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    San Andreas Roleplay

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    San Andreas Roleplay
    Type Roleplay community
    Founded 2008
    Location New Zealand
    Key people Devin Clark, Robert Slater and his brothers, Nick Shields
    Motto b& for free speech, lol
    Industry Production of troll bait
    Products USI, 13 year old boys
    Website gta-sarp.com, ng-gaming.net or us-rp.com
    Marcus the owner of San Andreas Roleplay IRL, depressed as he watches his Jewgolds get into the hands of arch-enemy Devin Lee Clark.
    File:No updates for you. Why- Read on. - San Andreas Roleplay 1254376419037.png
    Typical SARP administration drama, players realize every now and then that their script is simple copypasta, until admins ban all the bawwwwwing players who took off their love goggles.
    An anti-SARP poster, generally ignored by everyone.
    Our beloved Jack Package, brought to you by Bruce Stracci and Claude Speed the internet.

    San Andreas Roleplay (or SARP) is community of basement dwelling neckbeards obsessed with playing cops and robbers for eternity in a GTA setting. Occasionally, their shit-slinging and infighting boils over to here, where they smear their autistic diarrhea across a keyboard like it's finger-painting time at an infant's daycare.

    How to make a SARP server

    1. Download the Godfather script from here.
    2. Delete a few bits of the script.
    3. Compile it and host a server with it.
    4. Spam your server IP across all the other servers.
    5. ???
    6. PROFIT!

    This is how SARP actually runs. One of the head owner's brothers was the supposed coder of this script copypasta, and is praised (mostly by himself) although he simply removed or changed some parts of a huge script. He accidentally ended up bugging it so it would crash the server at random intervals thus making all the players who hadn't logged out before it lose all of their stats. The head owner's other brother is 13 years old. Whilst not contributing to the server and simply airbreaking through the map with hacks, he would be busy banning those who are not contributing to the server and simply airbreaking through the map with hacks.

    How to earn money on SARP

    1. Get In-game money

    2. Spam /ad about wanting a donation done

    3. Add the idiot who wants to spend real money on a game on skype

    4. Tell them you're a high leveled player, and you've got permission to take money to your paypal.(best to call those faggots so they don't snitch on you.)

    5. Then make the transaction and you're done

    500.000$ on SARP is 1$ on your paypal. GLHF!


    [ED is] an entire wiki site based on internet humor fads and old useless jokes that people get attached to because so many other retards read and spread them, much like they spread their ass cheeks every night for their daddy (see what I mean). The articles are written by people who claim nobody else has a life yet they spend their days toiling away thinking of funny jokes to make in their articles about whatever random crap people will never read.


    —SARPian after seeing this article

    SARP started way back in 2007, with a guy who had the online handle of Marcus. Marcus was banned from multiple SA:MP Roleplay servers, then soon ragequit one server by spamming the IP of a server he had started, which was set out to be the greatest player-filled community evar. Marcus used an overused pre-made script for the basis of SARP, and forced his brothers to slave over it, scripting in absolutely nothing except copypasta from other parts in the script and commenting out any bits they didn't want, and called themselves coders. SARP was born!

    In late 2008, Marcus asskissed his way to getting SARP on the SA:MP Official server list, and after succesfully achieving this status, the community grew with the addition of even more Arab and children, who are almost impossible to roleplay with due to their bad level of Engrish. Unfortunately, most SARP players are underage, and most act like wiggers and achieve orgasms over access to admin commands. When they get access to said admin powers, they will abuse constantly for lulz, or in most cases just to ban the people they hate. After causing shit and drama on other servers, they lost their Official status.

    SARP's server code leak

    Sometime last Thursday, SARP's FTP was hacked into and the contents were leaked to the interwebs. It was leaked when 1337 haxors sent a forged e-mail via PHP to their webmaster asking for the FTP password to be sent to another e-mail address (you cannot get replies through PHP forged e-mails). The webmaster was dumb enough not to check the e-mail header and sent off the password anyway. The rip is available here. Some SARP admins claimed that it was never hacked and that they released it intentionally.

    SARP's another code leak

    Sometime last Thursday, SARP's developer Joe Slice was infected with the DarkComet RAT by the UAE DM team, the team eventually got his passwords, logged into his accounts, got the scripts and then left a nice message for the development team.

    The scary message left behind by the UAE DM team.

    A link to the scripts was once featured here, the link is now dead.

    December 2009 admin forum hack

    Victor did it

    In late 2009, a rogue member managed to gain access to most of SARP's private admin forum, and spammed the resulting screenshots over the rest of the forum, causing epic lulz and butthurt, due to the amount of shit and conspiracies the admins talked about their own players. This caused even more confusion (two admins were fired with no proof they did it, lulz) but after trying to work out who did it and failing, they just decided that a banned user known as Victor did it. According to the head admins, Victor knew a lot about computers.

    The Dethroning of Marcus

    Tl;dr Bawwwfest after the server takeover

    On the 26th of April 2010, two of Marcus's head admins called serious business with many players and administrators in the community, and after some long, flamed debate finally decided to take advantage of the fact that Marcus didn't actually own the host, and it was actually in possession of one of the rogue admins. They used their hosting power to rangeban the Pritchard family (along with the largest ISP in New Zealand, lulz) and take over the server due to the many years of neglect. Upon doing that, they removed nearly all bans, including those on hackers, trolls, along with anyone else who would probably come back for seconds. They decided to fire just about every admin that was friends with Marcus, along with a few other oblivious admins.

    You won't be banned for telling what you feel, atleast [sic] you shouldn't worry.


    —A banned ex-admin to another banned ex-admin.

    On this day there were at least 100 people in the Ventrilo server, with Marcus having the option to either sell them the server or be banned forever. They decided to steal the server from him anyway, leaving Marcus in tears.

    Not being able to use the heap of shit the Pritchards created as their script (they actually demanded copyright for it, lulz), SARP's scripting team actually had something to do now.

    The Real Slim SARP

    Marcus takes care in not breaking CSS scripts.
    Will the real San Andreas Roleplay please stand up?

    In his fit of butthurt, Marcus decided to create a new server, which was just a clone of the old server he owned. Like many newfags, Marcus believes that spamming links to his community on another community will work. Because of this, there were now two SARP servers, one of these just a dumping ground for whoever gets banned from the original server. All the admins who got banned from the original server migrated here, just so they could be administrators again.

    Soon after this was started up, players from both communities started spamming each other's servers indefinitely, in hopes that players would move over peacefully.

    Original SARP's Retaliation

    Players from the original server simply went onto Marcus's server and started fucking up everything from the inside. Examples included getting faction powers and using it to spread shit fucking everywhere, and making everyone in the server San Andreas's most wanted:

    This "War" Has to stop. Its like the war in iraq.


    —Some pussy on the forums, falling for this serious business.

    New SARP's Retaliation

    After being pwnt by the original SARP, Marcus launched a counter-attack, using old server logs he had kept (which record logins and passwords) to hijack every admin account on the game server and ban fucking everyone. Much like /b/ solutions to faggotry, this was actually beneficial to the server as it cleansed the playerbase of all newfags and Arab, aka nearly everyone. Once the game server had been tanked, Marcus then proceeded to move on to the forums and do the same, taking advantage of an administrator's cautious account security. Bawwwing players quickly flooded the forum with posts claiming the end is near, and anyone who didn't join the real SARP would die.

    He actually claimed copyright!

    SARP players still use Internet Explorer.

    Amazingly, Marcus got away with using his copypasta script to remove Devin's SARP from SA:MP's server lists so it wouldn't display on their server browser. This was simply done by Marcus sucking up to the creator of SA:MP, Kye. Kye immediately went remorseful towards Marcus's high level of butthurt, and told Devin to change the name and script of the server if it was to be reinstated.

    Devin's SARP was now known as Next Generation Gaming. The title is an absurd one and we doubt people will be playing GTA San Andreas constantly for the next 30 years. Then again they're already running a server for Chris-Chan's Extreme Autism: Underground.

    And here we go again...

    Sometime near the end of July 2010, Marcus's SARP split again into two servers. Marcus had more or less abandoned his own server, several head admins had quit, and the server was under the control of Yuri Cordozar, a Turkish Arab who was fed up with Marcus and his scripter who abused admin powers on their playerbase of 13 year old boys. In the end, he quit and formed yet another server, known as United States Roleplay - Yuri called for his friends whilst on his powerhungry rampage, splitting SARP's playerbase in half. Later on Yuri had an idea to switch from an RP server to an RPG server and reset everyone's stats.

    Moar retaliation

    Sometime last Thursday, the entirety of NGG was hacked again by Abbott Langley, an ex-administrator who had been fired and banned for causing disruption within the community. Many admin accounts were hacked, many forums were raped, everyone was banned in-game, and Marcus was unbanned. These attacks continued throughout August and September, until it was found that he was exploiting the secure admin control panel with SQL injection, thanks to the exploitable loopholes left by the many great web developers of NGG.

    In the end, half of Australia was rangebanned again, and the entire incident was blamed on another ex-administrator and scripter.

    He's a PAWN scripter, he can hack us in his sleep!


    —Devin's reasoning behind using this person as a scapegoat.

    Kye's hatred

    The Moar You Know: Kye is the creator of SA:MP.

    Since the copyright drama, Kye has, for some obscure reason, sucked Marcus's dick to no end, resulting in NGG's server to be taken off SA:MP's hosted list whenever it appears there. Why Kye has a huge grudge against the true and honest Devin Clark is unknown.

    Whenever NGRP was moved to a new IP, Kye had it removed from the hosted tab again, proving that he is obviously butthurt and watching it like a hawk. Kye also threatens to remove them if they make a server for IVMP, ala GTA IV Multiplayer. This is due to their developers also bruising his ass further.


    Sometime last Thursday, MarcuSARP's number one scripter, Zav_lx refused to hand over his new script to Marcus. For this, Zav was fired and banned from the server. In retaliation, Zav used two of Marcus's loyal administrators to first take down the Ventrilo, then proceed to abuse script backdoors to rename all players to "server_blows_69.64.56.87:7777". He proceeded to create yet another failure of a server, which was tanked by yet another loyal admin he hired, Doc Murphy. In the end, Doc ended up with a server consisting entirely of non-roleplayers, while Zav has nothing.

    2012 "Hacking"

    On the 14th of May 2012, around 4.30pm Australian Eastern Standard time, the forums of San Andreas Roleplay were hacked by a former developer and former administrator. They used a simple SQL injection and claimed to be professional hackers, little did they know that they actually did the SARP community a favour, by cleaning up the messy forums. The former developer is also known for creating his own server and for DDoSing San Andreas Roleplay, when the truth is that he has no idea on how to do it. Instead of doing it himself, he asks a friend of him to DDoS San Andreas Roleplay.

    Devin loves DDoSing

    File:Jeremy cole loves handjobs.jpg
    Jeremy Cole, the skiddie hired by Devin. Take a note of how much Jeremy and Devin has in common, they both like cock.

    Somewhere around August 2013, Devin hired a skiddie named Jeremy Cole to DDoS the people he hated. This included websites and individuals that just never seemed to cease the trolling rampage upon Devin and NGG in itself and decided that enough was enough. He got in touch with Jeremy in some hack forum in the interwebz, paid him some cash and the DDoSing started. But to no avail, this only triggered a worse reaction from his enemies, resulting in further DDoSing towards the server and TS, and the NGG forums got hacked and wiped out, for the 155324th time thanks to the NGG "Security Team" and their oh-so-great security precautions.

    Also to inform, Devin is a bisexual. Wierd how anyone (gay or not) would want anything sexually to do with a fatass like Devin, though. OH, I REMEMBER. They're like whores, and he's just the guy with the money. Right? Riiiiiight?

    September 2013 forum hack

    On September 8th, two 1337 haxors called themselves "Plista" and "Gallery" exploited several vBulletin's bugs to gain access and took over San Andreas Roleplay's forum. The cause of this entertaining event was traced back to head admin Prodigy(Sierra Dawson). Plista posted a thread to inform admins about the vulnerability of their forum; but instead of fixing it, Prodigy decided to be a big hero, banned Plista and called him a faggot. The massive shitstorm was triggered instantaneously.

    All praised the 1337 haxors!

    This shitstorm resulted in the release of all admins' ips, hitman roster, hitman ban list, and last but not least, not so secret admin forum sections. In the midst of the storm and among the many confusions, some admins'/players' forum accounts were deleted.

    Return Lickertits

    If it couldn't get anyworse after the cummings. the lickertits returned. The faggots who decided to ragequit by hacking but got banned afterwards Currently they have a news position.

    Stu Lickertit - The most crooked faggot - also likes to insult people and admins.

    Donation Whores:

    Micha Lickertit - Donation whore, Donated 300$ than sold his account, Got banned and now his house is owned by another donation whore Sergio Gaysunno

    Yang Quiros - One of the biggest donation whores in sarp. Donated around 400$, after his parents found out that he donated this much, they prolly killed him... Inactive since august. Probably dead.

    Admin "strike" 2015

    So Ayan disagreed with Smo on some step he took without discussing the other admins(not a shocker). Admins actually worked as a team for once in their fucking lives and decided that Smo doesn't hear them, so they decided to "quit" the admin team. The whole roster was wiped and it looked fucking peachy. Oh wait? Claude is a powerhungry Latvian cuntsniffer and wants attention from Smo? "Never mind guys I GOT THIS". Smo decides to "apologize" and makes them a promise of not making anymore decisions without consulting with other admins, and Claude rimholes a little bit deeper for Community Director and makes everyone return. Yea right, we have had enough of this bullshit SMO. We aren't going to fall for it this tim-.....what? Not even an hour since the strike and and the so called caring admins join back the shithole team. This includes almost every single one of the weak fucks who couldn't bare to lose their position and fucked over all the respect they had for it (see Kaan Crowley).

    4/20 Hacking

    On 4/20/2016, the RCON password was leaked on San Andreas Roleplay's newbie chat. Shortly after, someone logged into the rcon and began banning users from the server. This caused an uproar as the usual traffic on Adolf Hitler's birthday was disrupted as the members of San Andreas Roleplay were unable to log in and "roleplay" with eachother. After the hacker banned everyone, the server was then namechanged to "SAN ANDREAS DM" and then to "CLUB PENGUIN ROLEPLAY". The server has since been under the hackers control, who is in-game with the username "Dont_Banme".

    Threads have already been posted on the forums of San Andreas Roleplay with people crying about the server being hacked ;(

    The language of the server has been set to "pakistani" The map of the server has been changed to "club penguin" The weburl is now "suck.ur.mum"

    Now the e-thugs of SARP can't light up on 4/20 and have some 1337 420 1080 no scope quickscope roleplay

    It is suspected that the genius Steven_Ruhl is behind the brilliant hacking.

    The Forums

    Well, as you can see in my signature, I did have 666 posts. Not I have like 556. WTF?!


    —Post counts are extremely fucking important on SARP.

    chea BOI, smoke suma dat shyt!


    —Every other 13 year old on the forum, claiming to smoke weed.

    take a knife, make a gash in your arm and rub cocaine in it or youre a fucking pussy


    —Tyler Purge on doing drugs.

    Cool story bro


    —As common as seeing Install Gentoo on /g/.

    Now we all love our Grand Theft Auto right? Well so do the Admins.

    Any Grand Theft Auto Topic that comes up in a conversation, the admin will be hooked.


    —Some dumbass guide on "How to get on the good side of an Admin"

    Typical SARP /b/tardism. Sound familiar?
    Sure is underageB& in here.
    Why SARP isn't worth donating to, unless you're a sick fuck.

    The forums on SARP are a great dump of overused internet memes because half the members are probably familiar with /b/, or more than likely just know their meme. Being the newfags they are, SARP players will spout memes such as cool story bro at any given moment, despite it being posted 10 times in the same thread and just not being funny, although, it makes a change.

    On the other hand, the other members claim to be hardcore drug addicts, with them posting in related threads showing how cool they are for doing weed. The forum also has a VIP feature, where you can pay $5 for a purple forum name, an oh-so-exciting Ventrilo tag and access to a porn forum, as if these sites never existed. There is also a famed usergroup, where people with USI can apply for this title and hope they get accepted. If they do, they will strut their so-called level of importance in threads, because they are so special.

    Regularly, admins abuse their powers to insert disturbing images in the footer of every page for the sick fucks of the playerbase to fap to.

    Gallery of bawww About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    The YouTube Complaint

    Now quite a commonly found way of players moaning and bitching at other players in-order to burrow deeper into the "admen gud books". The above video demonstrates the typical SARP user's ability to use windows movie maker but also confuse the shit out of the admin reviewing the complaint.

    SARP players IRL

    The only amusing thread you will ever find on SARP's boards is the Real-Life Picture Threads, which is almost always a sticky in the general section. Here you can find niggers, wiggers and 13 year old boys posting themselves. Doing drugs, of course.

    A recent look at the server population showed that over 80% of the players were under age 18(What fucking tough guys huh?). 57% were school dropouts. 76% of the players considered themselves to be stoners, while in reality only 59% actually used drugs. Of these, 59% thought it was cool. Nine out of ten female players were infact males.

    Suddenly underageb& About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Important SARP factions

    The Senate


    The SARP Senate is equivalent to Nazi Germany. They make bullshit laws regarding guns or drugs and change them regularly for absolutely no reason, depending on how much of an asshole the current leader feels like being. Posting negative comments about the Senate, or simply asking for it's removal, will result in an instant forum ban, due to more butthurt from the admins who watch over the senate. Raising taxes to 50% is a common occurrence. COMMUNISM HO

    The Police

    In real life, the police will arrest you if you don't do what you are told and you have no weaponry on you. Because in SARP you "don't die" and instead you "lose 30 minutes of memory from before you passed out", you'll just be killed, no matter what. Led by Mike Bourne, a 30 year old no lifer most of SARP's time, you must apply to get into factions like the Police, which can be easily achieved by simply using copypasta and changing the words a little. They'll never know.


    That is part of an accepted LSPD application, so it gives you a good idea of what the police are like.

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    The FBI is generally the LSPD but a little shinier. Due to the amount of 13 year old boys in the game, the FBI is degraded to doing the same work as the LSPD and having a hardly active boss. Much like the LSPD, the FBI is usually filled with egotistical faggots and SWAT/police/agent wannabes.


    Being the tryhards that SARP are, a faction called Anonymous was created. This confused many people when they realised there was a massive difference between Anonymous of the internets, and Anonymous in SARP, because SARP's variety contained anti-lulz and did not want to screw with the server. Once the admins were aware of their newfaggotry, they were soon disbanded and replaced by other gangs.

    The Hitman Agency (as of 6/1/16)

    Director: Cesar Bruetti


    • Arthur Rizzi
    • Hiroshima S Takamato
    • Kane Vercetti
    • Jay Conway
    • Josh Day
    • Solim Townes
    • Nick Hortensia
    • Calvin Adam
    • Melvin Harris
    • Benjamin Williams
    • Reece Conway

    The Hitman Agency is traditionally considered a hard organization to get into. The ideal used to be that they would select the best stealth deathmatchers. A very high kill to death ratio was critical. Soon everyone became a professional at this (mostly by killing n00bs who were busy AFKing outside a hospital) and wanted to join the agency, so the standard changed to those who could take in the most cock. The more dick a prospective hitman sucks, the greater their chances of getting in. Soon, the cum overload was so much only the most flaming could get an invite. They then proceeded to invite their boyfriends into the group. The former hitman director recently passed away from complications arising from several STDs, but the new director has much larger tolerances. The 2012 motto for the Hitman agency is "Quick and simple", so they either A- Plant a bomb in the road, B- Snipe you, C- Go up to you in a group of people all carrying spas 12s. Some of the hitman roster include Marlo_Stanfield, Jord_Grant, Luke_(Some shit can't remember), Mike_Western, and a some other people. They all have low role playing skills, and came from the LSPD which explains why.

    Server administration

    As the server grew, the owners saw fit to open up a series of new staff positions for moar powerhungry players to take control of. Because SARP and USRP always copy whatever NGRP does, the situation is the same on all three communities. Unlike SARP and USRP, though, staff members' freedom of speech is forbidden by Devin.


    SARP Admins use this flawless flow chart in case a problem is encountered.

    Believe it or not, this is what the admins actually do all day:

    Be advised that the guy who made the vid insert an annotation referring to ED users as /b/tards. This is horribly wrong. When you see Draven, remind him to LURK MOAR. Even though it also claims that administrators don't do anything as described in the video, it still shows that someone is flying around in a plant pot and blowing shit up. GG

    Moar TL;DW: The guy who made this video has made at least 18 more. It gives you a general idea of how great the administration is.


    The first step to becoming a video game boss, moderators are regular players who can kick, prison players, and get their own special chat channel with administrators for discussing important issues. Most abuse their powers whenever something doesn't go their way, get over 9000 complaints on them a day, and have them resolved in their favor as the OP is usually too retarded to post screenshots. Pretty much every moderator was given their power after posting nudes for the admins to see.

    Community Advisor

    Typical SARP Help Request. Useful Advice

    You've sucked admin cock for recommendations, filled out a pointless application form and signed over your virginity, helped noobs (who go on to kill other players and ruin the game), and maintain that a video game is serious business - you might just be up for Community Advisor! Basically the bitches of the admin team, Community Advisors get an oh-so-cool aqua tag and moar e-peen. Nobody cares about this position if it weren't for the fact that anyone who gets it is in line for admin, which is the only reason so many want it, and also why so many 13 year old boys have it.

    Beta Tester

    Like community advisors are to admins, the beta testers are the bitches of the development team. In the beginning, every tester was given head admin powers, which initially worked as the first group of testers actually did their fucking jobs. Eventually the team was flooded with 13 year old boys wanting a taste of admin powers, meaning that no tester could connect to the server without dying randomly, being killed by a rocket launcher, being falcon punched, having the screen fill with penises, or having some retard crash the server with an exploit some oldfag taught them. In the end, a rank system was made, which made shit even worse as high level testers simply abused the low level ones for the lulz, while the low level testers can't even test anything as they have insufficient powers.

    [-+]Development Team

    Cody Cummings

    Where to begin with this guy, he's a real piece of work, he constantly hates on his developers and the administrators behind their backs and bends over to get asslicked by Salvador Armarti and Kevin Blackburn, he'll probably end up hiring them both to the development team at the rate that these two are cleaning his ass. So many people say that he's the only hope for this server, but at this rate the server will be gone in a month. Who knows where this guy will go after SARP is gone, he'll probably end up just like Alan Cool on the side of the street holding a sign, except his will read "Will suck dick for bitcoins".

    Bani Raheja

    Arguably the WORST scripter in SARP history, he would strip scripts from gamemodes he grabbed off the SA-MP forums and miss crucial parts of the script while submitting them to the development team. Every piece of work he did screwed up the server in some way and wouldn't work for shit. Thankfully he got fired before he fucked up the server further, he was banned for server advertising by Cody, probably just because Cody just wanted a reason to fire Bani from the development team.

    Pankaj Sarniak

    This guy right here was a piece of work, he was a crappy mapper and scripter who loved curry and Bani Raheja's asshole. He sat along side Bani making crappy scripts that wouldn't even compile, but instead would crash the Pawn compiler due to stupid reasons. Mainly because he and Bani were working around a awesome script, probably made by some guy on the SA-MP forums, that Bani used for his server called General Roleplay.

    Alan Cool

    How do I begin to describe this guy, he's about thirty years old and sits at home all day playing SA-MP while his girlfriend runs out and makes the money. He is a wannabe grey hat hacker who uses backtrack and all of it's scripts on a daily basis to try to take down his enemies but usually fails. He was a developer after he was recommended to Cody and Grella by Peter and then Cody and Grella talked to him in Teamspeak, shortly after hiring him to the team. He eventually got banned for leaking the script to a guy named John Wahl and has since moved to other servers, scripting for food. Now he has a wife and a life.

    Alan Cool on a regular day.

    Antonio Grella

    This guy was a mapper who asslicked his way into the development team, eventually getting administrator status by further asslicking, then ragequit when he realized that almost everyone hated him. He has not since returned to the server, possibly for the better.

    Andy Wizzle

    This guy right here was a complete faggot, he was the lead developer and eventually left the server hanging as he went to do some circle jerks in other countries for months. He eventually got admin and access to the server and attempted to delete the scriptfiles but completely failed, because he's such a smart guy.

    James Williamson

    This guy... Don't even know how to start. He spams his work in front of Cody's face (Byte) and asslicks him for Senior Developer. The couple weeks later, he implements a new update without even testing out his work. I know right, its like what the fuck. He leaves the development team after attempting to asslick Nelson because he epicly failed hard. He later left the development team for 20 hours, and then sucked Cody's dick to join back in. 3 days later, he quits the development team and leaves SARP with a junk of gay updates that were never suggested and always bugged the server. Following day, Cody later announced on his signature that James was a greatest asslicker during his time as a Lead Developer. Who knows what they been doing, Cody excluded the entire development team in an asslick session for Senior Developer. I now leave you a quote from Cody.

    Cody: Oh my god guys, I've been asslicked by James Williamson. He was one of the BEST Asslicking / Scripter ever. I also let him implemented all his stuff together. I recommended him as Lead Developer when I leave.


    On a further note, James once again seemed to come back and pick a fight(laughing at his grammar) against our hero, Joe Slice who's been mentioned under. A little quote from their forums conversations

    James: We both know you are the one trying to get away with some fame here, I came up with the concept you took it away and making it even more useless as before - Opening applications even when there is no work to do. Shoulda let them test those ugly mappings you do, sad I didn't have the chance to unsupport you back then - get your butthole on a mapping tutorial before offending me of shit - go ahead and remove my messages again as you know i'm the one making some valid points here. Glad I no longer waste my time on scripting so you can ruing the servers' sight by your ugly mappings.


    This dude is really showing how powerhungry he is, seems like somebody was chocking on that dick too much!!

    Joe Slice

    Just to start off, this guy here is a narcissistic, whiny, control freak who has written out his own section (as seen below) to make himself look like he's the best person ever, what a cool guy, right?

    Joe is probably one of the least, but the most retarded players of that god damn server. Although he's been acting up as his sister(Jessica Lockhart) for about a year and a half, he had taken a turn back and actually did something to improve the server. My favorite part of this story is that he got his ass banned numerous times on the server and still managed to come back and become a developer. I must say, his work is pretty fucking amazing and he is(and was) challenging asslickers like James and Grella.

    After another year at SARP Joe's real intention to playing that server were revealed, the real gold mine has been shown and joe summed up his last year on the server with a 4800$ earnings total. He totally fucked over sarp, and rubbed that money in marcus's and smo's faces by sending them 2000$ back then received a ban and returned to the wonderland.

    http://i.imgur.com/Yz8dQzC.png (was deleted off SARP forums after being posted)

    Ulfric Malcom

    He is one of the best asslickers in San Andreas Roleplay history. He is in line after Arabic J Sarniak. He is one of the shittiest scripter. He claims to be the best in scripting. He also thinks that he is better then Cody. I think hes awfully wrong because Cody is the best asslicker in SARP history. That is how he got Lead Developer. What has Cody done to this server? All he has done is getting asslicks and blowjobs from this man when James is not available. This guy is the biggest joke ever in SARP history and was never a good person. He loves to DM and PG. He is like another Alan Cool who can't speak english for shit.

    Nate Cooper

    Starting off, he doesn't know how to wipe his ass hole properly. He's been like the shittiest mapper ever, and decided to make a thousand maps. From which he chose 10 that weren't retarded and sent them to the development team in his application. Guess what, he got Accepted!! Not mentioning the fact that after a month he got banned for exploiting without putting hardly any work into mapping but rather just sat there.

    Ethan Marcus

    Ethan Marcus in a nutshell glass pane. All he knows is how to map glass and fences and MORE glass. This guy is such a bad mapper, placing glass panes, sideways growing plants and fences all across the map and covering up a skate park with a massive building for no reason whatsoever. He asslicked Smo to get his developer position, as soon as Smo's ass was clean and Ethan's tongue brown, Smo invited him to the development team without even looking at any of his work. He was later fired by Cody Cumface after he realized how stupid he was for not firing him earlier. He also got promoted to Junior Admin recently, and fails horribly at his job.

    Notable Members

    Being a community designed for children and wigger kids, SARP has been notorious for its collection of trolls and/or retards. Here is a table of some of the most influential figures, who probably fucked up at least one way.

    The Militia

    Devin Clark Nick Shields Marcus Pritchard Tyler Purge Smo Wang
    Victor Vance Jack Package Jake Vain Claudia Skeet Bruce Stracci Yuri Cordozar Ricky Phelps Xavier Anderson Doc Murphy Dan Loyal

    Devin Clark

    Devin is a supposed cop who joined in November 2008 and kindly requested Marcus to grant him administrative powers. After quitting in March 2009 due to real-life commitments, he came back in October and immediately received admin again, proceeding to piss off the playerbase and continue his power-hungry rampage. After working his way to the position of head administrator, Devin and Nick overthrew Marcus and took control. After turning the server into a Runescape franchise, he now uses the donation money to travel around the world. Much like Marcus, Devin bans players for complaining about VIP, admin abuse, or power-hungry player-admins.

    Ex-Admins who are spineless, dishonest cowards -- who lied -- will not be considered. Get used to it.


    —Devin on irony.

    Did you use that VIP money to pay for your vacation?


    —Devin's players on truth.

    Nick Shields

    The double-chinned fat fuck owner Nick IRL.

    Nick came to the server in September 2008. Being a webhoster, Nick was immediately grovelled to by Marcus due to Nick's offer of web hosting. Should Marcus have ever complained about another competing server increasing its playerbase higher than a certain level, Marcus would call serious business and send Nick to DDoS, troll and/or hack said server, due to SARP's inability to cleanse its playerbase of wiggers at the risk of averaging 0 every day - or firing some of the staff from their admin team.

    Nick also hosts the server, meaning he avoided Marcus's denial of getting FTP access. As such, he is free to rangeban the shit out of anyone he doesn't like, randomly delete player files and, should the server crash due to SARP's great infrastructure, Nick can hand-crank restart it. After securing hosting of the forums, Ventrilo and game server, Nick used his power to overthrow Marcus and claim SARP with the help of Devin.

    Whenever Nick hasn't planted his fat lardass on the chair in front of the computer, he's probably in the local McDonald's replenishing his fat ass with triple burgers and staring at worthless and failed models for female co-workers there, for him to fap to later.

    Marcus Pritchard

    Marcus being a scene kid as usual

    During his time as the owner of the original SARP, Marcus spent all the server donations by himself, usually on his World of Warcraft account, or porn. Marcus also tried to start his own singing career, and shortly failed. He had the entire SARP community as fanboys until he was overthrown (for obvious reasons), although if you listen to the "music", you'll see how out of tune it actually is. He even has a Myspace for this. However, now that Marcus is no longer an admin, his popularity has diminished.

    I don't like this kind of music but I gotta admit it sounds pretty damn nice.


    —Ethan Rodricaz on his shitty music. Although he totally hates the music it sounds nice.

    Oh, and he also likes the Jonas Brothers.

    Tyler Purge

    Tyler Purge was the server financier before Marcus's dethroning, leaving Marcus to pay nothing. Although Marcus refused to give Purge his own FTP account for the server, he still paid for it until Nick started hosting the server. Purge decided one day to step up to Marcus and ask him for FTP, Marcus told him that FTP equals Fuck Tyler Purge. Even moar, he still went and joined Marcus after the community split, and Yuri paying the server had FTP. Purge recently attempted to rejoin the original SARP, much to the dislike of Devin.

    In other news, Purge has received an administrator position at San Andreas Roleplay, after kindly requesting it from Marcus.

    Smo Wang

    Smo is the older brother of Marcus, and also one of the great scripting geniuses of SA:MP. In fact, Smo is so talented he completely avoids asking for help at the SA:MP forums or wiki, as he does not want to run the risk of being trolled. Now no longer living with Marcus, Smo works as a gas station attendant.

    Victor Vance

    Victor discusses his new administration style.
    File:Victor vance.jpg
    Victor shares his feelings.

    Victor Vance is a furry troll. He played on the server for a while, soon getting admin, quitting it, then getting banned for bawwwing over how the server hadn't been updated for at least 6 months, and then writing articles about it, as furries do. He is a great person to blame in case of DDoS or getting hacked, or anything else you want to spread the blame to, in case you accidentallied something and need to cover up your fuck-ups. He should be avoided at all costs as he has installed Gentoo.

    In an attempt to ban Victor, an admin tried rangebanning him but ended up banning over half of Western Europe, including some admins. Although Victor didn't interact with SARP for a month beforehand, it was all Victors fault. He then spent the next 333 days secretly trolling the SARP forums until his unban. He then got banned again, and was unwelcome in both servers since everybody hates him.

    Victor was then re-instated on the administration team as a general administrator by Devin, who apparently believed that Victor had changed since his old days of mass trolling and fail. You could see how serious Victor was about roleplay here, had he not seen this article and deleted that topic.

    Victor was then community banned for being a furry troll after Devin remembered what he was.

    Jack Package

    Jack Package is a random ginger who joined the server in late 2009, stayed online 24 hours a day and was eventually permabanned for money farming, but was somehow unbanned. He eventually scored a position as an administrator, due to his uninterrupted activity. He now administrates NGRP.

    After the pwnage of Marcus, he went on a powerhungry rampage and was promoted to level 99999 admin, instantly cementing his position as an boss of the server and enabling him to troll 13 year old boys who have no idea why they're being yelled at.

    My leg hurts!


    —-Package using this as an excuse to play games all day and being a no-lifer

    ITV: Package getting pissed at the fact that someone had posted a complaint against his gang dragged another player and decided to ban him with his e-powers.

    The story behind it was that Package got butthurt over the Triads slapping the shit out of him and a player hacking a dildo. To this very day he will kick anyone for repeating his famous line, speak to me or be banned.

    Remix #1

    TL;DW Remix #2

    This famous line has attained forced meme status within the boards of /ngg/, after it was posted millions of times, recordings of it were played globally in Ventrilo by the server owners, and remixes were posted on YouTube by Abbott Langley. The player originally responsible for the video, Wu Ming, was banned after the butthurt when Package saw it, then he got unbanned sometime later.

    Jake Vain

    why do u take this game so serious chill the fuck out


    —Jake Vain, on irony

    Jake has made a name on NG:RP as a wannabe Anonymous member due to butthurt after getting his permban. He went and made Next Generation Hacking Team to show how much he cared. To date, nobody has signed up due to the broken HTML on his site.

    Jake Vain has created numerous forum accounts, YouTube videos and all sorts - hacking on a server via a VPN was SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS and wanted to show the world. He mentions that he uses a VPN numerous times due to 13 year old boyism.

    After his 1086th ban, Jake kept taunting NGG. He left a tl;dr forum post accompanied with Not Afraid by Eminem.

    Dear NGRP,

    As I have nothing to loose, here is my public hello. Yes, you guessed right, as a major ban evader and hacker, I will never leave.

    To Package: You're fucking retarded. You banned a VPN that I had just recently obtained, thinking that I was the last person to use it. Go fuck yourself.

    To Devin: I have nothing against you. You made a decent server that has turned to shit by ass-lickers and faggots paying for their admin position. Hope you live a good life.

    To Zhao: You helped quite a lot. You're a good admin.

    To Paul_Faggotniggerbitchcuntfacesinger: I hope you dig yourself a hole for 2 years and die slowly in it, rotting away alive.

    To Robbino: Decent guy, good admin. Thanks for the help.

    To Scott: As much as I laughed at you, you're still a some-what decent guy. Live a nice life. I hope this closed your "investigation" of NGRAPAGE.

    To Seito: You're a dick that can't spell. I don't like you at all.

    To all the other admins: Most of you are retards and asslickers, but I can still think of a few cool admins. The rest, I wish I could be right beside you now with a knife, chair and duck-tape to tie you up and cut off your fingers one by one, working my way down to your feet, laughing as you suffer. Fuckers.

    So, again, hello! P.S. Range ban me, you range ban Madrox Poot. Yeah, I'm serious. Check the ranges for yourself, faggots.

    Sincerely, NGRapage- The hacker that will never stop terrorizing NGRP.


    Little did Jake realise that he had little to no influence in server performance, except for raising the post counts of forum trolls and giving banhappy admins the sense of accomplishment. GG Alex.

    Jake Vain: Buy a dog

    Hurr how do I changed IP address to evade ban

    Claudia Skeet

    His name is Claudia...
    Claudia hope you get rapped by nigger behind your school and get AIDS.


    —John Morpheus, singing gives you AIDS.

    Claudia Skeet was a known hermaphrodite. Like all gamegirls, Claudia Skeet is preyed upon by all the guys in the community, with everyone e-sexing her upon seeing her in-game. What wasn't known, is that Claudia Skeet was actually at least a hermaphrodite. This came pretty clear after she posted "I'd tap that" in the comments section of a photoshopped picture of the head admin, Marcus. Marcus took the liberty of covering up his terrible acne in this shoop.

    She likes pokemon!

    To confirm Claudia's hidden sexuality, an EDiot went in-game, hunted her down and asked why she deceived all those poor men. Claudia then soon got admin due to her whoring abilities, and was one of the most popular admins there because of this. She soon lost admin after Marcus got bored with her, then Nick banned her. Fact.

    After retiring from administration, Claudia just sat around talking about her secks life in the forum shoutbox.

    BREAKING NEWS: Claudia finally found her true love, another herm.


    In other news, Claudia received an administrator position back at Next Generation Roleplay, now earning money and promotions by offering free services to head administrators.

    Bruce Stracci

    Bruce Stracci is a generic lolcow and perhaps the best example of failed troll. He joined back in 2008, and since then, he's done nothing but being different and get himself banned each and every single year. After a couple of years of community forum whoring and whining, he found out his real destiny and life goal: Comming out of the closet and starting his singing career:

    Shortly after this, he got the attention of Papa Devin, and he soon became an admin completing his life goal. You would think that was all, but no. Instead of doing the right thing, he decided to become a random troll, getting himself banned. He then went QQ with his buttbuddy Devin and got himself unbanned. His fate now is unknown, but we assume that he's probably sucking a lot of cocks.

    Yuri Cordozar

    Was one of the biggest donators for the Slaters family after being banned several times and donating for billions of dollars for his unban the Slaters got kicked out of the server and joined Yuri Cordozar's aids filled rp server. After Realizing the Slaters are a bunch of inactive useless goats he decided to split and make US-RP After failing again he decided to Join NGG and achieved head admin shorty after has retired.

    Ricky Phelps

    Ricky Phelps joined SARP in 2009 but was never known by anyone. He didn't get known until 2011 which is when he started off by getting a spot in the Development Team at NGG. He continued to become the Chief Beta Tester and help the Beta Team come back from the shits of Levi Anderson and later on became the Director of Development for the failed NGG Gang Wars server. He got mad one day and decided to get into several people's accounts which have several special permissions on the forum and do bad things with them. He attacked John McClain, James Ross, Curtis Casso, Sam Knight, Martyn Devil, and Aaron Black. One day, Brian Wright came to Ricky and asked him to spread the NGRP script which he had from being a scripter, and Ricky happily agreed. Days later, the script was everywhere and was and still is being used by SAMP noobs everywhere, which was the plan the whole time. Some of Ricky's friends then decided to start up a community called Anti-NGG, dedicated to attacking NGG. After doing all of this, one of the staff at Anti-NGG were contacted by David and Ricky came along into the conversation. In the end, David offered all of the people who supported and/or helped Anti-NGG an unban, including Bruce Stracci who was a strong part of this and Tony Duquesne. Ricky stayed quiet for a few months until the Bad Boys Society's slot was removed and they were attacking the server. They managed to get the server down so much that Devin gave them their slot back. Ricky decided to join the Bad Boys Society (not the gang, just their attacks) and demanded a few things which were not given and ended up getting banned again. He contacted Devin and was asked if he wanted to be unbanned, and he agreed.

    Xavier Anderson

    Xavier was the inbred and worthless faggot that actually brought The Senate to life on SARP. He joined SARP in early 2009 after having this overused idea on other servers result into a total fucking failure, and decided that SARP was next. He wrote a forum thread consisting of about 10 pages to why it should be implemented, ideas and other melodramatic crap as reasons. And of course, it would get implemented as admins were too fucking lazy to actually read the damn thing, and would rather look upon it as something serious with structure and would probably make sence, since all that shit he wrote was too fucking long for anyone to read. And of course, he got his fucking shit Senate accepted by the retard admins. He then progressed to recruit newfags as Directors of the different departments The Senate consists of, with Xavier himself as the Senator.

    Eventually, people saw themselves tired of the inconsistant and bullshit laws and rules The Senate regulated and passed, they started crying to the admins about it. The admins found one proper solution to this; ban any fucking one who even mentioned "The Senate" in a negative relation. From that day on, Xavier's dick has never gone soft due to the high level of powerhungryism.

    After a while with making the server into a even more total fucking shitty place to be with all the retarded rules and forced exaggerated taxes for everyone to involuntarily partake in, Xavier was commended to become an admin for his excellent work and contributing of making the worst roleplay server in the whole fucking history. He was probably the first admin in SARP's history ever to score an admin position without soaking every fucking top admin on the team.

    Doc Murphy

    Doc Murphy joined SARP in 2008 and didn't get known until 2011 which is when he kindly requested server moderator from Devin. He is known for constantly trolling, getting banned every few months, and then QQing to his butt buddy Devin to get unbanned.

    After Zhao left Next Generation Roleplay to start his own server, Horizon Roleplay, Doc went over to Horizon and decided it was time to act like a big baws. He offered Zhao a hosted tab listing, which at that time, Horizon had no access to whatsoever. Zhao happily accepted his offer and rewarded Doc a position as administrator. Weeks later, Doc exploited some admin commands to gain access to the top gangs in the server, stealing of all their cash and giving it to himself. Zhao soon found out and he was to be banned forever.

    Doc is a known pedophile as shown in his past ways of playing a game for 5 years straight.

    During this time, Horizon Roleplay hadn't been on hosted tab as Doc revoked it due to being fired. Zhao then got another kind player to provide him hosted tab. This player soon left the server, taking the hosted tab listing, and Zhao was forced to contact Doc on Google Talk and kindly offer him administrator back in return for a hosted tab listing.

    Doc got reinstated as an administrator at Horizon Roleplay, but literally a week after this happened, he once again abused his admin commands. One day, Doc was trolling the LSPD faction with one of his buddies in the Horizon Teamspeak server. When one of the LSPD leaders kindly requested Doc to stop and leave the channel, he refused and used his admin powers to get his IP address and DDoS him and any other LSPD member who asked him to leave. This resulted in about a dozen people getting DDoSed, and Doc and his friend getting permanently banned from Horizon.

    In other news, Doc has received an administrator position at Next Generation Roleplay, after kindly requesting it from Devin.

    Dan Loyal

    Dan Loyal joined SARP in 2011 new to the SAMP mod in general only to be greeted by the most friendly community in the known universe. Like every other player in the fucking server, Dan resorted to try and make something of his character but this being SARP is near fucking impossible.

    In mid 2012 Dan was banned by nice person paki punjabi Rey for 'ban evading on the forums', which is a highly notifiable rule within the community (not).


    Dan immediately retaliated by continuing to ban evade which is as simple as disconnecting and reconnecting your internet connection if you have a dynamic IP. He continuously hacked on a daily basis to piss off the admins doing the whole fucking world a favour. He created a YouTube channel dedicated to trolling roleplay servers within samp called TeamDMSAMP which resided along side ShaqAndWade known for creating masterpieces for fucking off the server admins and it's cock sucking player base.

    ShaqAndWade's video posted to SARP:

    Watching the little RP faggots' hard erections snap in half as they fall into the blades of a helicopter is actually rather entertaining.

    He also created his own server called 'City Streets Roleplay' with a structured Admin hierarchy and actual players, not just dick sucking ass licking retards but the server fell through after a couple of months due to lack of funding.

    I believe that Dan now runs a hacking/trolling channel called BlueHacks.

    And than there is Jew Alpha

    Hiro is the best roleplayer on SARP and is the most famous

    Old Media


    Now everyone proof!
    Mudkips? In my Wiki?

    SARP once had a Wiki, which brimmed with fail and AIDs. After being constantly attacked by trolls, the Wiki was taken down for a month and then put up again, and after several more page redirects and moves, the Wiki became locked for editing, the admins now claiming it to be "troll proof". In fact, it was now everyone proof since it became impossible to create accounts. The Wiki is now dead, due to butthurt on the admin's side. Trolls brought SARP's Wiki down after a lot of blanking and redirects, and replacing images with those of Mudkip.


    SARP once had an IRC server, even though the majority of 13-year-olds on the server didn't have a clue how to use it. In fact, even the admins didn't know how to use it past the right-click menus, so it wasn't worth keeping.

    [22:44] <@Lewis> lol faggots
    [22:44] * Lewis sets mode: +b *!*@gta-9C4405F1.hidden.com
    [22:44] * Yuri was kicked by Lewis (HOMO)
    [22:44] <@Lewis> he's an annoying idiot
    [22:44] <@Lewis> lol
    [22:45] <Nyku> :)
    [22:45] <@Lewis> Stupid ban evading moron
    [22:45] <Nyku> He's doing stupid jokes like a retard kid
    [22:45] <@Lewis> Lol
    [22:46] <@Lewis> #unban
    [22:46] <@Lewis> #unban Yuri

    NGRP unsuccessfully attempted to re-launch its IRC server, however history repeated itself as it did with SARP's IRC - even the director of development didn't know how to ban people.

    Where are they now?

    Because Marcus was terrible at keeping shit together, the original playerbase have stemmed into these:

    San Andreas Roleplay 2: Next Generation Roleplay

    Shortly after stealing Marcus' script, Devin & Co. decided to create their own server and claim San Andreas Roleplay as their own. They were forced to change their name or shut down their server, due to copyright issues. Devin changed his server name to Next Generation Roleplay, strange enough, it's the most popular RP server out, even though it's just another GF edit. Devin now runs the server using the money he makes from being a cop IRL.

    It's considered a TDM server rather than a RP server by many, probably because 200+- of the daily players are DM'ers.

    Not only does Devin run a legitimate business, he also manages to let his script get leaked across the entire community of San Andreas Multiplayer by some cool guy. This Australian faggot's youtube channel can be found here: [Removed due to the script leak video being taken down].

    United States Roleplay

    Yuri began slowly giving up on the server, running out of ways and methods to increase player base while he was actually destroying. He began working up on a final plan that would determine a twist for good or bad when he came up with the idea of STFU Gaming. Immediately before this idea was executed, Ethan, whom was on leave for quite some time, suddenly came back and fixed what Yuri destroyed. After noticing a huge increase in the player base, Yuri decided he was no longer needed for the success of the server and finally quit to NG:RP.

    US:RP is now an independent server, cutting off external communication with any other servers to avoid being hacked or attacked by drama queens. Ethan is now the head scripter, taking his bum, bald, and did i mention german stoned ass out of bed to work on scripting 24/7. He shows pride in his work after noticing the retirement of other scripters such as TouR and Adam_DeLuca.

    Destiney and Ethan are now running the server with Joe Cool as server manager although they claim that Joe Cool has full access to everything and is just missing the two words; Community Owner. Probably because he doesn't want to be seen as an attention whore. Joe Cool also claims ownership of the hitman faction and the gun store where any griefer can easily encounter a gun, practically free, and go on a rampage. Good move Joe!

    Get off your computer and get out in those streets and throw rocks like normal people


    • SA:MP Server:
    • Site: http://us-rp.info/
    • Ventrilo:, port 8250

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