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    ED CLEANER 2.jpg This article needs a serious clean up

    Somebody should do something about it.



    Sapphiresama12, or Toasted-Doughnut as she is known on her current dA account, is a hypocritical, fatass, weeaboo cunt who enjoys drawing art that makes chasethehedgehog look amazing. She is under the delusion that she has many fans and that over the years she has IMPROVED SO MUCH!!ONEONE!! She constantly bitches at her friends to comment on her art, because standard internet protocol states that the moar comments the better the content amirite?

    She started her Jewtube and deviantart accounts back in 2008 and claims to be 14, but you will take one look at her art and believe it was drawn by a newborn black person fetus having a seizure. Like any DevianTART, she is a retard with USI who does anything to make herself look like the innocent one, constantly lying and bitching to friends behind their backs. She is also an expert in internet law, specializing in frivolous legal threats.



    Amazingly, Sapphfuck has been drawing for 2 years, yet still has not gotten out of the habbit of tracing over pictures of Sakura from Naruto and pairing her mary sues with the animu guy of her dreams, as well as using traced bases.

    It is a sad, sad fact of life that Sapphhairyyellowmoldingvagina is unable to improve her shitty anatomy and shading. The cause of this is still unknown. It may be the fact that every single critique she gets is sugar coated bullshit from her friends that dosen't help her at all, however it's more likely she just has some serious case of mental retardation.

    If I judged others based on their art, I wouldn't be as close to you as I am now!


    —Sapphwhore insults a beginnger artist, thinking her's is much better

    Her and Inuyasha=TRUE RUV ^___________^

    Typical reaction to someone saying they do not wish to roleplay Inuyasha screwing her at this time.

    Yes, deep in Inuyasha land, that one giant dog fag decided that instead of having a decent looking teenage slut to make love to, he would rather have an overweight cat girl suck his penis. According to Sapphbitch, she and Inuyasha are in a deep, passionate love. Because as we all know, she can change the plot of the animu and manga. Why? because she is THEALMIGHTYSAPPHIRECHANSAMASANNYANNYANCHANGOZIMASU!!! ^__^ Unfortunately, her pleading letters to Rumiko Takahashi were burned upon arrival and so she had resorted to the next best thing. Asking her friends to roleplay him screwing her, guilt tripping them if they refuse to.

    A typical roleplay with Sapphwhore

    Inuyasha: *staring at Sapphire* Are you like, connected to that damn couch?
    Sapphire: *creepy voice* YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! *creepy grin*
    Inuyasha: > >;; You know that dosen't scare me.
    Sapphire: *pretends to have a heart attack*
    Inuyasha: Really, thats not going to work. *smirks*
    Sapphire: *is really realistic*
    Inuyasha: ...Sapph? *leans down, begining to get worried*
    Sapphire: *grabs his nose* Gotcha!
    Inuyahsa: Gah! Grr...
    Inuyasha: *sighs* You really shouldn't worry me like that...
    Sapphire: Sorry. I just wanted a little fun.
    Inuyasha: Well then, you have to give me something in return then...
    Sapphire: Like? Lemme guess, you wanna have fun with me?
    Inuyasha: *reaches down to grope her butt, smirking* Mabye..
    Sapphire: L-Like how?
    Inuyasha: Like this. *tears her shirt off with one of his claws*
    Sapphire: Hey! That's all I have to wear!
    Inuyasha: You think I care right now? *pushes her down and begins licking her nipples through her bra*
    Sapphire: Ah! J-Just how horny are you?! *chuckles*
    Inuyasha: I don't know, you tell me. *hand slides up and begins to undo bra strap*
    Sapphire: Oh you undo that but you slice off my shirt!
    Inuyahsa: Feh. *undos it and begins sucking on one of the breasts*
    Sapphire: A-AH! InuYasha! Ah!

    This young one was able to make it out alive. Others, are not as fortunate.

    DevianTART lulz

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    Of course, Sapphbitch has made a jewtube to whore out her groundbreaking speedpaints to share with the world. Your eyes will bleed. LOL ALL THE VIDEOS GOT B&

    Her Roleplay Website

    As you saw above, Sapphfuck has some serious roleplaying skills. So of course, she decided to make her own roleplay website so others could bow down to her skill

    Miroku X OC XXX (Keep in mind that Miroku is supposed to be like seventeen and her like eight. I can age her up to thirteen but that's the highest I go if that's uncomfortable for you and you can't handle seventeenXeight year olds. Like I said have no limits.)


    —Sapphpedo being a pedophile.

    Hypocrisy and Bullshit

    File:SHIT 1.png
    shit she owes
    File:SHIT 2.png
    even moar shit she owes

    [7/10/2010 7:29:54 PM] [Sapphire] サファイア: Hi.

    [7/10/2010 7:30:25 PM] JAMERS: ,

    [7/10/2010 7:30:57 PM] JAMERS: your name burns my eyes

    [7/10/2010 7:31:09 PM] [Sapphire] サファイア: I do not get it.

    [7/10/2010 7:31:19 PM] JAMERS: Your name

    [7/10/2010 7:31:20 PM] JAMERS: it

    [7/10/2010 7:31:21 PM] JAMERS: burns

    [7/10/2010 7:31:22 PM] JAMERS: my

    [7/10/2010 7:31:22 PM] JAMERS: eyes

    [7/10/2010 7:32:16 PM] [Sapphire] サファイア: Sorry, it's just I found kanji LOL

    [7/10/2010 7:32:37 PM] JAMERS: You are not Japanese. Please do not write in it.


    —Sapphwhore being a weeaboo fag. Note how she refers to katakana as kanji. Trademark weeb tactic.

    Thats right, it gets even better than newborn gorilla having a seizure art. Sapphiresama12 is also one of the biggest hypocrites on the interwebz, and also has her fair share of moments proving her intelligence. First off, if you thought she wasn't enough of an asshole, let this sink in. A couple years back, Sapphfatass was still forcing all her friends against her will to comment her art. Now someone who wasn't a complete retard refused to comment and fave her self-important ass. THIS ANGERED THE ALMIGHTY KAWAIISUGOIGOZIMASUNYANNYANCHANSANSAPPHIRE, and instead of accepting the fact that the faggot didn't want anything to do with her rainbow colored feces, what did she do? "HACK" THE FAGGOT'S DEVIANTART ACCOUNT AND MAKE A JOURNAL THREATNING TO DELETE IT UNLESS SHE FAVED ALL OF HER PICTURES AND COMMENTED ALMOST ALL OF THEM. And that isn't the end of it. Recently, Sapphwhore, being the unoriginal fag that she is, has been stealing other's inside jokes, and using them as if she owned them.

    I was there when they created it! Therefore I must own it!.


    —Sapphretard's amazing logic.

    Her response to someone saying she deserves an ED article.


    Now of course, the victims of the stolen jokes confronted her about this. Her response: "YOU GAUIZ ARE OVEREACTING OVAH A JOKE U FUCKING SUCK". In response to this, one of the victim decided to use one of /HER/ jokes alot to see how she would react. Her response:



    Proof of Her Lies




    Chat with EnSnipe 1

    [21:58:53] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: >u>
    [21:59:09] EnSnipe: ?
    [21:59:45] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: You should answer that thing on DA about me <U<
    [21:59:57] EnSnipe: Answer what?
    [22:00:14] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: Just post a comment and I shall...
    1. Respond with something random about you.
    2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
    3. Tell you my first memory of you.
    4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
    5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
    6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
    7. Tell you my least favorite thing about you.
    8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.
    [22:00:18] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: That thingy
    [22:01:12]EnSnipe: "Mind you, despite it says "just post a comment", I will still mainly chose who I will do this too or not."
    [22:01:15]EnSnipe : Quoted from my journal.
    [22:01:35] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: Well say it on skype please?
    [22:01:38] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: I'm curious
    [22:01:48]EnSnipe: Bleh, whatever.
    [22:02:29]EnSnipe: 1. Go away.
    2. Red.
    3. You're annoying.
    4. A cat, because I hate them as well.
    5. Why?
    6. Nothing.
    7. You.
    [22:02:34]EnSnipe: Is this what you were expecting?
    [22:02:56] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: You're quite rude :/
    [22:03:01]EnSnipe: Yep.
    [22:03:06 [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: :/
    [22:03:44] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: 1. I will never go away >u>
    [22:03:47] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: <u<
    [22:04:47]EnSnipe: It's advised that you do.
    [22:04:55]EnSnipe: Getting any closer and your boobs shall suffocate me.
    [22:05:17] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: If ya don't like me, stop commenting on my boobs >.>
    [22:05:43] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: And by don't like, I don't just mean your little crush I mean dislike me period.
    [22:06:59]EnSnipe: Your boobs are just your most senstive subject.
    [22:07:08]EnSnipe: And I even disliked you before it.
    [22:07:20] EnSnipe: How stupid are you not even having realized that?
    [22:07:43] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: I realized that.
    [22:07:53] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: We used to fight a lot rememeber?
    [22:08:02]EnSnipe: No shit Sherlock.
    [22:08:10] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: *Holmes
    [22:08:27] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: Your boobs are just your most senstive subject.And what do you mean?
    [22:09:49]EnSnipe: It's the easiest to annoy you with.
    [22:09:55] EnSnipe: And the only thing probably to like about you.
    [22:10:13] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: That's the worse reason to like me.
    [22:10:28] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: Cuz I'm sick of guys liking me for my chest >.>
    [22:10:30] EnSnipe: Then you see how horrible you are.
    [22:10:39]EnSnipe : There is like, nothing else to like about you.
    [22:10:44] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: ?
    [22:11:02] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: Actually there is, you just don't see it.
    [22:11:08] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids:  /blocked
    [22:11:17] [Sapphire] Remarkable Aids: I don't have the time to deal with you.


    Chat with EnSnipe 2

    Yeah, she unblocked him. and she claims /he/ has a crush on /her/.

    [3:59:56 PM] EnSnipe: [20-8-2010 23:51:02] [Sapphire] YES: You're so nice >.>
    [20-8-2010 23:55:52] EnSnipe: Yep.
    [20-8-2010 23:56:15] [Sapphire] YES: You sent those three our chatlogs right?
    [20-8-2010 23:56:32] EnSnipe: Which three?
    [20-8-2010 23:56:44] [Sapphire] YES: The three girls I'm fighing with?
    [20-8-2010 23:57:02] EnSnipe: I don't know which three girls you're fighting with.
    [20-8-2010 23:57:12] EnSnipe: But I just sent it to one.
    [20-8-2010 23:57:14] EnSnipe: Not three.
    [20-8-2010 23:57:19] [Sapphire] YES: Which one?
    [20-8-2010 23:58:27] Ensnipe: Why would I tell you?
    [20-8-2010 23:58:36] [Sapphire] YES: Because I deserve to know?
    [20-8-2010 23:59:13] [Sapphire] YES: What was the point to sending them in the first place?
    [0:00:21] [Sapphire] YES: What do you hope to accomplish?
    [0:00:35] EnSnipe: You don't deserve to know in my view, for all you could speculate, I could've brought it up there on my own.
    And the point was, I told someone what happened, they asked me if they could see it and add it to there.
    [0:00:42] EnSnipe: What I hoped to accomplish was a good laugh.
    [0:00:47] EnSnipe: And it worked out perfectly.
    [0:01:00] [Sapphire] YES: Which one?
    [0:01:02] [Sapphire] YES: Sakio?
    [0:01:04] [Sapphire] YES: Hito?
    [0:01:07] [Sapphire] YES: Miyuki?
    [0:01:11] [Sapphire] YES: Which one wanted to know?
    [0:01:21] [Sapphire] YES: And it was none of their business
    [0:02:43] EnSnipe: You really think I'm going to tell you?
    [0:02:54] EnSnipe: And ofcourse, it's not their business.
    [0:03:02] EnSnipe: But they didn't mingle in with it either.
    [0:03:06] EnSnipe: No one did.
    [0:03:10] [Sapphire] YES: Eh?
    [0:03:13] [Sapphire] YES: It's on my ED
    [0:03:21] EnSnipe: Ahhh, so you made it yourself?
    [0:03:28] [Sapphire] YES: Along with the relevation you have a crush on me
    [0:03:32] EnSnipe: Why would you make an ED yourself?
    [0:03:38] [Sapphire] YES: And no. Sakio made the ED
    [0:04:15] EnSnipe: Lol, you think I care about something you implied in that chat?
    I'll leave it to the people who read it to decide what it is.
    [0:05:07] [Sapphire] YES: You're really immature :/
    [0:05:15] [Sapphire] YES: Honestly, you're what 17?
    [0:05:27] [Sapphire] YES: Stop arguing with a kid and grow the fuck up.
    [0:06:21] [Sapphire] YES: Better be careful what I say though, it'll wind up on ED as well :/
    [0:06:38] EnSnipe: So? Do you think I would care if someone could have a good laugh about me on there? xD
    [0:06:58] [Sapphire] YES: I sincerely wish they would
    [0:06:59] EnSnipe: Besides, you know what's immature as well?
    [0:07:11] EnSnipe: Hiding behind the fact that you're 'younger'
    [0:07:26] EnSnipe: That's also immature if you didn't know.
    [0:07:37] [Sapphire] YES: Being young = immature
    [0:07:40] [Sapphire] YES: People grow
    [0:07:43] [Sapphire] YES: And change
    [0:07:52] EnSnipe: Yes, but, you're not young, you're teenager.
    [0:07:58] [Sapphire] YES: You haven't changed a bit from the last time we fought
    [0:08:16] [Sapphire] YES: No one is legally mature til 18
    [0:08:24] [Sapphire] YES: I'm not 18
    [0:08:26] EnSnipe: So that would make me young as well.
    [0:08:33] EnSnipe: So, you screwed yourself there.
    [0:08:48] [Sapphire] YES: It's different in your country, right?
    [0:08:56] [Sapphire] YES: I believe you said it was 16 there
    [0:09:00] [Sapphire] YES: I'm not 16 either
    [0:10:44] [Sapphire] YES: I'm not there and you aren't here. Therefore we must follow our countries laws.
    [0:10:57] EnSnipe: No, it's not different here.
    [0:11:13] [Sapphire] YES: You said the legal age is 16
    [0:11:17] EnSnipe: For drinking.
    [0:11:28] [Sapphire] YES: What about everthing else?
    [0:11:51] EnSnipe: 18 years old to get a drivers' license.
    [0:12:13] [Sapphire] YES: You're far far closer to 18 than I am at the very least
    [0:12:32] EnSnipe: Does not change the fact I'm still under 18 years.
    [0:12:52] [Sapphire] YES: For what four months?
    [0:12:57] [Sapphire] YES: I have years to go\
    [0:13:07] EnSnipe: Doesn't change it.
    [0:13:22] EnSnipe: This is now, not over 4 months.
    [0:13:49] [Sapphire] YES: You should still be more mature than I am
    [0:14:41] EnSnipe: Then let me ask.
    [0:14:46] EnSnipe: What is the immature part that I did?
    [0:14:55] EnSnipe: I just talked to someone.
    [0:15:02] EnSnipe: I mentioned the 'arguement' we had.
    [0:15:05] EnSnipe: I showed the chatlogs.
    [0:15:07] [Sapphire] YES: And gave them shit that was private
    [0:15:08] EnSnipe: Like you always did.
    [0:15:13] [Sapphire] YES: I was 13
    [0:15:17] [Sapphire] YES: Not 17
    [0:15:36] EnSnipe: So, because I'm 17, means I may not show any chatlogs to someone?
    [0:15:49] [Sapphire] YES: That isn't what I siad
    [0:15:51] [Sapphire] YES: *said
    [0:16:06] [Sapphire] YES: But I had the drama almost gone and you helped restart it OTL
    [0:16:30] EnSnipe: Then that's your problem with the people you have drama with.
    [0:16:43] [Sapphire] YES: You helped it, knowing I was in it
    [0:17:23] EnSnipe: So I showed chatlogs?
    I got asked for permission if they wanted to put it on there, I accepted it.
    [0:17:59] [Sapphire] YES: Permission should lie in both peoples hands
    [0:18:03] [Sapphire] YES: Not just yours
    [0:18:32] EnSnipe: It's my computer, my files.
    Permission to give off content of a file lies in the owner of it.
    [0:18:41] EnSnipe: You have your files of content, I have mine.
    [0:18:46] [Sapphire] YES: My file as well idiot
    [0:18:49] EnSnipe: I have my rights on mine and you have your own.
    [0:18:57] [Sapphire] YES: I was involved just as much as you were
    [0:18:58] EnSnipe: No, because if you delete your files, mine will still be here.
    [0:19:05] EnSnipe: So, that makes them MY files.
    [0:19:17] EnSnipe: Unless you can prove to me you paid for my computer, they remain to be my files.
    [0:19:32] [Sapphire] YES: So what, I wasn't in the convo?
    [0:19:47] [Sapphire] YES: I have no right over what was revealed?
    [0:20:03] [Sapphire] YES: Those were my words AND yours
    [0:20:06] [Sapphire] YES: OUR file
    [0:20:15] [Sapphire] YES: Not just yours and not just mine
    [0:20:20] EnSnipe: Yes you were, I never said the content pointed to specific people, but aslong as you talk to me, you accept that I have an ability to show those textlogs.
    [0:20:41] EnSnipe: Two names were given in the chatlogs.
    [0:20:53] EnSnipe: At the moment my name was erased out and changed, those weren't my logs anymore.
    [0:20:58] EnSnipe: Since someone ELSE editted them.
    [0:21:05] [Sapphire] YES: Why was my name still there?
    [0:21:11] [Sapphire] YES: It's still MY log
    [0:21:20] [Sapphire] YES: I'm still in it
    [0:21:24] EnSnipe: Did you give your logs?
    [0:21:30] EnSnipe: No.
    [0:21:32] [Sapphire] YES: To anyone?
    [0:22:21] EnSnipe: Aslong as you don't send your logs to anyone, those are your files.
    As soon as I send those files to anyone else, those are MY files.
    I hold right to send or delete them.
    [0:22:33] EnSnipe: You do not hold rights to send or delete the files on my computer.
    [0:22:54] [Sapphire] YES: And you don't own any rights for the chatlogs I used to send by your logic
    [0:23:08] EnSnipe: Yes, the logs you have on your computer, are your files.
    [0:23:10] EnSnipe: Not mine.
    [0:23:18] [Sapphire] YES: And yes, I sent the chatlogs that we had.
    [0:23:21] [Sapphire] YES: To Cara
    [0:23:35] [Sapphire] YES: Because I was frusterated and KNEW she wouldn't do anything like that
    [0:23:36] EnSnipe: Then they are your files, you sent to Cara, not my files, I sent to someone else.
    [0:23:53] [Sapphire] YES: You're going in  a cirle
    [0:24:07] [Sapphire] YES: And these files will be sent to Cara as well
    [0:24:19] Kurasu: Try and understand this.
    [0:24:32] EnSnipe: If you would delete your own chatlogs, mine would still be here, so that means they're seperate files.
    [0:24:38] EnSnipe: Just with the same contents.
    [0:24:47] EnSnipe: Which means, seperate files, can lead to seperate owners.
    [0:24:58] [Sapphire] YES: You have right over your WORDS
    [0:25:04] [Sapphire] YES: I can send anything I say.
    [0:25:22] [Sapphire] YES: But I can't send what you say without permission
    [0:25:27] EnSnipe: I can send anything that's on my computer, aslong as I don't break any laws.
    [0:25:57] [Sapphire] YES: You're not listening to anything I'm saying are you?
    [0:26:07] EnSnipe: Because you're saying bullshit and don't even listen to me.
    [0:26:13] EnSnipe: They are TWO seperate files.
    [0:26:18] EnSnipe: One you have, one I have.
    [0:26:23] EnSnipe: You have no saying over MY files.
    [0:26:37] EnSnipe: Do you finally get it now?
    [0:26:41] [Sapphire] YES: Dude, it's a privacy law OTL
    [0:26:56] [Sapphire] YES: You can't send my words without permission
    [0:26:58] EnSnipe: So you talked about something specificly related to what you created?
    [0:27:14] [Sapphire] YES: And I can't send your words without permission
    [0:27:23] EnSnipe: No, that's what you THINK.
    [0:27:36] EnSnipe: Files and words aren't video's or games made by someone.
    [0:27:53] EnSnipe: If you may not send without permission from another, these 'chatlogs' would not exist.
    [0:28:10] [Sapphire] YES: Eh?
    [0:28:20] [Sapphire] YES: I don't understand that last part
    [0:29:01] EnSnipe: Think.
    [0:29:15] EnSnipe: If these logs are created, that means they're legal to create and to send to someone else.
    [0:29:22] EnSnipe: Or else they would not become a file I could access.
    [0:29:25] [Sapphire] YES: Data logging
    Many programs and operating systems are set up to perform data logging of usage. This may include recording times when the computer is in use, or which web sites are visited. If a third party has sufficient access to the computer, legitimately or not, the user's privacy may be compromised. This could be avoided by disabling logging, or by clearing logs regularly.
    [0:29:31] [Sapphire] YES: Off wiki
    [0:30:01] EnSnipe: That is in a company.
    [0:30:09] *** [Sapphire] YES heeft een groepsgesprek aangemaakt met Anon.
    Toon groepsgesprek ***
    [0:30:10] EnSnipe: You and I, are not in a company.
    [0:30:33] [Sapphire] YES: OTL
    [0:42:14] [Sapphire] YES: Have fun then~

    Reaction To This Article

    Nothing more to be said. (:


    File:Jokes against her.png
    She even steals jokes used against her.




    Deactivated Accounts

    Well, aparently Sapphwhore just couldn't take the everyone telling the truth, and closed all of her accounts, including Sheezyart and Jewtube. But as we all know, deviantartlet's always come back, so keep watch for her art style. DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS


    Well it's been awhile, but as expected, the whore is back and better than ever. So you may have been thinking, "Wow, its been several months. I'm sure in that time she has improved just a little, right?" Let her ID answer your question.

    Her Heartwarming Art Gallery

    IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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