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    Sarah Ruscoe

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    A scene from the party

    Sarah Ruscoe is a British party hoster who put Corey Fagginton to shame with the power of her parents infinite money supply and mansion. She ended up with 2000 people attending her 18th birthday party in her mummy and daddy's 21 bedroom house. This was apparently "OVER 9000" people more than expected.

    Police were immediately alerted when the party went out of control (about 4.2 minutes in) and could no longer fit in the house itself. Despite attempts to chase the party-goers off with dogs, millions of pounds worth of damage was still done to both private and public property, giving her a winning streak over Correy's sausagefest in Australia.

    How it started

    Paris Hilton wannabe Sarah Ruscoe's 18th birthday was coming up and she needed the attention that any whore should get. She admitted putting up posters "inviting everyone" to the party. This did not include the partyvan, though they showed up anyway.

    It was all fine and dandy, until somebody told the whole country about the party on BBC Radio One via an anonymous call-in. Amazingly, without mention of which mansion on the street it was at, everyone who tuned in figured it out and made sure their MySpace friends knew.

    Expecting something like 300 jailbait whores from her super elite rich people school, she ended up copping 2,000 partypoopers as well as police, dogs, broken windows and the total pwnage of Correy's party. The partypoopers burned her mansion to the ground, killing over nine thousand of them. Sara and her mother were the only survivors. Sara has since fled to Sparta to avoid her mothers wrath.

    The Whore and her Mum

    Sarah Ruscoe was forgiven by her mother, when it was uncovered that apparently the information was passed around on social Facebook and Bebo. This of course had nothing to do with her innocent daughter. She explains her thinking:

    "Sarah is teetotal. She is doing really well at school and is very hard-working. She passed 11 GCSEs, most of them As, and she is trying for Oxbridge to study history." This of course is justification why her daughter isn't a dirty attention-seeking whore, who put a poster up for "Everyone to Attend"

    Sarah began planning her 18th last year. She needed to have it early cause her bestest friends are older than her, and next year, they would be using other young flesh for their carnal pleasures. Put in the comoon idiom of the people not lucky enough to have afucking 21 Bedroom manor, she would no longer be able to pimped around the college like the slut she is. Hence the party, where Rape was acceptable. Down at the lake in the grounds, revellers were swimmming; one man had stripped naked and was "flashing" with peculiar zest.

    The paticular lulz to be garnered is how the Daily mail has painted the party people as "animals" because they didn't exhibit and fine vein of class, class Sarah Ruscoe clearly has by dressing as a Dominatrix. They supported the rich, white parents(Sound familiar? and instead BAWWWWED about the party peole, becaue they wern't white, rich and privleged like Paris Hilton and most Whores

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