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    File:Sarah archer.png
    The one responsible for the torrent of horror you're about to witness

    SarahChihuahua (Powerword: Sarah Archer), is a hard-to-miss toonophile who makes her home on about nine different accounts on DeviantART, each one filled to the brim with what could be considered crimes against humanity, or at least crimes against most people's childhoods. Every single one of her accounts exists solely to satisfy her various debauched toonophilic Mary-Sue needs, her interests varying anywhere from the Angry Beavers to DBZ to Invader Zim to Chowder to Superjail! and most horrifyingly of all Ren & Stimpy. Despite the fact that their homosexuality was played for laughs in the cartoon and Ren was obviously the dirty abusive Mexican in the equation, Sarah is convinced that these two have a love so pure it is unfathomable to dirty heathens. The most amazing thing about Sarah is that she has all the time in the world to draw all of this horrible shit, meaning she's likely a jobless, basement dwelling virgin. Evidence based on her Deviantart journals over the years would indicate that she has never worked or left home in all her 26 years.


    "Ren and Stimpy doing what lovers do.^^ "

    Little of Sarah's work consists of heterosexual content, as she's just too big a fan of dick-in-butt action involving cherished cartoon icons. Her porn was posted on a Tumblr account called Toon0phile(now deactivated). There you could see a dreadful hodgepodge of Spongebob and Patrick, Ren and Stimpy, Kaput and Zosky, and other innocent childhood characters doing the nasty.


    She had about a million "original" characters that are an assortment of naked, multi-colored, gay animals, although it is mostly impossible to tell what kind of animal any of them are supposed to be. These characters can be seen on her Deviantart account called TheOriginalSkunky. Many of the female characters she draws are blatantly obvious self-inserts, as most of them include "Sarah" somewhere in their name. But at least it's slightly more creative than drawing a purple and pink female version of Cell and naming it "Cella". Sarah also suffers some unwarranted self importance and believes everyone cares about her and her art. Every time she decides to quit a fandom forever she makes it sound like a tragedy that everyone involved mourns over.

    It's also notable that she doesn't take jokes very well and once, a long time ago on the interbutts, bawleeted everything and made a journal crying that everyone hates her art.

    Reaction to this article

    When Sarah discovered her article on ED back in 2008, she wrote a journal entry about it, showing just how butthurt she truly was. In her journal, she threatened to break someone's neck over the article, but of course, we all know that this is a complete empty threat, as she most likely doesn't have the strength or mental capacity to do this to anybody. She also fails to realize that nobody gives a shit about her Easter holiday, or that she made a fruit salad for dinner. She cannot spell words correctly, and nor does she have the ability to write coherent, grammatically correct sentences that are separated with periods. Anyway, it is highly unlikely that anybody took her seriously at all, as this journal entry proved just how much of a lolcow she really is.

    Non-Happy Fucking Easter!!!!! >:(

    Journal Entry: Sunday, March 23rd, 2008, 4:32PM

    For starters, before I go on to tell you about the bad news, here's some good news: my Easter was going swell so far I got an Easter basket from my mom and I made the fruit salad for Easter dinner and I had fun!

    Now for the very bad and unforgivable horrible news.

    Ok, so I logged onto Da today like I do everyday and I got a note so I went to go see what it was about I thought it was gonna be good when I read it I got a very shocking and very unplesent [sic] surprise some ass hole is talking shit about me and my art work on encyclopediadramatica.com here's the link -> [link] and what I saw pissed me off more then anything in the world and I'm gonna sue this asshole for every penny for doing this to me he/She is making me look and sound like a monster I did nothing to this person and thier [sic] treating me like crap I'm so mad right now I could hunt that person down and break his/her fucking neck.

    P.S. the link is kinda mature so if your under 18, I suggest that you don't look. (I don't wanna get in trouble)

    Mood: Outraged
    Reading: Someone talking bullshit about me!!!
    Watching: Me breaking someone's FUCKING neck!!!
    Drinking: RootBeer

    The hugbox made of fantards that followed

    You'd think people would be able to come up with better things to do than spread bullshit about people they don't even know. Encyclopediadramatica should be policing this


    —crocfan20, thinks ED should police lulz she also made this wonderful fanart for us

    ED is just a site with a bunch of hypocritical bastards who claim that they can make a living from teasing innocent people. I'm ashaimed of myself from getting a laugh from some of their articles and they've gone too far now. Whatever happens, I'll try my best to support you.


    —Dravonzi, ED's funny but now that it's MY friend they've GONE TOO FAR!

    God!Some people are so Fucked up! ...they think they can beat up other people just beacuse they have no talent and you seriously have a talent so dont let him or she get to you ok!


    —X-xChIcKeNx-X, thinks ED is more fucked up than Stimpy taking it in the ass

    Wow! That is wrong and I'm sorry this happened. Sorry to sound like this guy but it's really ronchy(If spelled right). It's great art work but very disturbing. Sorry, Hope this guy gets hit by a bus! Please don't fell bad but that is my opinion. I really do love your work and please don't be mad at me for saying that.


    —Snafuangel, is very confused and thinks ED is ronchy

    I am already well aware of this site: "ED" as it is commonly called is a site used nothing more then for internet harassment, which is against the law. This site is already the subject of several harassment lawsuits as we speak, but none-of-the-less, you should go on with your own, as this will put the site under even more pressure then it already is under.


    —Snipermander, attorney at e-law

    What exactly is encyclopedia dramatica?


    —SJ10, needs to lurk moar.

    Gallery of pain

    Most likely, butthurt.

    Gallery of Pain About missing Pics
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