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    Sankaku Complex

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    Totally a legit news site guys. I swear.

    Sankaku Complex (also known as SanCom, Shitkaku Complex, Herpes Simplex or Why don't you have a seat over there?) is the number-one blog for lonely weeaboo pedophiles. Run by a tremendously arrogant weenie named "Artefact", this fetid abortion of a site also poisons the Internet with a forum, IRC channel, and shitty Danbooru ripoff. Sankaku Complex's audience is incredibly diverse, ranging from "unemployed fat virgin living in his mother's basement who jerks off to big-titted anime girls" all the way to "unemployed fat virgin living in his mother's attic who jerks off to small-titted anime girls with dicks". Don't forget the bizarre anti-Gook/Chink propagandists and hard gays. Because Sankaku Complex provides the very thing they breathe—anime pornography—they see the site as a serious and informative news website, when it's just the posts and ramblings of a lonely faggot furnishing his blog with hentai ads.

    The Blog

    Artefact: owner of Sankaku Complex and giant faggot.

    The owner of the website is Artefact, a lonely weeaboo with a moeblob and PS3 fetish that lives in Tokyo. Equipped with a thesaurus, Artefact is under the illusion of his blog having quality articles about Japanese culture as page views are the evidence of this. Unfortunately for Artefact, it's the exact opposite. Artefact started this blog in 2008 to cover his nerd adventures of watching anime and collecting hentai. General topics tend to include child molestation, dick eating, Japanese whores, Battletoads, and other bullshit.

    Because most of the readers of SankakuComplex are total virgins who don't know anything about real women...

    Either Artefact is a brilliant man who knows his audience, or he's equally clueless


    —Anonymous, summarizing the userbase of Sankaku Complex

    Users will deny the fact that Sankaku Complex is merely a porn dump rather than an informative news site. The blog is so informative that it includes ground breaking news of confirming that a fictional character sleeps without a bra. Useless lists such as "top cutest moeblobs" or "top tsunderes" are also plastered on the site. Strangely, Artefact also has a tendency to post lists of "things you don't want you girlfriend to know" or "best things to do with your girlfriend". The irony of girlfriend-related blogs is that the entire userbase of Sankaku Complex do not have girlfriends nor have touched a woman that is not mom in their lifetime.

    Of course I only care about page views. What other measure of success is there on the web? Would you rather I concentrate on boring content nobody is interested in?




    What helped Sankaku Complex receive so many page views, which Artefacts breathes, is that every article is obligated to start off with an eye-catching picture of a young girl being depicted in a rape situation. Artefact knew that if this wasn't done, then nobody would visit the site. In the article itself, there will be a short description on the topic followed by a fucking plethora of porn.


    If any of these knuckle-draggers could read Japanese, they'd realize their beloved mascot was saying "damn all you lolicon".
    Know who's behind that computer screen on Sankaku Complex.[1]

    Since Sankaku Complex is targeted at an audience of sexually insecure and racially diverse weeaboos, what would happen if they were on a relatively unmoderated forum? The end result would be drama, hentai, pedophilia, and Apartheid.

    Lolicons and pedophiles are the same. They both are sexually attracted to children. Pedosexuals are the ones who fuck children. Lolicons and pedophiles are truly harmless. Pedosexuals who rape real lolis are harmless as well. Lolis grow up to be psychotic whores either way.



    —Alessa, performing psychoanalysis

    As all users on SanCom are pedophiles who beat off to little girls, the general discussions on the forum are devoted to highly philosophical subjects of lolicon and pedophilia. Are they the same? Should lolicon be illegal? Are we actually child molesters or potential ones? Regardless, these threads evolve into hilarious debates with ridiculous attempts at debunking.

    And the West treats (hentai games) the way they should be as nothing more than garbage.




    Other topics include fetishes; "the last thing you fapped to"; figurine collections and how they are covered in semen; anime and manga series; and anything else that doesn't require more than two brain cells to create.

    IRC Channel

    A valuable conversation

    <@Beako-sama> cock in me was hours ago? Very interesting.




    IRC was where Artefact went to receive some good old ass kissing for his hard work of maintaining a blog centered on Japanese porn. But don't you dare call it a blog! No siree, SanCom is actually a serious news website.

    <@Artefact> We are a "news site" and don't you forget it
    < hyourou> it's a blog no matter what you say.
    -!- mode/#sankakucomplex [+b *!*@nekomimi.land] by Artefact
    -!- hyourou was kicked from #sankakucomplex by Artefact [hyourou]
    <@Artefact> I'm serious
    <@Artefact> "news site"
    <@Artefact> Like Slashdot
    < Katsuo> lie Fox News
    <@Artefact> Fox News is a fine operation
    <@Artefact> It makes Murdoch a lot of money

    If you were to not suck up to Artefact or not speak highly about SanCom, you will get banned. In fact, Artefact is a known Grammar Nazi, constantly correcting other people's English mistakes on IRC. Beako-sama was the bot that runs the IRC, named after the mascot. She will basically kick anyone for poor spelling or citing memes, her dialogue is basically a reflection of the faggot that programmed her.

    The room became a ghost town when Artefact threw a hissy fit and banned everyone as they were imperfect for the grammar mistakes and failure to kiss Artefact's feet. On December 19, 2009, the users of #sankakucomplex reported Artefact's abuse to the Rizon staff as Artefact was demanding ownership of the channel. Artefact's success was short-lived until the Rizon staff told him to fuck off and de-modded him after hearing the pleas from some users.

    Sankaku Complex vs.

    Danny Choo

    Artefact's arch-nemesis.

    Danny Choo owns the site Culture Japan, which also catalogs the loneliness—ahem, culture of Japan. The two sites were basically the same: stealing news from Itai news then condensing it. Over some petty argument involving Artefact lying a little too much, the precious page views which Artefact loves so dearly ended up dropping drastically. The two could never work together as Artefact was as stubborn as a mule who loved seeing his name in the limelight; his racism and sexism didn't do him any good either. Danny Choo saw Artefact as a threat to him and his website.

    Thanks to Danny, the pictures of Artefact attending his event were leaked and everyone across the internet saw that Artefact resembled a bisexual goth tranny. Around February 2009, the two fell out of equal terms; Danny asked people to stop linking to SanCom on his website, and Artefact stopped mentioning Danny in his blog. Beyond that, any attempt at interaction was ignored by Danny. This was probably done to appear as a respectable man that does not want to associate with child molesters.

    Sankaku Complex is Shit

    Screencap of the website.

    On a quiet April afternoon a random user stumbled upon what was basically the most accurate parody of Sankaku Complex: Sankaku Complex is Shit.

    The website was basically a one page summary of the 400+ pages of recycled garbage that has been produced since Sankaku Complex's beginning. The most notable feature of the site is how the creator perfectly imitated Artefact's cringe-inducing writing.

    2ch denizens are in awe of the following image based latest KyoAni venture, K-On!. In case you are blind and are experiencing this website through the soothing voice of Microsoft Sam the picture shows the four main characers of the show crossing the infamous zebra crossing at Abbey Road in a homage to the similar Beatles photo. 2Channers speculate this is due to the musical theme of the show and have taken it as unofficial confirmation of the imminent airing of Haruhi Series 2.


    Read the rest of this entry »

    The owner of the website learned that to imitate Artefact is to have a skilled usage of an English thesaurus and incorporate unconventional words as an attempt to show everyone that you come from an educated background. Unfortunately, the parody site was deleted sometime after its discovery, nonetheless it did prove SanCom's worthlessness.

    Further Trolling

    Begging for this shit.

    Trolling the SanCom forums is very simple. Simply choose one of the seven options below:

    • Accuse the userbase of being pedophiles
    • Accuse Artefact or other forum members as being racist toward the Chinese
    • Accuse them of only hating Xbox because it isn't Japanese, and tell them your 360 only broke once
    • Assert Danny Choo runs a superior site to Artefact
    • Assert the community died as the site become more popular
    • Start a topic about pedophilia or lolicon
    • Post images of small children and say you fapped to this
    • Link to this article

    Is dat sum racial oppression?

    Sankaku Complex attracts a wide variety of nationalities and colors, and being the insecure faggots that they are, it is natural to have a victim complex about your race.

    It seems that the host of this forum, Artefact, is rather a racist against Chinese people. I just want to know if this is true or not.


    —julian0086, not sure if racist

    The butthurt Chinaman then proceeded with his intellectual checkmate as the forum raged against these unfounded racial accusations.

    You get funny stuff from china, because china is big and a lot more strange things can happen there.

    Then why only china, not also india is used? The answer is that, china is the only country being targeted.


    —julian0086, not also india is used?


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