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    This man wants to do it in your butt.
    More likely than you think, and it was thought to be extremely likely in the first place.

    Samwell (IRL name Sam Norman) takes being gay to an entirely new level with his music. Where the Village People had only bad costumes and a frantic desire to use the camera's zoom functionLOL VIACOM'D, Samwell creates a complete homosexual sound- and videoscape with orgasmic sighs and frantically colliding (thankfully censored) torsos, which equates to an utterly disturbing video of him telling you how much you want to fuck him in the ass.

    Who is Samwell?

    Samwell is something of an enigma.

    He represents a cross-pollination that rouses complicated thoughts. To closed eyes, Samwell is an object of hate. To eyes open to beauty, he is a symbol of love and liberation.

    A gay black man "sugared" by a more "effeminate" nature, Samwell is also possessed of a wholehearted spiritual sensibility. Samwell is not exclusive in his invention, yet similar characters are rarely as unconflicted. Samwell is unerringly comfortable with his would-be-judged-incompatible attributes. He seeks only to inspire the more exotic of birds to love themselves and others in the process.

    Samwell embodies the absurd, loving, and fun nature in all of us.

    Musical debut

    Samwell's debut single contains three tracks, most notably "What What (In the Butt)," in which he sings about buttsex. Other songs include "Shoes Are on Fire" and "Knees Got Dirty." All the songs are loaded with homosexual innuendo and serve to solidify Samwell's place as the third gayest musical act on the planet, immediately after the Jonas Brothers and Panic! at the Disco.

    Video debut

    Srsly, WTF.

    The South Park Version has been removed from YouTube (due to copyright issues), but it can still be seen on the South Park site. This video for "What What (In the Butt)" was released last Thursday and has become a cult classic on YouTube and other gay interest websites. The video depicts rampant buttsex, alludes to threeway twincest, and him telling you to "make your move, if you dare." This shit is seriously fucked up and the fact he maintains eye contact through the majority of the video makes you feel very unclean after watching, and even more so if you were touching yourself during the fabulous performance.

    A classic quote from the description "(Oh, and it's not a burning cross, it's a flaming cross.)", which is like saying "Oh I'm not burning this cross, I just set it alight."

    Interview with Samwell

    While this interview is probably scripted, the mere fact that it might not be adds much lulz to the situation:

    Are you computer generated or am I THE GAYEST MAN ALIVE?

    Movie "career"

    Samwell is to feature in a (literally) retarded, animu version of Shakespeare's Hamlet as a "communications officer." Read moar about the epic fail that will be Hamlet ADD at the IMdb.

    Samwell in Education

    Many individuals have had the time and patience to dedicate a psuedo-like essay on Samwells debut video. Rest assured this was simply done for teh lulz and requires lulzer sunglasses to witness the lulzworthy banter within lulzy-town. (Warning TL;DR material below)

    Samwell intrigues me in a very unique way as his facial expressions portray a very sexually frustrated yet undercover brother. He insinuates greatly his need for "bum love" yet delivers mystery upon the observer as to whether he would prefer a, "chick with a dick" or even an erotic three way. However, with this aside, the observer is also driven to question the controversial intro of the song when it comes to the burning cross. What is this intended to display? A riveting love for God, or on the other hand a dislike of this related belief, or this wish to have it burned. Moving on from this, the vivid colors connote a fun theme, could this be linked to Samwell’s view on his sexuality, fun? And could he be using this to promote this side of life to the more secluded individuals for whom prefer to remain within, "the cupboard". In addition could he be insinuating this by the fact that he appears to be ascending in something that could only be defined as a lift or somewhat, this perhaps signifying the high that comes with being of a gay nature and indulging in some, "asshole."

    Moving on, it appears that samwell wouldn’t indulge in interracial "love making" hoever this could be argued taking on board the fact that later on he appears to be distinctly wearing a white hat and black top with a red background signifying a sense of passion and lust , could this be portraying a total spin on this? Going by the fact that he appears to find it so fascinating for someone to wish to, "do it in his butt" going by his facial expressions when asking the more important question, this could suggest certain insecurities may have when it would come to his sex appeal towards other individuals of the same sex. When it comes to the interracial aspect of this video, later on he then goes on to flip the colours he’s wearing to a black hat and white shirt which could suggest hes way of diversifying within the bedroom.

    Also, the colgate type stripes centred within the video could be Samwell insinuating what being gay can do to one’s individual health, clean them from the inside and as a result reflect in the way they’d look, this being also shown from his colgate type smile. And as well as this could his chain with a ring on the end be suggesting a love for arseholes, that arseholes are worth as much as silver? Moreover, by him using two more clones of himselves to dance alongside him, this could be suggesting how being queer man would make one feel three times the man.

    And could the fireworks featured be insinuating a feeling of release and explosion following the indulgement of having a, ‘big fat c’ penetrated into his, ‘what what’ butt, as well as the sudden rush of excitement that overcomes Samwell as a result?

    And lastly, could the red rose petals featured at the end of the video indicate Samwell’s blood when he’s then shot down as a result of the upload of this video?



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