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    File:WHOA Who s THAT D by SaxaFooey.jpg
    We still can't tell its gender IRL.

    SaxaFooey (real name: Donnie Parker) is a little-known devianTART furfag with a lot of lulz. He/she never had an established gender, some calling it male and some calling it female, so we'll just say it's a tranny. It enjoys looking at beautiful artwork and pretending to go cut itself.

    It is a cruel being, as it made a whole uproar about its dog having cancer and let the animal suffer for months on end. This may have been just another scheme so SaxaFuck could get attention, but that is unknown.

    It cannot spell for shit, which in itself is mildly entertaining, but a lot of the other crap it pulls makes for a lulzy experience.


    SaxaFuck is constantly telling people it is depressed, and often creates tl;dr journals asking the sick fucks to leave it alone because its life is shitty. It often draws suicidal art to express itself, which gathers in hordes of ass-kissers asking "OMG R U ALRIGHT? :(." Most of these comments come from 16-year-old girls.

    better off dead


    —SaxaFooey, FML!!!

    Journal whoring

    It had many journals whining about its problems, claiming the reason for them is that it has schizophrenia/bipolar disorder/ADHD/Assburgers/plus a ton of other shit. There are a few sane people who point these things out, but it will go into a pissy rampage, telling that person that they don't understand its life and should just fuck off.

    This is basically a way to whore itself for attention, and although most of its whiny journals have been baleeted, some have remained and have been screencapped:

    The Circle of Asspats

    Alas, it appears that our dear SaxaFooey has such a shitty life and that's what explains its attention-whoring behaviour. Because the people on teh netz are more likely to feel sorry for it, right? It constantly complains about how much its parents hate it, or how everyone at its school hates it, or how there are always flamers after it, but if you try and console it, it will totally hate you.

    You CANNOT...

    • Say you feel badly for it.
    • Say you know what its life is like.
    • Feel any kind of sympathy for it.
    • Flame it.
    • Troll it.
    • Question its sexuality.
    • Give it mindless asspats.
    • Tell it that its art is good.
    • Call it a furry.
    • Call it "Sax," "Saxa," or "Saxy." Even if you don't know its real name.

    ...But you know it's only doing this to get attention.

    Otherwise it wouldn't post its crappy pictures of blood and gore, you know.

    Plus, it is clearly a furfag, yet constantly denies it. It makes about as much sense as a Jew that wants to be a Nazi. It has a variety of "art", ranging from softcore furry pr0nz to hardcore wrist-cutting. Both of which are a major do not want.

    IRL baaawww stories

    • It never had a friend until high school. (We actually believe this is true, except for the last part.)

    SaxaFooey has a girlfriend?!

    Yes, there came a day when SaxaFurry appeared to have a girlfriend. Since SaxaFooey's gender is unknown, we'll just call them lesbians. The "girlfriend" seemed to be as much of an emo as SaxaFooey. She complained about how much her life sucked and how hurt she was that she didn't have her lover with her since they were online dating, lol.

    SaxaFooey drew moar furry shit, this time of his weasel character fucking its girlfriend. We would feel sorry for her if she wasn't stupid enough to date such a faggot.


    im so dizzy my head is spinning like a whirlpool it never ends and it's YOU girl making it spin



    —SaxaFucker, ruining a good song

    File:What a dick.PNG
    And here it is proven that, even though it doesn't have a dick, it can be one.

    We are unsure of whether or not this was "real" or not, however, since SaxaFurfag always treated its girlfriend like shit. There are many comments lying around that prove such, but SaxaFooey has marked them as spam. Wow.

    She hurt me omg :(

    Whenever the girlfriend would complain about the bullshit that SaxaFooey pulled off, it would always go into a teary rampage and get all its friends to flame the bitch. She would then tell it she is depressed and blame herself for the little dramafest. It would then become a hug box between the two and tell everyone they would be togethar forever. And then the asshole even blamed HER for breaking up, as the quote below beautifully explains.

    A lot of the girlfriend's art has been deleted, but you can probably find some shit in SaxaFooey's lame-ass gallery.


    Alright. Look, honey

    Ive been dying to do this for a long time and so here it is and you better read this whole thing.


    —SaxaFaggot, the beginning of its tl;dr letter

    (Editor's note: For your sake, clicking "expand" and reading the whole thing is not recommended. Fuck, this asswipe seriously has such a life no?)

    I don't know what the hell happened between us and quite frankly I dont care anymore.

    You need to see something.

    I cared about you. I still do care about you. I think about you all the time. I wanted to be friends and when I manage to get online I find you saying that you dont care about me and I should fuck off.

    That message on spore: for my parents because I was upset. The other one, my new pet, a pacman frog. lol so now Im dating a pacman frog xDD

    but anyway

    I managed to open my eyes, _______. I looked down on this situation and saw some serious shit that I was refusing to see before.

    I don't think you ever really "loved" me. Neither do my friends and family. I think you felt like it was all a game. you needed something to hold on to so you found me. I feel that you took advantage of me. I know you manipulated me to get what you wanted and so do you. the suicide shit you pulled when you got upset, seriously. I see. So everytime you get upset you decide to hurt me by saying "oh shit im so sad lemme go kill myself waah" but I say im leaving and you decide that myst be suicide and get ____ to triangle me. yeah. ok. look, it's not cool. triangling is not cool. manipulation is not cool. you're two-faced _______. very two-faced and you aren't the girl you led me on into believing you were. I spent an entire six months or so of my life CONSTANTLY trying to be there for you and make sure I could keep you happy. Just for you to get bored of my and throw me out. What a waste of my time.

    I wanted to be friends still though. yes I did and then you shot me down again acting childish and then calling ME childish. god damn it _______ and then after you were gone... jesus christ I could see. I could breathe again. you caused me soo much stress trying to there for you, trying to make you happy. I loved you so much. and you treated me like shit.

    for the first time in years I started cartooning comidies again.

    You were destroying me _______ and I knew it. I just refused to see it because i didnt want to. but now I'm glad youre gone to tell the truth. I feel like a chain has been cut from around my neck. Im not a prisoner to you anymore. and I like it.

    and Ive made up my mind: I don't want anything to do with you anymore. It's over. we're done. I gave you chance after chance to prove you cared and you threw them away. you blew it. Someone needs to slap you in the face and I'm gunna do it. _______ you need help. Please seek mental help. I still care about your well being. I dont want you to wind up dead. but youre crazy. You're two-faces and nuts. seek help. please.

    I never wanted to have to be cruel to you but I don't see any other way to get my point across other than being numb and direct.

    Now please, leave me alone. I'm finally back on my feet and driving again, and I dont need you to block the road for me again.

    get out of my life.

    and don't bother emailing me back because I'm officially closing down this account. My dA page is done too. Im making a new one and I don't want you to find me so if you ever do please dont watch me.

    I hope you recover from me soon and get on with your life too. we weren't meant to be _______. not "us", not friends, not anything. I'll always care for you, but I dont want to think about you anymore because it hurts me too much. good luck and goodbye, _______.

    sincerely, Donnie A. Silevinac


    —SaxaFooey, the supposed break-up email

    TL;DR: "You are a whiny-ass whore. No one loves me and neither do you. I'm running away from you kthx.

    Just when we thought SaxaFurry couldn't be any more of a dick, it happened. lol.

    The girlfriend seemed butthurt for a while, but she and tons of others realized that Saxy isn't what it seemed to be, so now our poor little furfag will most likely go cry in a corner.

    Supposed Boyfriend

    Apparently, SaxaFurry now has a furry boyfriend. It can be seen drawing retarded pictures of its IRL lover, which is an ugly green blob with wings. Since there is no proof that this relationship is real, we can only laugh at this furfag's miserable attempt to make everyone believe that someone could actually love it.

    Leaving devianTART Again!

    SaxaFaggot has announced that it would be leaving devianTART many, many times, mostly due to its suicidal tendancies and depression. This time, it has left a journal claiming that it was leaving thanks to the amount of bullshit memories on its account. Apparently, the reason it was gone for so long is because its computer broke and it hasn't gotten fixed. This is most likely just a decoy to hide the fact that it was hiding from its ex.

    Since SaxaFurfag says it will be making a new account, we will keep our eyes peeled for it. We still have our doubts, since SaxaFooey is a big drama whore anyways, but we have yet to see.

    EDIT: Comments on its page that have been marked as spam have been spotted, which obviously means that this furfag hasn't left for good! Please leave nice comments on its page for it to see.


    Yes, the little attention whore has yet to fail us. It can now be found on Jakkal-D.

    UPDATE!: Apparently, SuckyFurballs (now known as Jakkal-D) and its ex-girlfriend are on good terms now, even though it currently has a boyfriend. And yet, people who are friends with its ex-girlfriend still hate its furry guts. We'll just have to wait and see how this works out; in other words, watch the LULZ unravel.


    Some of the lulz that lurk on this furfag's devianTART page.

    SaxaFooey's Gallery About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    The furfag's devious info. IT FINALLY ADMITTED TO BEING A FURRY!

    My Chemical Romance should use these quotes to write their next song.

    people have been annoying the shit out of me lately

    for multiple reasons.

    I'm going to keep this journal straight and to the point.

    I've made my decision.

    This is an art website, and I AM AN ARTIST. I draw for ME.

    and I'm going to draw whatever I want, WHENEVER I want. OKAY?

    I don't like people complaining about my artwork all the time. If you don't appreciate it DON'T LOOK AT IT.

    I like to draw dark things. I'm a DARK ARTIST, like it or not. so because I draw bloody tears and angry demonic art DOES NOT MEAN IM ALL "EMO" AND DEPRESSED. sometimes I am sad when I draw it but I also just like to.

    and I'm going to.

    so now that I've gotten that straight I expect that you won't whine and complain everytime I draw something "dark". don't get me wrong, I STILL LIKE TO DRAW HAPPY AND CRAZY THINGS!! 8D and I still wiiiilllll ^_____^

    but I also draw dark things, and I'm not going to stop because you don't like it. some people DO like it.

    this is MY page and MY art and you guys are MY watchers and friends. so if you don't appriciate what I like to do then you can leave.

    plain and simple. ^^



    —Dark artist, my ass. Cheer up emo kid.

    this week has been.... suckish.

    I have a B in english, and my mom practically threatened my life if I can't get it up. it's because of the teacher too. he doesn't grade things right.



    and then to make things better my last pair of headphones broke >.< UUHHH. WTF

    not cool. now I need new ones... again. and I have to start work again very soon.


    and then.... school... my friends.... I don't even know. it all just suddenly sucks. hahaha I wish it was friday. i REALLY wish it was friday.


    oh well. there's not much I can do about it but suffer thru and hope it gets better x_x

    I would say more.... but apparently nobody cares to hear me complain, or at least that's what i've been told.

    so I'll spare you ^^

    Totally NOT an attention whore.



    —that's what happens when you get two insane-brained writers together and then let the cartoonist draw :XD:

    Uh huh.



    —somebody just SHOOT ME !!!

    this is not fair. I had a nightmare EXACTLY like this before AND NOW IT'S COMMING TRUE. why the hell are all of my nightares suddenly comming true?!! O_____O;;; I don't understand!

    HELP ME! D8

    Get. a. freaking. dictionary.



    —Why did cancer have to find my baby?

    why couldn't it have been ME?





    —I wish I wasn't so depressed.

    My mom's going to send me to tharapy soon. Maybe they'll put me on some drugs so you don't have to hear my pointless, uncared-for crying.

    I feel so bad right now too... I just wish I'd never really existed in the first place sometimes.

    plz, if you don't have anything nice to say right now, don't say it. I'm at the point of suicide.... I have been for a while now and now is not the time to make silly comments that are going to upset me.

    most times I'll laugh it off but I'm having a lot of trouble right now.


    because NONE OF YOU DO. I know that. and many of you would turn your backs on me just like the rest of the world if you did know.

    so just don't. because you don't know. you don't understand. and you probably NEVER will.

    I love you guys. don't get me wrong there. I'm just having an issue.

    Most of you probably don't care though, so it doesn't matter how I feel.

    So if you don't care don't bother saying anything to me. because I don't need anymore people to play me.

    thank you.

    Need we say anything, seriously?



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