began posting her drawings on the site. She got quite a bit of positive feedback on her drawings, and all was quiet for two years. Except for the occasional angsty journal.

    Hello everybody, I love DA! I going to upload somemore stuff.


    —Sayuki-Kun, showing her vast intelligence

    Useless Journals

    Over the first couple years of her DeviantArt history, Sayuki-Kun acted as a regular TARTlet, posting journals full of wangst, attention whoring, and other dumb shit. She expressed her lust for Shadow the Hedgehog, her interest in Transformers, and her love of fucking shitty music. She cried whenever her friends ignored her and got butthurt when her karate class decided that she was in the wrong for trying to hit another girl she hated- though she insisted she was trying to "help her."

    Shitty art and Furfaggotry

    File:Music by Sayuki kun.jpg
    Namesake? Self-Insert? Self-Portrait? Doesn't matter, it's retarded any way you slice it.

    Sayuki-Kun is utterly obsessed with drawing retarded Dragons, Wolves, and Sonic characters. Her art is sub-par at best, and she has no concept of basic anatomy. When she's done fapping to nonexistant creatures, sparklydogs, and fucking furries, she's drawing in a shitty animu style.

    In addition to posing her characters more woodenly than the subjects of ancient Egyptian art, her character designs look like anthro'd Final Fantasy rejects and the proportions would make Rob Liefeld snap his pencil in frustration. Her character bios are fucking shit-- cereal mascots are more three-dimensional. Her OC, Shade the Hedgehog, who is arguably her flagship character, is simply a Rule 63'd Shadow with a succubus tail. It doesn't help matters that she originally paired Shade with Shadow himself.

    First Dose of Reality

    Alas, the calm domain of this innocent girl was not to remain for long. Eventually, someone other than her bible camp friends discovered her amazing drawings. They proceeded to tell her her art was not the shit and pointed out what she could improve on.

    This could have been the end of the story. However, if it were, then Sayuki-Kun wouldn't be an artist. She proceeded flip the fuck out, saying that if she wanted criticism, then she would ask for it. A brief exchanged occured in the comments section before she blocked the fucker. However, it was too late. She had already attracted the attention of other critiquers.

    Attack Phase One

    Sayuki-Kun's actions had attracted the attention of several others, who also proceeded to call her out on her artwork. Yet again, she refused to listen and called them all snobbish and rude.

    Sayuki then posted a journal blubbering about the fact that she wanted people to be polite. This of course, drew even more people to her page to troll her. She then promply blocked all of them except for one troll who had enough of her hypocrisy and went an hero.

    I want ALL of you to stop commenting and hurrasing me. And you say your not being rude, but going out of your way to get your snobby opiniuns in comes accross very rude. And I mean this in the nicest way, leave me and my inadequate art alone.


    —Sayuki-Kun, totally asking for it.

    About a day later, she posted another journal, asking people to LEAVE HER ALONE! She also displayed that anyone who didn't draw couldn't criqitique her on her art. Sayuki-kun also happens to have the opinion that writers aren't valid artists who can comment on drawings. Little did she know, she was doing exactly what the trolls wanted.


    My ignorant Deviants, keep your nasty comments to yourself. You don't like my art thats perfectly fine, but if you can't draw to save your life? Then hold your tounge.


    —Sayuki-Kun, feeding the trolls

    Gallery of Delusions

    Look at her fantastic art! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Everyone's either vulgar, rude, or snobby!

    EVERYONE ELSE IS BEING RUDE!!!!1!11ONE! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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